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Table tennis, commonly known as ping pong, is not just a childhood pastime; it's a major sport played at the Olympics with professional leagues and iconic players. Bettors worldwide engage in daily wagers on table tennis events, and LeoVegas offers a convenient platform for such bets. The process involves signing up, depositing into a betting account, selecting the desired match and event, choosing a betting market, placing the bet, and checking the result.

LeoVegas provides various betting markets for table tennis, including Moneyline, Live Betting, Correct Score, Race to Points, Outright Betting, Total Points, Total Games, and Game Handicap. Each market offers different options, allowing bettors to diversify their strategies based on their knowledge and preferences.

Table tennis leagues and tournaments, such as the Czech Liga Pro, TT Elite Series, Challenger Series, Table Tennis World Cup, ITTF World Tour, and World Table Tennis Championships, provide a rich pool of events for betting. Each league has its unique features and top players, offering a variety of competitions and betting opportunities.

Betting on table tennis requires strategic thinking and understanding of the game. The article suggests focusing on player rankings, playing style, and player fitness to make informed bets. Due to limited information on many table tennis players, bettors who conduct thorough research can identify potential discrepancies in betting lines. Specializing in a particular market, such as moneyline or total points, enhances the chances of success.

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How to Bet on Table Tennis

You likely played table tennis during your youth at some point. Perhaps you had a table in your garage or enjoyed playing at school against classmates. Ping pong is a fun recreational sport many people play in their leisure time. But did you know that table tennis is a major sport played at the Olympics? There are even professional table tennis leagues with iconic players.

Table tennis is more than just hitting a small plastic ball with a wooden paddle. It is a big-time sport, and bettors around the world wager on it every day. With tournaments and leagues competing nearly every day, table tennis gives you regular events to bet on.


How to bet on Table Tennis: Step by Step

LeoVegas offers markets for table tennis matches and tournaments every day. Whether you want to bet on the Czech Pro Liga or the Chinese Super League, there are a variety of table tennis competitions to wager on.

Betting on table tennis with LeoVegas couldn’t be easier. In just a few minutes, you can explore the betting markets and place wagers on table tennis matches. You can bet on table tennis at LeoVegas by following the steps below:

  1. Sign Up at LeoVegas Sportsbook
  2. Make a deposit into your betting account
  3. Search for Table Tennis
  4. Select the match and event to bet on
  5. Choose the betting market and place your bet
  6. Check the result

Table Tennis Betting Markets

You will find different betting markets for table tennis available at LeoVegas. There are multiple markets to select from. Each match will offer a variety of choices. If you are experienced with ping pong betting or have in-depth knowledge of the players, you may go beyond the moneyline bet. There is no shortage of betting markets with LeoVegas.


Moneyline betting is also called match betting. A moneyline bet is the easiest table tennis bet to make. You are simply wagering on the player to win a head-to-head match. You will want to research the records of the players before making a moneyline bet.

Live Betting

Live betting allows you to make bets on table tennis matches while they are in progress. Live betting is a great way to place bets based on what is occurring in the match.

Correct Score

Correct score betting is a wager on the correct score of the match. Correct score betting can be difficult unless you are familiar with the players and competitions.

Race to Points

You are betting on one of the players to reach a specific number of points before their opponent during a match.

Outright Betting

An outright bet is made before a tournament or competition begins. This is a wager on the player you predict will win the competition. You can make a straight-up outright bet or an each-way outright bet. An each-way bet will be successful if the player you chose reaches the final and is beaten. An outright winner bet offers plenty of value. Even the top players may be at double-figure odds before the event starts.

Total Points

Total points betting is just as it sounds. You are wagering on the total number of points the two players will combine for during a game.

Total Games

Table tennis matches are either best-of-five or best-of-seven depending on the competition. Bookmakers offer odds on the total number of games per match.

Game Handicap

A handicap bet provides the underdog with a points advantage over the favourite. Handicap betting is used to make a game more evenly matched. This is usually done when one player is much stronger than the other. A handicap bet may be ideal for tournament betting. In the opening rounds of tournaments, strong players often play against weaker players. Handicap betting can improve your odds of making money on a ping pong bet.

Table Tennis Leagues and Tournaments

Table tennis is like soccer, rugby, and basketball, as there are leagues all over the world. There isn’t a central table tennis league per se. However, the leagues differ in quality. Some leagues are better than others and feature some of the best table tennis players in the world.

Czech Liga Pro

The Czech Liga Pro is a professional ping pong league in the Czech Republic. It consists of the top players from the Czech Republic and other parts of the world. Players compete in singles and doubles matches. The Czech Liga Pro is seen as one of the top leagues and is featured on LeoVegas.

TT Elite Series

The TT Elite Series is a new venture in the world of ping pong. It features 100 table tennis tournaments. Each is conducted over the course of two days. The TT Elite Series features top players from Europe competing for a large prize purse. Players competing at the highest levels are invited to play.

Challenger Series

The Challenger Series is the launching pad to the top level of table tennis. It is the table tennis circuit for promising young players aiming to play on a larger platform.

Table Tennis World Cup

The Table Tennis World Cup started in 1980 with a men’s competition. In 1990, a doubles tournament was added, and the women joined the Table Tennis World Cup in 1996. The event is held annually in October, with the best of the best battling for the World Cup.

ITTF World Tour

The ITTF World Tour is a yearly table tennis tournament. It started in 1996 and has multiple tour divisions, including women’s singles, men’s singles, doubles competitions, and under-21. Players accumulate points based on their performances during the tour. The ITTF World Tour is split into two tiers with higher and lower divisions.

World Table Tennis Championships

The World Table Tennis Championship started in 1926 and has been held annually since. The event takes place in April and May and includes five different individual events.

Table Tennis Betting Tips

Table tennis is an emerging sport in the betting industry. For the most part, the world of table tennis is an untapped area for most sports bettors. The people currently betting on ping pong are fans of the sport. These individuals are familiar with the top players and events.

Due to the limited number of bettors and a large number of table tennis players, it is difficult to know if most of the betting lines are accurate. Bettors who do their research could find discrepancies with the betting lines. There are a lot of table tennis players in leagues bookmakers have little information on. This can play into the hands of sports bettors. A shortage of insider information can help you exploit the table tennis betting markets.

You can improve your chances of winning a table tennis bet by following player rankings, playing style, and player fitness. You need to identify a market to focus on. You can focus on moneyline, total points, or any of the other betting markets. By focusing on one, you give yourself an area to specialise in.

There is a lack of available information on table tennis players. There is more information on the big-named players compared to the lesser-known competitors. Regardless of the match, you will benefit from doing as much research as possible.

Table tennis is a fast-paced, intense game. There are leagues all over the world. Matches take place throughout the day, meaning you can follow one match after another. You should implement a money management plan. You don’t want to spend your money all in one go. Good bankroll management will help you maintain your funds.

Table Tennis Betting FAQ

What is the best way to bet on table tennis?

The simplest way to bet on table tennis is the moneyline bet. The moneyline bet is a wager on the player you predict to win the match. A moneyline bet means there are only two options: Player A and Player B. You have a 50% chance of picking the winner.

Is table tennis easy to predict?

Predicting winners in table tennis isn’t easy. Indeed, predicting winners in any sport is difficult. Bettors can improve their chances of winning a table tennis bet by researching the players involved.

How to check table tennis odds?

You will find table tennis odds listed on LeoVegas in the table tennis section. The odds for upcoming matches from various leagues will be listed. If you are interested in a particular match, you can add your selection to the betting slip, enter the stake, and place your bet.

Can you bet live on table tennis?

Yes, live table tennis betting is available. You can make in-play bets on table tennis markets. Live betting allows you to make selections based on the unfolding action.

Betting on table tennis is like wagering on other sports featuring head-to-head matches. The tournaments and competitions will be dictated by the players. Your table tennis betting success will reflect your overall interest in the sport. The more you know about ping pong and follow the sport, the more likely you will be successful.