How to bet on NFL Games in New Zealand

How to Bet on NFL Games in New Zealand

The National Football League (NFL) is one of the most famous sports in the world. Each season culminates in the Super Bowl, which is one of the most watched events on earth; not only for the sport, but also the razzmatazz and celebrity that the occasion attracts.

In this piece we will look at how you can bet on the NFL, how to place bets, and the betting markets available.


How to Place Bets on NFL

Betting on the NFL is incredibly straightforward. Firstly, you will need to navigate your way to the online sports betting page and select ‘Browse sports’. From there, you might have to select ‘More’ and then choose ‘American Football’ where you will see the NFL option. Select NFL then click ‘Apply’ and you will be taken to all the available NFL markets.

There are two different areas you can look through to select which type of bet you’d like to wager on. In the ‘Events’ area, this will list all the upcoming fixtures with the ‘to win’ odds showing. However, you can click on a particular game and this will take you to a range of other bets that are more specific to that game.

For example, if you clicked on a game between the New York Giants v Miami Dolphins, you would see betting markets such as ‘Touchdown scorer’, ‘Match Field Goals’, and ‘Match Touchdowns’.

In the ‘Outrights’ betting area, you can see the odds for teams to win their various leagues within their conference. There are also markets for team season bets, as well as who might win the end of campaign Super Bowl.

NFL Betting Markets

There are many NFL betting markets to get involved with, so it is important to understand how these markets work. Here is an explanation of some of the most popular types of NFL betting market:

Money Line Betting

Betting on the ‘money line’ is a very popular type of NFL bets. This type of bet will simply see you betting on a team to win the game. The team adjudged by the bookmaker to be the favourite will have a minus sign beside their odds, e.g., -3.5, with their opponent, the underdog, having a plus sign beside their odds, e.g., +4.5.

Total (Over/Under)

A ‘Total’ bet focuses on how many points will be scored in a game and placed as either ‘Over’ or ‘Under’ a specific number of points. For example, if you place a bet on a game for there to be Over 40.5 points, at least 41 points would need to be scored for the bet to win. Alternatively, you can wager on there being Under 40.5 points, so you want there to be 40 or less points scored in the game.


This type of bet is similar to an accumulator where you will need to predict several outcomes correctly for the bet to win. Each selection within a parlay, also known as a leg, must be predicted correctly for you to win, so if one leg loses, the entire bet is lost. The more legs you select in your parlay, the bigger the odds will be because there is a higher risk that the bet won’t win due to you needing all your predictions to be successful.

Point Spreads

NFL point spread betting is when you bet against the spread in markets such as Total Points or Total Touchdowns. It is a different way to bet on the outcome of an NFL game because instead of betting on a binary outcome, i.e., either your bet wins or it loses, you are betting on a range of potential outcomes. For example, rather than betting on a points over/under single outcome, the amount you win or lose is affected by the number of points scored.


A teaser bet is like a parlay bet. You can change the point spread for a game to make the bet easier to win. In exchange, the bookmaker, or sportsbook, will reduce the payout if they win. One of the most popular teaser bets is a two-team, six-point NFL teaser.

NFL Futures (Outright)

Futures bet are when you bet on something to happen in the future, such as a team to win the Super Bowl, or for them to win their Conference.

Prop Bets

A prop wager on the NFL football games is also an option. A prop bet is a betting on whether an event will occur during play. An example of a prop bet is choosing a player to score the game's first touchdown or a quarterback to throw an interception.

NFL Live Betting

In game betting is an exciting way to bet on NFL games and comes with many advantages. If you are able to watch the games, you will see it unfold before your eyes and get an understanding of who is playing well and who is not. This can have a major influence on your in-play bet.

If you place an NFL bet before a game, you will get better odds, but if you have placed a bet on a player to score a touchdown and they do not play, your bet will be void. Or if they do play and get injured before making a score, your bet will be lost.

The beauty of live or in-play NFL betting is that you can know exactly what is going on in the game. It is easy to place an in-play bet too. You place a bet as you would normally, but because the game is taking place live, the odds can change quickly depending on whether something like a touchdown occurs, thus significantly impacting the odds. However, it does add to the excitement of a live game!

What is NFL?

The NFL is the professional American football league and the highest professional level of American football in the world. The NFL consists of 32 teams that are divided equally between two separate ‘Conferences’, the American Football Conference (AFC), and the National Football Conference (NFC).

Formed in 1920, the NFL was originally called the American Professional Football Association (APFA), before being renamed as the National Football League for the 1922 season.

When an agreement was reached to merge the NFL with the rival American Football League (AFL) in 1966, it led to the first staging of the Super Bowl in 1967 to determine the overall champion between the top teams in the NFL and AFL. The merger of the two leagues was eventually completed in 1970 and the Super Bowl has remained as the showpiece final event of the season ever since.

The Green Bay Packers can boast winning the most combined NFL championships with thirteen titles, but they won nine of these before the Super Bowl era. However, they have gone on to secure four Super Bowl trophies themselves.

The New England Patriots, and the Pittsburgh Steelers, are tied on the record for most Super Bowl wins, with six victories apiece. The reigning NFL champions are the Los Angeles Rams, who defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 in Super Bowl LVI.

A typical NFL season will begin with a three week pre-season in August, which is followed by an 18-week regular season that will run from September to January. Once the regular season has been completed, seven teams from each conference, the AFC and NFC, advance to the single tie elimination play-offs in a bid to reach the Super Bowl. This world famous event is usually held in February and attracts millions of TV viewers from around the globe.

NFL Playoffs

After the regular season, the 14-team NFL playoffs begin. The Wildcard round, Divisional round, Division Championship Games, and Super Bowl come first, second, and third, respectively.

The Wildcard round is the first postseason NFL betting opportunity.

The AFC Wildcard and NFC Wildcard clubs receive byes, leaving the remaining three division champions to face off in the Wildcard round. The three teams with the greatest records who were unable to win their respective division will be their opponents in the Wildcard round.

Up until the Super Bowl, the playoffs bracket is a single-elimination format.

NFL Super Bowl

One of the most spectacular events in American football is the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl, the annual championship game to determine the winner of the Lombardi trophy, will be played on February 12 at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas during the current NFL season.

Understanding NFL Betting Odds

Explaining the different types of odds and how to read and interpret NFL odds.

Odds in New Zealand are usually displayed via decimal odds. The closer these odds are to 1.00, the more likely that event is to happen. There’s also American odds and fractional odds. Firstly, American odds are usually displayed with a +/- sign in front of them. A - sign indicates that this outcome is favoured, whereas a + sign highlights that it is less likely.

Fractional odds, unsurprisingly, are displayed as fractions. For example, if something is displayed as 7/5, these are the fractional odds.

Converting odds and calculating potential winnings

The different odd types have different ways to calculate winnings. Decimal odds are arguably the simplest to understand. If you wager $1 on a specific market at 4.00 odds, and that bet comes in, you’ll get $4 in return. Your $1 stake back and $3 in profit.

American odds are calculated based on a $100 stake. When a market has a + sign, this indicates how much you’d win on a $100 stake. For example, if the Cleveland Browns are +350 underdogs, a $100 wager would win $450 in total ($350 winnings and your stake back). - odds describe how much you’d need to stake to win back $100. Therefore, if the Browns are -150 favourites a week later, and you bet $150 and it won, you’d win a total of $250 ($150 original stake and $100 in winnings).

Fractional odds may seem difficult to understand on first viewing. However, they are not as hard to read once described. If the odds of an outcome has been set at 6/1, and your $1 bet lands, you’d earn $6 in winnings and $1 back with your stake. This works the same for 7/5 ($5 bet would earn $7 in winnings to create $12 overall) and any other fractional odds that are shown.

NFL Betting Tips and Tricks

Identifying value bets

Think the likelihood of an outcome is higher than the odds reflect? Well, you’ve found a value bet! To identify this type of bet, you simply have to weigh up whether the chances of the outcome you select is higher than the odds shown. Keep an eye on our NFL markets to see if you can spot a value bet.

Following expert predictions and analysis

All NFL fans believe they are an expert on the game when they watch the games on the television. Sadly, that isn’t always entirely true. We suggest looking to former players or qualified experts to aid your next betting decision.

Utilizing bonuses and promotions effectively

Make the most of your betting experience with bonuses and promotions available at LeoVegas. Whether it’s a Deposit Match, Free Bet, or Profit Boost, all these exclusive offers can help your wagers on NFL go a little further. If you were already going to spend $10 on your best NFL bet, simply check if there’s a promotion where you can unlock a special for wagering $10.

When a betting line is opened, you’ll see the original betting odds that come with it. Yet, as time passes, keep an eye on those markets to see which way the odds are shifting and where the trend is going. For example, the line for a Miami Dolphins victory may have started at 5.00 and started to trend down towards 4.00 as the week progresses. If you still think the Dolphins will win, make sure to spot this trend and get the most value from your wager.

Creating a NFL Betting Strategy

Bankroll management

It’s vital to set a budget when betting on the NFL. This budget should be the amount you’re willing to risk aside from everyday expenses. By religiously sticking to this budget and managing your bankroll effectively, you’ll be able to maximise the fun of your bets without chasing losses.

Setting realistic goals and expectations

We all dream of landing that life-changing parlay on the NFL when we’ve bet on all the underdogs with the chance to win thousands of dollars. Sadly, these are very rare occurrences and we suggest to be more realistic when setting on an NFL betting strategy. The payouts might not be as large, but making more informed decisions at shorter odds should prove more fruitful in the long run.

Different betting systems (Martingale, Fibonacci, etc.)

Struggling to find a strategy that works for you? Well, there’s plenty of renowned betting strategies that you can replicate. But, we’d like to preface that no betting strategy is foolproof.

Take the Martingale strategy. This system involves doubling your bets when you lose, but setting your original stake aside when you win. If you bet $10 on your first bet and it came in, save that original $10 and bet another $10. However, if you staked the $10 and lost, you’d wager $20 next time.

Another system is known as Fibonacci. It also involves increasing wagers when you lose, however, it follows a specific negative progression strategy. This system is usually used on bets with odds of evens and uses the following pattern (if the wager is $1), $1, $1, $2, $3, $5, $8, $13, $21, $34, $55, $8, and so on.

Bettors would start at the beginning of the above sequence, and if their bet didn’t land, they’d move one up in the progression. If they bagged a winning bet, they’d move two numbers lower in the sequence.

Tracking and analysing your bets

Like any pastime, you can learn a lot from tracking and analysing. It’s no different with betting. By tracking your bets, you can see which of your selections are working, and possibly ones you should avoid in the future. This is the same when analysing your bets. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your wagering to ensure your experience is optimised.

Researching NFL Teams and Players

Analysing team and player statistics

When you bet on the NFL, always consider taking a look at the current trends of certain teams or players. For example, if a team is currently on a winning streak, why not back them to continue it in their next match? This relates to players too. If a wide receiver or running back has scored a touchdown in back-to-back games, it could be worth placing a bet on them to find the endzone in the next game as well.

Considering injuries and suspensions

Injuries are extremely frequent in the NFL. Star players are absent from games and practices due to the pure physicality of the game. Consequently, it’s important to know if a team is missing an integral part of their lineup before a game begins. With a single player's absence, a team can go from a guaranteed win to a question mark. So, we suggest keeping your eyes on the team's injury reports and game designations to make your best bet.

Evaluating team strategies and playing styles

There are usually two types of teams in the NFL - running and passing. They’re the two choices on offence, therefore, certain teams prioritise one over the other. You can take advantage of this as a bettor. If you know a certain team has a pass-first offense, and they are playing a really bad passing defense, you can make your wager with that pre-existing knowledge.

Conversely, if a team is facing a very good pass defense, they may focus on the run alot more. If you research a team's style before a game, you could make a well educated wager on the outcome.

Factors Affecting NFL Games

Weather conditions

The NFL is renowned for playing games in extreme weather conditions. After all, they have an infamous game known as the “Ice Bowl” where the temperature was -13 degrees. Away from just making fun viewing, weather can also affect how you bet on a game.

If a game has heavy snowfall or rainfall, expect a run-heavy approach from both teams involved. It’s harder to see, the ball is slippier, so it makes sense to keep the football in the hands of the runner. It also may mean a dip in scoring, so you’d favour the under in these types of matches.

Home-field advantage

Home-field advantage is huge in the NFL. Whether it’s the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field in Green Bay, or the SKOL chant at US Bank Stadium, there are some places in the NFL that just feel different for home games. These can influence betting markets too. If you know a team is dominant at home, it’s always a smart choice to wager on them to come out with the victory.

Team motivation and morale

Motivation and morale can go a long way when deciding on the outcome of a game. Teams can play beyond their talent if they are riding a wave of momentum and this means betting opportunities aplenty at LeoVegas.

Key matchups and rivalries

A factor to consider when wagering on the NFL is whether the game is a rivalry - form sometimes goes out the window in these games. Some of the most notable in the NFL are the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East, as well as the New York Jets vs New England Patriots in the AFC East. These games offer up some of the tastiest betting opportunities for players throughout the entire year.

NFL Betting FAQ

How are NFL betting lines determined?

Bookmakers and sportsbooks use algorithms, form, history, and consultants to determine the lines.

What do NFL sports betting lines mean?

NFL betting lines relate to the market and the odds you are presented with for that particular bet. You might see a minus sign beside a market, which means that bet is the favourite. Or a plus sign will mean that bet is the underdog.

What is the spread in NFL betting?

NFL spread betting is when you bet against the spread in markets such as Total Points or Total Touchdowns. Rather than betting on a two-fold outcome, i.e., either your bet wins or it loses, you are betting on a range of potential outcomes.

How do you read NFL betting odds?

The favourite will be posted with a minus sign and a number to form their odds. The number represents how much you need to wager in order to win $100. The underdog will have a plus sign in front of a number, which shows how much you win if you bet $100.

What does +2.5 mean in betting on NFL?

This means they are the underdog. For example, the Chicago Bears are the +2.5 underdog in a game against the New York Jets. This means the bookmaker believes the Bears will lose, but only by two points. The Bears would need to win the game outright or lose by two points exactly for the bet to win. If they lose by three points or more, the bet is lost.