How to Bet on Pakistan Super League Cricket : Complete Guide

How to Bet on Pakistan Super League Cricket

The Pakistan Super League Cricket tournament is the premier cricket competition in Pakistan. It is a men’s T20 cricket competition held annually in February and March and the league is made up of six franchises - each based in a city in Pakistan.

Some cricket fans believe the PSL is on par with the Indian Premier League, which is often seen as the top level of T20 club cricket. Many of the same players compete in both cricket leagues, adding to the high quality of talent that contests the PSL each year. The PSL takes place before the start of the IPL, giving players the chance to compete in both tournaments.

Founded in 2015, the league consists of a round-robin season, with teams playing home and away fixtures. Each team plays a total of 10 matches across four weeks to complete the regular season. The top four teams at the end of the 10-match tournament qualify for the playoffs.

The PSL also provides plenty of enjoyment for Cricket bettors. It provides four weeks of fast-paced competition that has attracted millions of cricket fans. If you are looking to bet on T20 cricket, then look no further than betting on the Pakistan Super League with LeoVegas.

We have provided everything you need to know about betting on the PSL below.

How to bet on Pakistan Super League: Step by Step

It is quick and easy to sign up for LeoVegas. You can open an account in just a few short minutes. Once you sign up, you can explore the PSL odds, pick your betting market, and place your wager. Don’t forget to check the latest Sports Welcome Offer before joining the website.

  • Sign Up to LeoVegas Sportsbook by selecting the ‘open account’ option
  • After you have joined the pride, deposit funds into your LeoVegas ewallet
  • Find the Pakistan Super League Cricket by using our dynamic search function
  • Select the match you want to bet on.
  • Choose the betting market, enter your stake, and place your bet
  • Wait for your bet to settle and good luck!

Pakistan Super League Cricket Betting Markets

You will find a variety of great cricket betting markets available at LeoVegas on the Pakistan Super League.

Outright Winner

You can place a bet on the winner of the tournament before the start of the Pakistan Super League begins. The outright winner bet is a fantastic wager, as it allows you to place a bet on who you believe will be the winner of the championship. If you place your bet before the season begins, the odds and payout won’t decrease as the season unfolds! You can also make an outright winner bet as the season goes on. However, the odds will vary as the season continues.

Match winner

A match winner bet is viewed as the simplest bet to make. You are simply placing a wager on the team you believe will win a head-to-head match. Each team in the Pakistan Super League plays 10 matches each, so you could technically wager on each match during the campaign.


A handicap bet aims to even the playing field between two teams. Oftentimes, a cricket match will feature a strong team playing a weaker team. This form of betting places a ‘handicap’ on the strong team, giving the weaker side a runs advantage. The stronger team must overcome the run deficit for your bet to come in, while if you backed the weaker team, you’ll hope that they don’t allow the strong team to go over the deficit. When making a handicap bet, you can still win the bet even if the team you wagered on loses the fixture as long as they cover the handicap placed on them by the bookmaker.

Total Points

A total points or total runs bet is a wager on the number of runs the two teams will combine for within the game. To win a total points bet, you must wager on whether the game will have over or under a certain number of runs provided by the bookmaker. For example, LeoVegas may give you a total points number of 130. You can bet on the teams to score under or over 130 total points.

Margin Bets

A margin bet is a wager on the number of runs one team will win by. If you are confident that one team will win the match, you may place a wager on the number of runs the team will win by. This is a great alternative bet to the match winner wager, providing more value if one team is a heavy favorite.

Top batsman

Bookmakers offer the top batsman market. This style of bet is a prediction on which player will score the most runs during a match. You can place a top batsman bet for the Pakistan Premier League on individual matches or on the entire tournament.

Top bowler

The top bowler and top batsman bets are extremely similar, however, the bowler market allows you to wager on which bowler that will finish a match with the most wickets. You can also make a top bowler bet on the entire tournament. If you are a hardcore cricket fan, this is a market for you.

Pakistan Super League Cricket Regular Season

The Pakistan Super League Cricket regular season consists of 10 matches - each team playing five home matches and five away matches during the campaign. The 2023 edition of the PSL began on February 13 and finished on March 15.

At the end of the regular season, the top four teams play in the playoffs. A qualifier is held between the top two teams in the competition and the third and fourth place teams. An eliminator follows with the winner of the match between the third and fourth place teams, and the loser of the match between the first and second place teams.

The winner of the playoff eliminator match will meet the team that won its playoff qualifier. The 2023 playoffs finished with the championship match held on March 18.

Pakistan Super League Cricket Teams

The PSL consists of six teams based in cities across Pakistan. The tournament uses a franchise-based model, just like the Indian Premier League.

  • Islamabad United

  • Karachi Kings

  • Lahore Qalandars

  • Multan Sultans

  • Peshawar Zalmi

  • Quetta Gladiators

Pakistan Super League Cricket History

The Pakistan Super League T20 cricket tournament played its first season in 2016. Islamabad United won the initial cricket campaign, defeating Quetta Gladiators by six wickets.

The league’s opening season was played in the United Arab Emirates due to issues within Pakistan. It wasn’t until the end of the 2018 PSL season that the competition played its first matches in Pakistan in packed stadiums. The 2018 season also saw the arrival of the Multan Sultans, an expansion franchise that took the number of teams to six. The league currently stands at six teams.

Slowly over the next few seasons, more matches were played in Pakistan until the entire league campaign was moved into the country. The 2020 tournament was the first in which all matches were contested in Pakistan.

The league is dedicated to bringing the best international cricket players to Pakistan to play while developing the best local players. The PSL’s success has made it one of the top T20 cricket competitions in the world.

Pakistan Super League Cricket FAQ

Q. Who won Pakistan Super League Cricket 2021?

A. The Multan Sultans won the 2021 Pakistan Super League, defeating Peshawar Zalmi in the championship final by 47 runs.

Q. Who won Pakistan Super League Cricket 2022?

A. The Pakistan Super League 2022 season was won by the Lahore Qalandars. Lahore defeated Multan Sultans by 42 runs in the championship final to win the competition.

Q. Who won Pakistan Super League Cricket 2023?

A. The 2023 edition of the Pakistan Super League Cricket tournament was won by Lahore Qalandars. For the second straight season, Lahore Qalandars defeated Multan Sultans in the championship final.

Q. Who is the best Pakistan Super League Cricket team?

A. No team has won more than two Pakistan Super League Cricket championships. The two most successful teams in the tournament are the Lahore Qalandars and Islamabad United. Lahore Qalandars are the most successful team of the two franchises in recent years, winning the PSL in 2022 and 2023.