What Is a Heinz Bet and How to Place It? | LeoVegas NZ

What Is a Heinz Bet?

A Heinz bet, also known as a Canadian, is a multiple bet which consists of six selections. In total there are 57 parts of your bet: 20 trebles, 15 doubles, 15 four-folds, six five-folds and one six-fold/accumulator.

All 57 parts of your Heinz bet are of equal value. If you place a $1 Heinz, your total stake will be $57. Each double, treble, four-fold, five-fold and six-fold will be $1.

You can place a Heinz bet on selections from different sports here at LeoVegas. It is commonly used in horse racing, with bettors able to add horses across the meetings available that day, as well as ante-post markets such as those available on the Cheltenham Festival and Royal Ascot.

How Does a Heinz Bet Work?

The first step in a Heinz bet is to choose your six selections. They don’t need to just be on horse racing. You can add selections from football, tennis, greyhounds and other sports.

Before your first selection begins, you have 57 bets in total running for you. To pick up a return, you need only two of these selections to win, as this will give you a winning double. When you have at least three winning selections, more of your 57 bets land.

Here is an example of a Heinz bet to illustrate how the multiple works:

  • Selection 1 – Horse A to win 1.00 Cheltenham
  • Selection 2 – Horse B to win 1.30 Cheltenham
  • Selection 3 – Horse C to win 2.00 Cheltenham
  • Selection 4 – Horse D to win 2.30 Cheltenham
  • Selection 5 – Horse E to win 3.00 Cheltenham
  • Selection 6 – Horse F to win 3.30 CheltenhamIf Horse A and Horse C are the only winning selection, you will have a winning double from your Heinz. Your return will be bigger if Horse A, Horse C and Horse E prevail, as this will give you three winning doubles and a winning treble.

All 57 parts of your Heinz are successful if Horse A, Horse B, Horse C, Horse D, Horse E and Horse F win.

How to Calculate Heinz Bet Odds and Winnings

Once your six selections have concluded in your Heinz bet, you can work out your winnings. If all six selections succeed, you have 57 bets to calculate. That number reduces if one or more of your selections loses.

Using the example Heinz bet below, with a $1 stake (total stake $57), here is how you would calculate your winnings.

  • Selection 1 – Horse A to win 1.00 Cheltenham @ 2/1
  • Selection 2 – Horse B to win 1.30 Cheltenham @ 3/1
  • Selection 3 – Horse C to win 2.00 Cheltenham @ 5/1
  • Selection 4 – Horse D to win 2.30 Cheltenham @ 2/1
  • Selection 5 – Horse E to win 3.00 Cheltenham @ 6/1
  • Selection 6 – Horse F to win 3.30 Cheltenham @ 4/1

If all six selections win above, you will have 15 x $1 doubles, 20 x $1 trebles, 15 x $1 four-folds, six x $1 five-folds and one $1 six-fold. Using the odds listed next to each horse, this would generate a return of $26,851.

Using the above example, if Horse A and Horse C are your only winning selections, this would give you a $1 double on a 2/1 winner and 5/1 winner. This generates a return of $18.

With three winning selections above, not only will you have a successful treble, but three of the doubles on your Heinz will generate a return. If Horse A, Horse C and Horse E were your winning selections from the example bet, here is how you would calculate your return.

  • Double 1 - Horse A and Horse C - $1 double returns $18
  • Double 2 - Horse A and Horse E - $1 double returns $31
  • Double 3 – Horse C and Horse E - $1 double returns $42
  • Treble – Horse A, Horse C and Horse E - $1 treble returns $126
  • Total return = $217

To make things easier for you here at LeoVegas Sportsbook, we calculate your maximum return from your Heinz bet before you click place bet. This is based on all six selections being successful.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Heinz Bets

There are lots of advantages of placing a Heinz bet. Like all multiples, it gives you the opportunity to pick up a sizable return from a small bet. With six winning selections, you could pick up a return from 57 winning bets, with the six-fold being the biggest.

A Heinz gives those who watch horse racing or sport an interest in multiple events. On a busy Saturday afternoon for example, where there are lots of race meetings, you can delve into each with your six selections. There is also the option of placing an each-way Heinz, which means they only need to finish in the frame to be successful.

Placing a Heinz is far easier than putting on 57 different bets individually. Once your selections are in your bet slip, and you choose your stake for your bet, we will ensure all your doubles, trebles, four-folds, five-folds and six-folds are placed.

Unlike a Super 63, you do not pick up a return on a Heinz if you have one winning selection.

This is because you are not placing any singles, as you have 57 bets instead of 63. Another drawback is that often if you do have a winning double, your winnings may be less than your total stake. This obviously depends on the odds of your selections.

Although a Heinz can be a convenient way of placing a multiple bet, it does mean your stake remains the same across all 57 bets. Some bettors prefer placing more on the doubles and less on the six-fold. A Heinz does not allow you to do that.

Heinz Bet FAQ

What’s the difference between a Heinz and a Lucky 63?

The difference between a Heinz and Lucky 63 is that for the former, there are a total of 57 bets, while with a Lucky 63, there are 63 bets and the addition of six singles, which means, if you have just one winner, you pick up a return.

Many bettors prefer to choose a Heinz over a Lucky 63 as the total stake is lower. They are happy to go without the singles as they know just one winner is unlikely to be enough to pick up a profit on their bet.

At LeoVegas, you place a bet on a Heinz and Lucky 63 in exactly the same way. Once you add your six selections to your bet slip, you will then see the list of multiple options available to you to place on your bet.

How does an each-way Heinz work?

To place an each-way Heinz, you also need to choose six selections into your bet slip. However, the total number of bets is double (114 bets). This is because you have placed your unit stake on 57 win parts and 57 place parts.

With an each-way Heinz, you only need your horse to finish in the placings to have a successful selection. The number of places will depend on how many runners and the type of race.

As with all each-way bets, there will be place terms for each race, again dependent on the field size and type of contest. This is often 1/4 or 1/5 of the winning odds. Those placing an each-way Heinz tend to choose horses with bigger odds than they would if they were putting on a win Heinz.

What happens with a non-runner in a Heinz bet?

If you choose a non-runner in a Heinz bet, like all multiples, it will be a void selection. Your six-fold will turn into a five-fold, five-folds switch to four-folds etc. To pick up a winning return from your bet, you need just one winning selection from the remaining five horses. This will effectively turn into a single, with your unit stake being placed on that winning selection.

How many horses are in a Heinz bet?

There are a total of six horses in a Heinz bet. These do not have to be from the same meeting, they can be from different racecourses. You can choose to take the odds on each of those horses or selection SP (starting price).

What sports can I place a Heinz bet on?

At LeoVegas, you can place a Heinz bet on any sport, including horse racing, football, tennis, snooker, greyhounds and cricket. The most popular tends to be horse racing, with the selections being on the same day.

A Heinz can also consist of selections from our ante-post markets. However, bear in mind that usual ante-post rules apply here when it comes to selections not running on the day of their race.