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Bingo Calls NZ: Complete Guide


Bingo calls are a list of unique phrases used to identify all the numbers called during a bingo game. Each number has a corresponding call, and the bingo caller uses the calls to announce the numbers as they are drawn from the bingo machine or other random number generators.

Bingo calls often have a unique and humorous twist to them, which helps create a fun and lighthearted atmosphere while players dab all the numbers of their Bingo tickets. These calls are a traditional and integral part of bingo culture and are used in bingo halls, online bingo games, and other bingo events around the world.

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What Are the Rules for Bingo Calling?

Bingo calling rules may vary slightly depending on the specific version of bingo being played. However, here are some common rules for bingo calling:

  1. The caller must announce each number clearly and loudly so everyone can hear it.
  2. The caller should wait a few seconds between each number to give players time to check their cards and mark any matches.
  3. In some versions of bingo, the caller may use specific phrases or calls for certain numbers. For example, "two little ducks" for the number 22, or "legs eleven" for the number 11.
  4. The caller must continue to call numbers until a player calls out, "Bingo!" This indicates that someone has filled out their card and won the game.
  5. If there are multiple winners, the prize is usually split evenly among them.
  6. The caller should keep a record of all the numbers called in case of disputes.
  7. Once the game ends, the caller should announce the winning numbers and verify that the winner(s) have the correct pattern on their card.

How to Call Bingo Numbers?

Calling bingo numbers is a fun and interactive part of the game, and it's important to do it audibly, with enthusiasm and clarity, to keep players engaged and excited.

When calling bingo numbers, the caller should do the following:

  1. Speak clearly and loudly enough so that everyone in the room can hear the number being called.
  2. Announce the number clearly, emphasizing each digit to avoid confusion. For example, instead of saying "21," say "two-one."
  3. Pause for a few seconds after each number to allow players to check their cards and mark any matches.
  4. If playing a version of bingo that uses specific phrases or calls for certain numbers, use them consistently to add fun and excitement to the game.
  5. Keep a steady rhythm and pace when calling numbers to maintain the game's energy and keep players engaged.
  6. Be aware of the rules and specific patterns for the game being played, so you can call the numbers in the correct order and verify any winning cards.
  7. Have a record of the numbers you have called, in case there are any disputes or questions about the game.

UK Bingo Calls

90 Ball Bingo is the world's most popular type of bingo, and the preferred bingo in the United Kingdom. It uses 90 balls, and the tickets have 15 numbers displayed randomly across nine columns and three rows.

Winning in 90 Ball Bingo works in three stages. The first winner is the player who marks off a complete horizontal row. The second winner is the player who completes two full horizontal rows. Lastly, there's the full house which lands you the grand prize. It requires you to match off all 15 numbers on your card.

Here are all of the traditional bingo calls that are used in UK for the numbers 1-90:

1 - Kelly's Eye (Number 1): Referring to the shape of the number 1, which is said to resemble a peeping eye.

2 - One Little Duck (Number 2): The shape of the number 2 resembles a duck, and "one little" is added for rhyme.

3 - Cup of Tea (Number 3): The pronunciation of "three" is similar to "tea."

4 - Knock at the Door (Number 4): The number 4 visually looks like a door with a knocker.

5 - Man Alive (Number 5): Rhyming with the number 5, creating a playful expression.

6 - Tom Mix/Half a Dozen (Number 6): Rhyming slang for "six" with "Tom Mix," a cowboy star, and "half a dozen" for six.

7 - Lucky Seven (Number 7): Considered a lucky number in many cultures.

8 - Garden Gate (Number 8): The number 8 resembles a gate.

9 - Doctor's Orders (Number 9): Rhyming with the number 9, creating a whimsical prescription.

10 - Theresa's Den (Number 10): Rhyming with the number 10 and referencing the Prime Minister's residence, 10 Downing Street.

11 - Legs Eleven (Number 11): The number 11 visually resembles a pair of legs.

12 - One Dozen (Number 12): A standard term for a set of twelve.

13 - Unlucky for Some (Number 13): The number 13 is considered unlucky in many superstitions.

14 - Valentine's Day (Number 14): Referring to February 14th, Valentine's Day.

15 - Young and Keen (Number 15): Rhyming with the number 15, creating a youthful expression.

16 - Sweet Sixteen (Number 16): Referring to the age of sixteen, often considered sweet.

17 - Dancing Queen (Number 17): A reference to the ABBA song "Dancing Queen" and the number 17.

18 - Coming of Age (Number 18): The age of 18 is often considered a coming-of-age milestone.

19 - Goodbye Teens (Number 19): Signifying the end of the teenage years.

20 - One Score (Number 20): A traditional way of expressing the number 20.

21 - Key of the Door/Royal Salute (Number 21): Signifying reaching adulthood and a royal salute for the 21-gun salute.

22 - Two Little Ducks (Number 22): The number 22 visually resembles two ducks.

23 - Thee and Me (Number 23): Rhyming with the number 23 in a playful way.

24 - Two Dozen (Number 24): A straightforward reference to the number 24.

25 - Duck and Dive (Number 25): Rhyming slang for the number 25.

26 - Pick and Mix (Number 26): Referring to the variety in a pick and mix selection.

27 - Gateway to Heaven (Number 27): A whimsical way of expressing the number 27.

28 - Overweight/In a State (Number 28): Rhyming with the number 28 in a humorous manner.

29 - Rise and Shine (Number 29): An encouraging expression associated with the number 29.

30 - Dirty Gertie (Number 30): Rhyming slang for the number 30.

31 - Get Up and Run (Number 31): A playful expression associated with the number 31.

32 - Buckle My Shoe (Number 32): Rhyming with the number 32 in a traditional nursery rhyme style.

33 - All the Threes/Dirty Knee (Number 33): Rhyming with the number 33 and incorporating a playful image.

34 - Ask for More (Number 34): Suggesting a desire for more, related to the number 34.

35 - Jump and Jive (Number 35): Creating a lively and rhythmic expression for the number 35.

36 - Three Dozen (Number 36): Referring to a set of three dozens, totaling 36.

37 - More Than Eleven (Number 37): Describing the number 37 as more than eleven.

38 - Christmas Cake (Number 38): Traditionally, Christmas cakes often have 38 ingredients.

39 - 39 Steps (Number 39): Referring to the book and film "The 39 Steps."

40 - Naughty Forty/Life Begins (Number 40): A playful expression for turning forty.

41 - Time for Fun (Number 41): Suggesting that the number 41 is associated with having fun.

42 - Winnie the Pooh (Number 42): Referring to the famous fictional bear, Winnie the Pooh.

43 - Down on Your Knees (Number 43): A humorous reference to the number 43.

44 - Droopy Drawers (Number 44): A whimsical image associated with the number 44.

45 - Halfway There (Number 45): Suggesting that reaching the number 45 is halfway to a milestone.

46 - Up to Tricks (Number 46): Implying mischief associated with the number 46.

47 - Four and Seven (Number 47): A straightforward reference to the numbers 4 and 7.

48 - Four Dozen (Number 48): Referring to a set of four dozens, totaling 48.

49 - PC (Number 49): Rhyming with the number 49 in a playful way.

50 - Half a Century (Number 50): A straightforward expression for turning fifty.

51 - Tweak of the Thumb (Number 51): A whimsical image associated with the number 51.

52 - Danny La Rue (Number 52): Rhyming slang for the number 52.

53 - Stuck in the Tree/Here comes Herbie (Number 53): A playful image associated with the number 53.

54 - Clean the Floor (Number 54): A whimsical image associated with the number 54.

55 - Snakes Alive (Number 55): A rhyming expression for the number 55.

56 - Shotts Bus (Number 56): A reference to a bus route in Shotts, Scotland.

57 - Heinz Varieties (Number 57): Referring to the variety of products offered by the company Heinz.

58 - Make Them Wait (Number 58): Suggesting a sense of anticipation related to the number 58.

59 - Brighton Line (Number 59): Referring to the train line from London to Brighton.

60 - Five Dozen (Number 60): Referring to a set of five dozens, totaling 60.

61 - Bakers Bun (Number 61): Rhyming with the number 61 in a playful way.

62 - Tickety-Boo/Turn the Screw (Number 62): A playful expression associated with the number 62.

63 - Tickle Me 63 (Number 63): A whimsical and playful expression for the number 63.

64 - Red Raw (Number 64): A rhyming and colorful expression for the number 64.

65 - Old Age Pension (Number 65): Referring to the age associated with receiving an old age pension.

66 - Clickety-Click (Number 66): A rhythmic expression associated with the number 66.

67 - Made in Heaven/Stairway to Heaven (Number 67): Referring to the Queen song "Made in Heaven" and the Led Zeppelin song "Stairway to Heaven."

68 - Saving Grace (Number 68): Suggesting a sense of salvation or rescue associated with the number 68.

69 - Either Way Up/Favourite of Mine (Number 69): A playful expression for the number 69.

70 - Three Score and Ten (Number 70): Referring to the traditional biblical lifespan of three score and ten, or 70 years.

71 - Bang on the Drum (Number 71): Suggesting a celebratory or rhythmic association with the number 71.

72 - Six Dozen (Number 72): Referring to a set of six dozens, totaling 72.

73 - Queen Bee (Number 73): A playful and regal expression for the number 73.

74 - Hit the Floor (Number 74): Suggesting a dynamic action associated with the number 74.

75 - Strive and Strive (Number 75): Creating a rhythmic and determined expression for the number 75.

76 - Trombones (Number 76): A playful reference to the number 76 in a musical context.

77 - Sunset Strip (Number 77): Referring to the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.

78 - Heavens Gate/39 more Steps (Number 78): A whimsical reference to ascending to heaven and the continuation of the "39 Steps."

79 - One More Time (Number 79): Suggesting a desire to repeat or experience something again, associated with the number 79.

80 - Eight and Blank (Number 80): A straightforward expression for the number 80.

81 - Stop and Run (Number 81): A contrasting and dynamic expression associated with the number 81.

82 - Straight on Through (Number 82): Suggesting a straightforward and direct path associated with the number 82.

83 - Time for Tea (Number 83): Suggesting a break or pause associated with the number 83.

84 - Seven Dozen (Number 84): Referring to a set of seven dozens, totaling 84.

85 - Staying Alive (Number 85): A reference to the Bee Gees' song "Staying Alive" and the number 85.

86 - Between the Sticks (Number 86): A sports-related expression, referring to the goalposts in football.

87 - Torquay in Devon (Number 87): Rhyming with the number 87 in a playful way.

88 - Two Fat Ladies (Number 88): The number 88 visually resembles two larger figures, humorously referred to as "fat ladies."

89 - Nearly There (Number 89): Suggesting proximity to a goal or destination associated with the number 89.

90 - Top of the Shop (Number 90): Referring to reaching the highest number in the bingo game, signaling the end.

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US Bingo Calls

The most popular version of bingo in the United States and Canada is the 75 Ball Bingo. The tickets for a 75 Ball Bingo features five columns, each labeled B, I, N, G, or O, and five rows. Of the 25 squares in the ticket, 24 contain numbers, while the center square is left blank. The numbers in 75 Ball Bingo are organized by groups of 15 for each letter. B1-15, I16-30, N31-45, G46-60, O61-75. You win by being the first person to get the numbers in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and calling out 'Bingo.'

Here are US bingo calls:

  1. B1

  2. I16

  3. N32

  4. G49

  5. O71

  6. B12

  7. I24

  8. N44

  9. G60

  10. O66

  11. B4

  12. I19

  13. N36

  14. G54

  15. O75

  16. B3

  17. I28

  18. N43

  19. G46

  20. O61

  21. B2

  22. I17

  23. N31

  24. G53

  25. O70

  26. B9

  27. I23

  28. N38

  29. G50

  30. O64

  31. B7

  32. I26

  33. N40

  34. G52

  35. O73

  36. B11

  37. I22

  38. N35

  39. G47

  40. O69

  41. B5

  42. I21

  43. N33

  44. G55

  45. O72

  46. B10

  47. I29

  48. N42

  49. G51

  50. O63

  51. B6

  52. I18

  53. N37

  54. G58

  55. O68

  56. B8

  57. I25

  58. N41

  59. G57

  60. O74

  61. B13

  62. I27

  63. N34

  64. G59

  65. O67

  66. B15

  67. I20

  68. N39

  69. G56

  70. O65

  71. B14

  72. I30

  73. N45

  74. G48

  75. O62

These calls are used in the US and Canada 75 ball bingo halls and online bingo games, and they are different from the UK version in terms of the specific numbers called and the format of the game. US bingo is typically played with a 5x5 card with a free space in the center, whereas UK bingo often uses a 9x3 card.

Funny and Interesting Bingo Calls

90 Ball Bingo has some funny bingo call nicknames, and you can almost guarantee that everyone across the UK knows at least several witty bingo number calls. A lot of traditional British bingo calls use cockney rhyming slang in bingo nicknames.

Here are some funny and interesting bingo calls:

  1. Two Fat Ladies (88)

  2. Top of the Shop (90)

  3. Granddaddy of Bingo (80)

  4. All the Fives (55)

  5. Dirty Gertie (30)

  6. Two Little Ducks (22)

  7. Doctor's Orders (9)

  8. Sweet Sixteen (16)

  9. Unlucky for Some (13)

  10. Young and Keen (15)

  11. Key of the Door (21)

  12. Flirty Thirty (30)

  13. Clickety-Click (66)

  14. Rise and Shine (29)

  15. Dancing Queen (17)

  16. Halfway There (45)

  17. Droopy Drawers (44)

  18. Heinz Varieties (57)

  19. Tweak of the Thumb (51)

  20. Gateway to Heaven (27)

  21. Buckle My Shoe (32)

  22. Down on Your Knees (43)

  23. Christmas Cake (38)

  24. Ask for More (34)

  25. Jump and Jive (35)

  26. The Brighton Line (59)

  27. Time for Tea (83)

  28. Old Age Pension (65)

  29. Torquay in Devon (87)

  30. Lucky Seven (7)

  31. Half a Crown (25)

These bingo calls add a fun and lighthearted element to a game of bingo and are often used in UK bingo events, bingo halls and online bingo games.

Bingo Calls FAQ

What are some bingo sayings?

Bingo sayings, also known as bingo calls are used to clarify all 90 numbers, making it easier to recognize the numbers if you're far away from the caller.

What does 69 mean in bingo?

In bingo, the number 69 is often referred to as "Any way up". This nickname is based on the fact that the number 69 looks the same when viewed upside down.

What is the 22 saying in bingo?

The number 22 in bingo is often called "Two little ducks". This nickname is based on the visual resemblance of the number 22 to the profile of two ducks.

What is the origin of Bingo calls in NZ?

The origin of bingo calls in New Zealand can be traced back to the UK version of the game. The tradition of using nicknames for bingo numbers, known as "bingo lingo," has been adopted and incorporated into the New Zealand game.

How are Bingo calls connected to New Zealand culture?

Bingo calls are a traditional and integral part of bingo culture and are used in bingo halls, online bingo games, and other bingo events around the world, including New Zealand. In New Zealand, bingo is commonly called "housie" or "bingo housie.

Can you play Bingo online in NZ?

Yes, you can play Bingo online in New Zealand. LeoVegas NZ offers a wide variety of online bingo games.