Live Lightning Dice

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Description of Lightning Dice

Live Lightning Dice from Evolution is a hugely entertaining gameshow-style event. Part of our live casino games, a host will feed dice into a giant machine, and you bet on the result. However, there is more on offer in this game thanks to the lightning addition, as any dice result could offer up to 1,000x your bet on any given play.

A simple game to learn, with high win potential, if the lightning dice fall in your favour, it’s no wonder Lightning Dice spawned so many other lightning feature games from Evolution.

What are the bonus features of Lightning Dice?

Lightning Dice has one main feature, the lightning feature, and it’s one that can really turbocharge the win potential of the slot.

Lightning Dice

As with most Lightning features in Evolution Gaming live dealer titles, this one involves multipliers. Before every round, lighting will hit at least one number, and it could be more. That number is now a Lightning number and will have a multiplier attached that could value between 5x and 1,000x. If you bet on that number and win, you will receive that multiplier times your bet value, as opposed to the number in the paytable.

How to win in the Lightning Dice game

Winning in the Lightning Dice game comes from successfully guessing what the total sum of three dice being rolled can be. Unlike other guessing games - roulette or card-related options, for example - the chances of certain results from three dice are more likely than others.

That’s because there is only one way to roll a three with three dice (1-1-1), making it unlikely (0.46%), while a nine can be rolled a variety of ways (1-2-6, 2-4-3, 3-3-3, etc.) and is, therefore, more likely to land (11.57%). Because of that, payouts are different for the potential results.

As well as exact results, you can also bet on whether the total will be 9 or below or 12 or above, or whether there will be two or three matching dice.

The potential win for a successful bet on each dice combination is as follows:

3 - 150x bet

4 - 50x bet

5 - 25x bet

6 - 15x bet

7 - 10x bet

8 - 7x bet

9 - 6x bet

10 - 5x bet

11 - 5x bet

12 - 6x bet

13 - 7x bet

14 - 10x bet

15 - 15x bet

16 - 25x bet

17 - 50x bet

18 - 150x bet

3-9 - 2x bet

12-18 2x bet

Double - 2x bet

Triple - 25x bet

How to play Lightning Dice

Lightning Dice is a simple game to play for two reasons. Firstly, the interface is very well produced, your bet options are in front of you on the screen, with everything spaced out nicely on an overlay with the live stream from a classy studio behind it.

The second reason it’s easy is that there’s a helpful host and (usually) several other players, all of whom you can chat with if you’re not sure about how the game works.

Before each round starts, all your available chips will come up and you can place as many as you like (within budget) on one or multiple numbers. After bets are locked, the lightning numbers will then be chosen, and the host will feed the dice into the machine where they will be released and the winning number displayed.

Game info about Lightning Dice

Launched in the summer of 2019 by Evolution Gaming, the king of live casino play, Lightning Dice is a unique, simple, and great-looking game that’s easy to pick up. The rules are easy, the hosts are fun and friendly, and the state-of-the-art studio set brings the whole gameshow concept to life beautifully.

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