Crazy Time Live

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About Crazy Time

This Live Casino game is certainly called Crazy Time for good reason, as there is so much going on at all times! Look out for the exceptional four bonus games as well as potential multipliers of up to 20,000x. Played on a Money Wheel split into 54 segments, this fantastic game of chance has quickly become a fan favourite. The aim of the game is to predict where the wheel is going to stop, with the Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip and Crazy Time bonuses offering so much entertainment.

Money Wheel and Top Slot

Not only is the classic Money Wheel a huge part of the game, but there is also a Top Slot above it too. At the beginning of each round they will both spin at the same time, with the Top Slot outlining one multiplier amount and one betting position (either a number on the wheel or one of the bonus games). The multiplier amount will then be added to the relevant betting position at the bottom of the game and will apply for that current round. Please note that if the betting position doesn’t align horizontally in the top spot then the game will proceed without the Top Slot multiplier amount.

What Are the Crazy Time Special Features?

There are four spectacular bonus games in Crazy Time, each of which can be won if the flapper points to it after a spin of the wheel. In order to play these bonuses, you’ll have had to have placed a bet on the relevant bonus game at the bottom. Here is all of the information you need about the bonus rounds.

Cash Hunt

In Cash Hunt, you will see a wall of 108 multiplier amounts hidden behind various symbols. You will be in charge of a cannon, which you’ll aim at the symbol that you believe has the highest multiplier hidden behind it. At the end of the countdown, the cannon is fired and the multiplier you’ve won is revealed. If you don’t choose an area to fire the cannon at, it’ll be chosen at random.


Featuring a multiplier wall, the Pachinko bonus game has a random puck drop zone at the top, with 16 random multiplier amounts in the landing zone. The puck will be dropped randomly from zones 4-12, with it dropping through the pegs and landing in one of the multiplier zones. /n/n If it lands on Double, all multipliers will be doubled. The drop zone is then randomised with the puck dropped again. If the puck continues to land on double multiple times with each multiplier reaching 10,000x, the Double slot will be replaced by a 10,000x multiplier. Look out for a potential Rescue Drop too, which can occur if a 2x, 3x or 4x multiplier is landed with the chance to drop again.

Coin Flip

A much more simple bonus round, as the name of the game pretty much explains it. The coin has a red side and a blue side, with a multiplier randomly assigned to each side. The coin will be flipped, and the side that’s facing up will be the winner. That multiplier amount is then applied to your winnings. On a special occasion, a Rescue Flip can occur if the multipliers are on the low side.

Crazy Time Bonus

Named after the game itself, it should be no surprise to learn that this bonkers bonus game is a big one. Taken to an animated wheel with 64 segments, each with a large multiplier on it, you can make a decision on which of the three flappers to choose: green, blue or yellow. You’ll then receive the multiplier amount that your chosen flapper is pointing to at the end of the round. /n/n There’s also one segment each for Double and Triple, which will either double or triple all multiplier values for the players that selected that flapper. The wheel is then spun again for those players only. In the event that the wheel lands on Double or Triple multiple times in a row, the multiplier values can reach up to 20,000x for the potential of crazy winnings!

What Evolution Gaming Had To Say

Evolution’s Chief Product Officer, Todd Haushalter, commented: “We have been hard at work for the last year creating what I think is our best game line-up ever. We are making the core games more fun; we are enhancing games to make them more relaxing and comfortable to play; and we are also launching our craziest, most bonus-laden, game show ever – Crazy Time. Personally, I think Crazy Time is the most fun casino game ever created and I can’t wait for it to be live.”

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How To Play Crazy Time

Placing a bet in Crazy Time Live is straightforward. The bet limits will be shown on the screen along with your balance and total bet. Betting is done via the use of chips, each with different values. To bet, move the chips to whichever of the eight sections of the wheel you wish to bet on. In terms of the number of segments each has, they are as follows: 1 = 21 segments, 2 = 13 segments, 5 = 7 segments, 10 = 4 segments, Pachinko = 2 segments, Cash Hunt = 2 segments, Coin Flip = 4 segments, Crazy Time = 1 segment.

How To Win In Crazy Time

Wins can be claimed in Crazy Time Live after the wheel comes to a stop. The winning segment is the one that the flapper is pointing to at the top of the wheel. If it’s pointing to one of the numbers of bonus games that you’ve bet on, you will land a win. If the multiplier from the Top Slot is also in play, it will be assigned to your winning bet too. The odds for each number are matched with what the number is: 10 pays 10 to 1, 5 pays 5 to 1, 2 pays 2 to 1 and 1 pays 1/1. The payout for a bonus position will be determined during the bonus game itself.