Funky Time

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Description of Funky Time

Funky Time is a wild game show-style online game from top provider Evolution. Built on the studio’s previous success with Crazy Time, this one adds a few elements, including more multipliers and some wacky-themed bonus rounds. The game has a lively disco theme, and a potential max win of £500,000. There’s a lot to the Funky Time Live Casino experience, but it’s pretty easy to get started, and you’ll probably be able to figure out how everything works pretty quickly.

What are the features of Funky Time?

Funky Time comes with four bonus rounds, all built around the disco theme. Let’s take a closer look at these rounds.

Funky Town Bar Bonus

The Bar bonus round takes place at (you guessed it) a bar, where your friendly robot bartender will pour you some brightly coloured drinks. You have to pick which colour drink you’d like, and your multiplier will depend on it. Your winnings are revealed once the glasses are full.

Funky Town Stayin’ Alive Bonus

In this bonus round, you have to climb one of three coloured ladders. The further you climb, the bigger the multiplier you can end up winning. In each round, Lady Luck determines whether you can move one or two steps up the ladder, but watch out – you can also lose lives in each round. Lose four, and you’re out!

Funky Town Disco and Disco VIP Bonus

In the disco rounds, you get to win extra multipliers, depending on which tiles Mr. Funky hits as he shimmies his way across the virtual dance floor. The game’s not over until Mr. Funky falls off the dance floor – then your multipliers are applied.

Game info about Funky Time

Funky Time was released in May 2023. The game is bright and colourful and really embraces the disco theme. The music, characters and backdrop give the game a real 70s vibe and a very upbeat, high-energy feel, with flashing lights, disco balls and some of your favourite 70s tunes.

Evolution also have this to offer

Funky Time is, many players agree, a natural progression from Evolution’s other big wheel, game show-style offerings such as Crazy Time Live and Dream Catcher, but with extra twists and more multipliers. As many casino enthusiasts know, the studio is also responsible for a lot of table games you’ll find in the live lobby, including American Live Roulette.

Similar slots from different providers

There are plenty of popular games from top providers that incorporate some of the bright, colourful, upbeat vibes found in Funky Town, but some of them are very different types of games. Why not try Mega Fire Blaze Roulette from Playtech? This is a live roulette offering, based on European roulette, but with a very fast-paced feel and great extra bonus features.


How to win in Funky Time base game

Funky Town is a game of chance, so there’s no guaranteed way to win, but when choosing how to bet, it really helps to know what the odds are of landing on any particular option. The wheel is split into 64 segments, 28 of which are labelled with the number one. 24 are letters in groups of four, spelling out the words FUNK, PLAY and TIME. The last 12 segments are split between bonus rounds, with Bar occupying the most segments and Disco VIP the fewest.

Therefore, we can easily work out the probability of landing on each section of the wheel:

Number one: 43.75%
PLAY: 37.50%
FUNK: 37.50%
TIME: 37.50%
Bar Bonus: 9.375%
Stayin’ Alive Bonus: 3.125%
Disco Bonus: 4.68%
Disco VIP Bonus: 1.56%

How to play Funky Time

To get started, you have to place your bets, and you have 20 seconds to do this, which isn’t long. However, there is the option to place multi-bets with a single click. You can bet from as little as £0.10 a spin.

Next, the presenter spins the wheel, and it’s up to you to keep your fingers crossed. Random multipliers land on different segments of the wheel and are applied to any winning bets. The only other thing you’ll have to do is make a choice in the Bar bonus round (which colour drink do you want?) and the Stayin’ Alive bonus round (which ladder will you climb?).