Cash Vault II

Hacksaw Gaming
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About Cash Vault II

Cash Vault II is the sequel to Hacksaw Gaming’s popular Cash Vault scratchcard game. While known primarily for slot games, Hacksaw is also a developer well versed in scratchcards, and Cash Vault II is further evidence of that fact.
With a top prize of £60,000, Cash Vault II doubles up on its predecessor, a simple game with a big jackpot that’s likely to appeal to scratchcard fans of all experience levels.

What are the special features of Cash Vault II?

As a simple scratchcard game, the are no special features or bonus rounds for players of Cash Vault II to discover. Instead, you scratch the panels for a chance at big prizes. This is a game that is very much centred around its jackpot, and with £60,000 up for grabs, that’s perfectly fine!

Game info about Cash Vault II

Released in 2018, shortly after the original, Cash Vault II brings the same vibe as its predecessor, with all win amounts turbocharged to match the increased scratch cost of £2.
A pastel-coloured background ensures the bold yellow and pink logo really pops off the screen here, with a simple colour scheme providing the perfect background to this scratchcard game.
True-to-life scratching sounds accompany the removal of the panel, while jingles will play to celebrate a winning scratch.

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How to win in Cash Vault II

All but one of the symbols you’ll reveal when you scratch off the panel of Cash Vault II are number symbols, each of which relates to the cash prize you’ll win if you unveil three matching numbers. The amounts you can reveal are 1, 2, 10, 20, 100, 200, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, and 7,500. There is one other symbol at play here, the titular Cash Vault. If you reveal three of these symbols on one scratch, you’ll pocket a cool £60,000, paid out at £2,500 per month for two years.

How to play Cash Vault II

When you fire up the Cash Vault II scratch game, the first thing you’ll notice is that there’s no need to set a bet amount. That’s because all scratches of this game will cost you £2, double the cost of the original to match the jackpot, which is also double the value of the first Cash Vault scratchcard. When you’re ready to start playing, you can click the buy button, then either begin scratching manually or select ‘scratch all’ to reveal all symbols at once.