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LeoJackpot - Big Winner!

Here at LeoVegas, we have exclusive jackpot games that provide players with the opportunity to win huge prizes by playing the games that they’re already familiar with. One of our recent winners came out with a whopping £169,000 from the bonus and they didn’t even win the main cash prize!

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What is the LeoJackpot?

Many online slots on LeoVegas were created without jackpots; however, jackpot games are some of the most popular titles on LeoVegas. However, a brand new range of jackpot slots have arrived at LeoVegas, with the exclusive LeoJackpots. These games are equipped with gigantic cash prizes that can be won by any player. This means that any of your favourite slots may be infused with the popular LeoJackpot feature, which is a progressive jackpot that keeps on growing until the bonus is won.

In this example, a customer won 169k with a Major jackpot but the MEGA jackpot was still up for grabs. This jackpot begins at £5,603,353,11 and when the major prize was won, the MEGA jackpot stood at over £7 million. Mini and Minor jackpots are also up for grabs but are won at significantly lower amounts than the Major and MEGA jackpots.

How do LeoJackpots work?

The screen display of your slot game will look exactly like it always does, but it also includes an additional LeoJackpot wheel of fortune. It is split into multi-coloured portions, including the four LeoJackpots.

Every time you press spin, the wheel rotates. You'll win the LeoJackpot cash prize if the wheel comes to rest on a Jackpot symbol. Every result is completely random. It's selected by algorithms that rely on split-second timing, which prevents the prize from being shared. If you're the lucky winner, you'll see the cash prize appear in your balance around 30 seconds later. To be eligible for the LeoJackpot, you have to bet a minimum of £0.10 per spin on your chosen game. If you choose to play the LeoJackpot feature then an additional £0.09 per spin is automatically deducted from your balance. A coin at the side of the LeoJackpot buttons jumps up every time the fee is deducted. It is then added to the LeoJackpot's cash prize. The total increase in prize money is entirely dependent on how many people are playing the game, until a lucky winner claims the huge prize on offer.

Online slots determine their results through a fully tested Random Number Generator (RNG). It's a powerful mechanism that calculates lengthy sequences of numbers in a fraction of a millisecond. Whenever you press spin, one of those sequences is selected to randomly determine the result.

An RNG also decides your success at landing a LeoJackpot. Another consideration is the Return To Player (RTP) for the LeoJackpot feature which is set at 70%. However, it still doesn't accurately indicate how often the prizes might be won as all jackpots are entirely random. If a LeoJackpot has just been won, it doesn't mean you have to wait a long time for it to pay out again. So when you play LeoJackpots there's always the intrigue of wondering if you'll strike a win with your very next spin.

Why Play LeoJackpots

Mega Jackpot Prizes

There are four LeoJackpots beginning with Mini, then Minor. The next is Major and the top jackpot is Mega. Each one continues building indefinitely until it's finally won, with the potential to reach into the millions. After a LeoJackpot has been awarded, it reseeds. The Mini LeoJackpot starts at £5.45 while Minor reseeds at £736.24. Major's reseed point is £39,056.74. The biggest jackpot on offer is the Mega that reseeds at £5,603,353.11.

A unique twist to your favourite games

LeoJackpots introduce a progressive jackpot style bonus to games that contain standard bonus rounds such as a trail feature or the free spins bonus. However, with the addition of the LeoJackpots feature, the opportunities to win in these slots has only increased.

Play your favourite games today with the LeoJackpots feature. Alternatively, you can check out our sports version of the LeoJackpot which is the Leo King Predictor

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