Horse Racing Betting Tips

Horse racing is the sport of kings, as they say – and here at LeoVegas, we don’t just offer great opportunities to bet on the biggest races, but we also provide a range of horse racing betting tips to help ease you into the action.

Whether you’re completely new to horse racing, you watch major events such as the Grand National, or you’re looking for expert insight into the biggest and best hunts and jumps, our betting horse racing tips can help you get stuck in.

LeoVegas offers odds and tips on horse racing all over the world. From Goodwood to Kentucky, you’ll have the chance to learn about the runners and riders that are looking like winners.

We’re also pleased to offer a range of different betting markets and bet types – meaning that if you want to try something different outside of the usual straight bets, you can!

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at what you need to know about horse racing tips at LeoVegas, and the different bet categories available.

Horse racing tips at LeoVegas

To get started with horse racing tips at LeoVegas, simply head to the horse racing section of our sportsbook. Here, you’ll see a list of all the upcoming events and bet markets.

When you find a meeting or event you’d like to bet on, click or tap it to open up the runners (the horses and riders taking part).

You’ll then be able to choose between single bets, forecasts and tricasts – a little more on bet types below. Click on the odds or the bet type next to the runner you’d like to bet on, and a betslip window will appear.

Set how much you’d like to bet, and then place it – the money for the bet will pay out of your available funds.

We host horse race tips for major events and races – for example, we’ll let you know the previous odds for each runner and when they last took to the track. You can also use our odds to decide which runners are likely to make the biggest breakthrough in your chosen race(s).

If your runner wins, your betting account will receive the credit due. Simple!

Types of horse race tips and betting opportunities

LeoVegas offers horse race tips in the form of competitive odds and inside knowledge, which you can take advantage of when selecting any given race or event and looking at the lineup of runners taking part.

We provide as much information as possible on runners up and down the country – meaning that you’ll know the age, weight and rider for each horse, when they last ran, and the odds previously given to them at the last few races.

This information might prove useful when choosing a runner in a particularly tight pack!

You’ll find betting tips and horse racing odds for meetings across the UK at venues in Exeter, Newcastle, Dundalk, Chelmsford, Wincanton and more. LeoVegas aims to provide the most comprehensive betting horse racing tips and odds guide in the UK – so if there’s a race taking place nationally, there’s a good chance that we’ll have you covered.

Horse racing tips on major national hunt meetings

If you’re a particular fan of national hunt meetings and big events within horse racing, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer full coverage of major events at Kempton, the Grand National and Cheltenham.

The [Cheltenham Festival(/sports/horse-racing/cheltenham), in particular, is a major event for horse racing fans that comes around each March. Before the event takes place, we typically provide special offers and horse race tips – so make sure to register for promotional emails or follow us on social media for details.

The Grand National is also a big deal for horse racing fans. This race also takes place in the spring, usually around April – again, make sure to keep an eye out for promotions and our Grand National betting guide

Horse racing tips at Epsom, Ascot and more

If you’re more of a fan of flat racing or prefer to sway toward the derbies rather than the National and Cheltenham, don’t worry – we also have horse racing betting tips and odds to cover you there.

For example, keep an eye out for the world-famous Epsom Derby, which takes place around May-June time each year. Beyond that, you might want to get involved with the glamour of Royal Ascot, which typically unfolds in June. Time to don your best hat and check out some betting tips!

How could we forget Glorious Goodwood? This festival is one of the longest in the horse racing calendar, and we’ll be hosting tips, odds and markets for the races between the months of May and October.

Last of all, there’s the Ebor Handicap – a yearly race at York Racecourse that typically takes place every August. At approximately 2,800m, it’s a blistering race that’s certain to unfold all kinds of tips – so keep following LeoVegas for insights.

Worldwide horse racing betting

Horse racing is a global phenomenon! While you’re perfectly entitled to keep your betting action within the UK, there’s a chance that you’re missing out on some exciting races in North America, Asia and beyond.

For example, we offer horse race tips for events such as the Kentucky Derby, which takes place in early May. If you’re used to betting on British races, this festival is likely to open your eyes to the wild and wonderful world of horsing around elsewhere!

A little further afield, there’s the Dubai World Cup and the Melbourne Cup – meaning that throughout the year, LeoVegas serves up betting tips and markets for racing action all over the globe.

LeoVegas horse racing betting tips

Across UK horse racing and US horse racing, LeoVegas offers a range of free betting tips to help you find a runner that appeals to you.

We focus on some of the largest events in the racing calendar. It’s always a good idea to check out our tips and promotions whenever big festivals such as Cheltenham roll around!

Horse racing betting terms

While it’s certainly popular to place single-win bets on horse racing, you don’t have to stick to the straight and narrow unless you really want to.

If you’re new to horse racing betting tips and the fun of the furlongs, here are some of the common terms you’ll come across and what they mean:

  • Win: A win bet is where you place a single bet on a horse to win a race outright.
  • Each-way: An each-way bet splits half the total for the horse to win, and half for the horse to place – i.e., from second to fourth in a race.
  • Lucky 15: Lucky 15 bets include four different selections across a series of events – covering one fourfold bet, three treble bets, six double bets and four singles.
  • Yankee: A Yankee bet covers 11 bets across four selections – it’s a little smaller than a Lucky 15 – and it accounts for an accumulator, four treble bets and four doubles.
  • Accumulator: These include a series of bets where each consecutive pick has to win for you to claim a boosted prize.
  • Odds: Odds are mathematical equations that tell you how likely it is that a horse will win a race – more on this below.
  • Jockey: A jockey is the horse’s rider.
  • Nap: This is typically what tipsters and betting sites refer to as the best tip for the day’s meetings.

How to read odds in horse race tips

When betting on horse racing, you’ll typically find that odds are either fractional or decimal. You can use either to decide whether or not a horse is likely to win a race.

In fractional betting, you’ll see odds presented, such as 2/1. This means that for every £1 you bet on this horse, you get £2 back. Horses less likely to win will have longer odds, such as 20/1.

In decimal betting, you’ll see a figure such as 2.3 for a horse to win a race – this effectively means that you can expect to win £2.30 for every £1 you bet.

Some people find decimal betting easier to understand in terms of returns compared to fractional, but it’s entirely a matter of personal choice!

Horse racing betting tips FAQs

What is the best bet in horse racing?

There’s no one ‘best bet’ in horse racing – you need to look carefully at the odds and form of each horse, check available tips, and trust your gut!

There are many popular bets in horse racing, but accumulator bets are particularly popular as they stack several races together for larger prizes.

Where can I place horse racing bets?

You can place horse racing bets across the country and worldwide by visiting LeoVegas’ horse racing section.

What are the biggest races in the UK?

Some of the biggest horse races in the UK include the Grand National, the Epsom Derby and the Ebor Handicap.

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