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The Open Golf betting guide

Ready to tee off? If you’re just getting started betting on golf, then it’s likely that you’ll have come across The Open, one of the biggest events on the calendar. It’s one of the most prestigious golfing tournaments of its kind, which means that there’re always likely to be odds and markets to bet on.

The Open is referred to as the ‘original Championship’. That’s because it started all the way back in 1860, making it something of an institution for golfers and fans.

Players from all over the world compete to qualify and then play across a prestigious course – such as Scotland’s Royal Troon Club – with the aim being to lift the legendary Claret Jug once the 18th ball goes in.

Anyone looking for [The Open](/betting#filter/outrights/golf,the_majors,the_open_championship tips should know that the course and par change for this tournament fairly frequently. The tournament is played out at other famous clubs such as St Andrews, Muirfield, Royal Liverpool and Royal Portrush.

Given the rotation of clubs and courses, there has been a variety of tricky holes that Open winners have needed to overcome to lift the jug. For example, there’s the infamous 17th hole at St Andrews’ Old Course, and at The Troon, the 11th hole always poses a challenge – so much so, in fact, that legendary pro, Arnold Palmer, referred to it as the “most dangerous hole” he’d ever seen!

Of course, if you’re looking into The Open betting odds, it pays to know what a winner actually looks like! Believe it or not, most Open Championships are declared by a single shot – meaning that it’s rare that there’s a large margin between first and second place.

Most Open winners turned pro at the age of 21, and they typically win with a score of around 276 – which has decreased over the years!

Consider a few of these stats when you’re looking to make The Open predictions for the tournament to come – and, of course, we always have The Open betting tips to help you on your way.

The Open odds

Before looking into The Open Championship odds to win, remember that golf betting tends to swing much higher – pun intended. This means that the odds for this tournament, and indeed any other in the sport, are likely to be high compared to those you’d expect for, say, cricket, football or tennis.

If you’re interested in looking into outside bets for the Open and want to try each-way betting, it’s typically advisable to bet on eight to 10 places. Some bookies offer five-place each-way bets – but given the high competition involved at The Open, it’s wise to try to keep your options open.

As mentioned, Open champions only tend to win by one or two strokes on average – the field is very tight!

How to find the best odds for The Open

The Open tips worth following will likely let you in on a promising player who has been consistent – even if they are yet to win a major tournament. However, it’s always a good idea to do some due diligence of your own and look into player form when making The Open predictions.

Player form refers to how prospective champions are performing elsewhere in golf leading up to the big tournament. What does their handicap look like? Do they perform well in wet weather? Are they as powerful on the tee-off as they are precise on the putt?

When looking into The Open betting odds, it’s also worth considering if your chosen champion has placed well in the top 10 of recent tournaments. This way, you can decide whether or not they’re worth an each-way bet.

Beyond this, it’s always worth looking at different markets when searching for odds on The Open. LeoVegas offers a variety of different ways to bet on the big tournament – meaning that you can decide who wins outright, and even their rough score.

At the height of The Open season, simply head to LeoVegas’ The Open betting tips and odds list for the most competitive hints and prices.

How to find the best each-way odds for The Open

When looking for the best each-way bets for The Open, you’re essentially choosing who you think will ‘place’. It’s frequently a good way to maximise outside bets for The Open – you could choose a consistent player who, while maybe not champion material yet, is showing enough promise for you to get a return from a top 10 place.

Betting on The Open Championship odds to win outright carries risk – particularly if your chosen golfer has yet to win a tournament.

With each-way betting on golf, you’ll typically be able to bet on players to finish anywhere inside the final 10, not just to win or even place second. Look for players who have shown consistency and who have competed well against favourites in recent tournaments – you don’t have to pick the winner unless you’re feeling really confident!

Picking outsider tips for The Open

Finding an outsider for The Open who’s likely to convert and place isn’t a simple task. It involves looking at more than just wins and outright performance.

When picking a longshot for The Open, look carefully at how a player performs on specific types of courses, and how they perform under pressure. Again, weather is a great indicator of how a player might fare on The Open’s links – as some of the favourites might suffer if rain and wind strike the course.

It’s not unheard of for complete outsiders to finish in the placing or each-way ranks. For example, Lee Westwood finished fourth in The Open in 2019 at odds of 110/1 – and Li Haotong in 2017 finished third at 300/1.

And, of course, look at some of the outsiders who have won the tournament outright in the past – Darren Clarke in 2011, Ben Curtis in 2003, and John Daly back in 1995.

When looking into outside bets for The Open, it’s sometimes worth trusting your gut – or, even better, follow the tips and advice offered by LeoVegas’ experts!

The Open FAQs

What is the cut in The Open?

The cut line refers to the number of players who make it to round two of The Open Championship. The number of players making the cut can vary depending on the course, but 70 is a typical figure to look out for.

When making a cut prediction in The Open, try to look for odds around the middle of the table in the first round. Those with very high odds really aren’t likely to make the cut – but stranger things have happened, of course!

How do you qualify for The Open?

Players entering The Open will normally need to qualify through the Open Qualifying Series, through local events, or through exemption. In rare cases, when there aren’t enough players to take to the course (156), the highest-ranked players not yet qualified might get a pass.

In some cases, The Open winner odds will be available for some players before they even qualify! This is typically the case if a player is nailed on to make the cut.