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Roma vs Lazio betting guide

When it comes to footballing cities, few can hold a candle to Rome, Italy. It’s here that two of the biggest teams in the world – Lazio and AS Roma – play high-stakes games. In fact, some of the highest-stakes games they play are against each other, which is what makes Lazio vs Roma matches more interesting!

Roma and Lazio meet each other across the football year in various competitions – and there’s always likely to be an upset or two. But is either of the two teams better than the other, or more likely to score first?

At LeoVegas, we’re always on hand to provide the most competitive Lazio vs AS Roma betting tips and odds. However, before you take a look through our sportsbook, let’s break down some of the history between these two superb sides to see if there’s any give!

Roma vs Lazio betting: a brief history

Lazio and AS Roma have been butting heads at the top of Italian football for decades, thanks to a regular event known as the Derby della Capitale. This translates roughly to ‘derby of the capital city’ – a fitting name considering that it’s probably the biggest regular match taking place in Rome itself!

Lazio have something of the upper hand in that they have been around for longer, while Roma were formed from the merger of three different clubs! Both teams first started playing each other in 1929, meaning that they’ve locked horns on the pitch for almost a century now.

Believe it or not, Lazio vs AS Roma betting focuses on the Stadio Olimpico, where both teams play all their home games! This means that both sides have that lucrative home advantage, making choosing between them all the trickier.

If you want to get more specific, Lazio play towards the stadium’s north end, and Roma play towards the south. They really each have their own specific ends of the ground!

Another interesting fact about these two sides is that they haven’t met in a cup final since 2013. Over a decade ago, Lazio managed to clinch the win against Roma in the Coppa Italia final. This is not to say that they haven’t had dramatic clashes since, of course.

At the time of writing, Lazio and Roma have met on the pitch 182 times, with the former winning 51 games, and the latter winning 67. This means that, at least based on statistics, Roma have the edge – but will this matter when it comes to the next kick-off?

Before you start digging around for Lazio vs Roma betting tips, always check their current form. Win histories don’t always count for much!

Roma vs Lazio betting tips: recent wins and losses

While Roma have been the better-performing team out of the two sides over time, the results of their last three matches with Lazio haven’t been so great. Lazio have won two, and the other game ended in a draw.

Keep in mind that these stats are correct as of the time of publishing, with the two teams due to meet again in April 2024.

So, when did Roma last beat Lazio? You don’t actually need to look that far back. They knocked three goals past their rivals to nil back in March 2022. This, however, hasn’t turned into a winning presence in Serie A.

In the last Serie A season, at the time of writing, Roma finished sixth, while Lazio finished runners-up. Could this mean that the latter still have the edge in the next derby?

Roma vs Lazio betting profile: all about Roma

AS Roma debuted in Italian football back in 1927. They were formed through a merger between three other teams already based in Rome – meaning that there could have been even more competition in the capital!

Interestingly, Roma have barely spent any time outside the top league in Italian football, only briefly dipping into the second division in the early 1950s. As you can imagine, they now have a pretty formidable presence in the national game!

Roma have won the prestigious Coppa Italia nine times, the Scudetto three times and the UEFA Europa Conference League once. They’re also a familiar sight in the Champions League.

That said, when up against the likes of Lazio, it’s not always easy to know which way the goals are going to go. Roma’s form against Lazio has been less than perfect in the past few games, but they’ve beaten them back enough to suggest that they might pull ahead and claim victory in the derby.

Roma vs Lazio betting profile: all about Lazio

Lazio are formally known by the title SS Lazio and have been playing top-flight football since the turn of the 20th century. That said, they wouldn’t claim a major trophy until the late 1950s, when they seized the Coppa Italia.

Lazio’s successes continued with a Serie A title in the early 1970s, though they fell from grace during the 1980s. The club would eventually pull itself back up and rebuild its presence in the Italian league under Sergio Cragnotti’s ownership in the early 1990s. Bringing on board management such as the legendary Sven-Göran Eriksson certainly didn’t hurt in the late 1990s!

However, in the Derby della Capitale, at least, Lazio need to make up some ground. They might appear to be the stronger side according to recent matches, but they still trail Roma in overall scores across derby meetings, so they need to start making up for lost matches.

Roma vs Lazio betting: fixtures

At the time of writing, the next Derby della Capitale between Lazio and Roma will take place on Sunday, 7th April.

This match will be a Serie A clash between the two sides, so it will be a great chance to watch some top-flight Italian football regardless of the history involved.

Will Lazio pull one match back against Roma? Or will Roma inch ahead and break their winning drought from the past few meetings? Only time will tell.

Lazio’s two wins out of the last three suggest that they might be the team to get behind. Certainly, their performance in the last Serie A match should give them extra confidence.

Regardless, LeoVegas will have odds and in-play markets available for Lazio vs Roma betting nearer the time of kick-off.


How to bet on Lazio vs Roma

You can bet on Lazio vs Roma by setting up a LeoVegas account and heading straight to the football section of our sportsbook. We host odds and markets for other Serie A and European football matches, meaning that the next Lazio and Roma derby will have its own section for you to browse and bet on.

Once you fund your account, you can find odds for the next Roma and Lazio match and place bets on who you think will win. You can also bet on who you think will be the top scorer, and even what the final scoreline will be.

As always, remember to bet sensibly and to set yourself clear limits. There are never any guaranteed wins in sports betting, football or otherwise.

Who has won the last three meetings between Lazio and Roma?

At the time of writing, in the last three meetings between Lazio and Roma, Lazio have won two matches, and there has been one draw. However, Roma have more outright derby wins than Lazio, meaning that the winner of any game between these two sides really is anyone’s guess.