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Inter Milan vs AC Milan betting tips and guide

If you’re a fan of European football, then it’s highly likely that you’ve come across AC Milan and Inter Milanbefore. Just like our very own Manchester, Milan has produced two of the best-performing sides on the Continent – if not the world. In fact, they lock horns pretty regularly as part of the Derby della Madonnina!

It’s a pretty dramatic affair – and, given that the two sides have faced off against each other hundreds of times at the San Siro stadium, you’d think that they’d know what to expect from each other. As you’ll soon see from our Inter Milan vs AC Milan betting guide, this is not always the case!

Let’s take a quick look at the history of this famous derby (also known as the Derby di Milano) and what we might expect from the sides in their next meeting.

Inter Milan vs AC Milan betting tips: a history

The history between Inter and AC Milan is a little more interesting (and possibly more complicated) than a lot of footballing rivalries you’ll see elsewhere. This is mainly because Inter Milan broke away from AC Milan at the beginning of the 20th century to start looking for international players.

Both teams, perhaps a little awkwardly (though it makes for great drama), share home matches at the San Siro stadium – naturally, in Milan. This stadium was AC Milan’s alone for decades until it fell under council control. By 1947, the ground played host to both sides. As one of the largest football stadiums of its kind on the Continent, there’s plenty of room for fans of both Milan teams (regardless of the event)!

There’s something of a fierce history between AC Milan and Inter Milan, which often makes their clashes all the more interesting. They’ve met hundreds of times, but their games aren’t as one-sided as many people might think. Let’s dig into some recent match stats as we continue our Inter vs AC Milan betting tips and guide.

Inter vs AC Milan betting tips: recent results

Always look at form before betting on football – especially when it comes to the Milan sides. Recent results suggest that there might be one team leading the other at the time of writing.

In fact, the past four matches have been solid wins for Inter, at least at the time of this guide going to publication. Inter Milan have won two Serie A matches and two Champions League matches against AC Milan since February 2023, meaning that AC are keen to break that streak.

Could this mean that AC push even harder for a big win in their next Derby della Madonnina? Or could Inter continue their momentum? You’re going to need to check out the odds closer to the time. More on fixtures shortly.

All about Inter Milan (Inter vs AC Milan betting tips)

Inter Milan’s history dates all the way back to March 1908, and as mentioned, it’s something of a splinter team away from AC Milan.

The club would briefly become the Società Sportiva Ambrosiana in 1922 as a result of a government-mandated merger. However, that wouldn’t last long, and the side would change its name back in 1943.

Inter have won the Champions League only once, but regularly perform well in the Coppa Italia and the Supercoppa Italiana. They’re a formidable side you should never second-guess – particularly as they perform brilliantly in the Serie A.

All about AC Milan (Inter Milan vs AC Milan betting tips)

AC Milan, as mentioned, are the older side of the two. Founded in 1899, the club was actually the brainchild of two Englishmen who had moved to Italy – and the side also played cricket alongside football!

This wasn't going to last forever though, and the side rose to dominance, particularly from the 1980s onwards. They’ve won the Champions League multiple times, though they haven’t claimed the title since 2007. In the Coppa Italia and the Supercoppa Italiana over the years, however, they’ve been champions numerous times.

With that in mind, there’s really not that much to choose between the two Milan sides! Could it all come down to how the teams play on the day?

Inter Milan vs AC Milan betting tips and upcoming fixtures

If you’re looking for Inter Milan vs AC Milan betting tips, you’ll need to mark your calendar for 21st April 2024, the next time the teams will meet at the time of writing.

As mentioned, AC Milan go into this match pretty much on the back foot. The sides last met in September 2023, when Inter won 5-1. Perhaps more surprising is the fact that AC Milan hadn’t scored in the three matches against Inter prior to this!

It has been several months since the two sides last locked horns. Could AC Milan have returned to the drawing board with some new strategies? Or will Inter solidify their lead even further?

It’s too early to say who could come out on top in the game – but many believe that Inter will extend their streak with another win.


How to bet on Inter Milan vs AC Milan

Closer to the date of the next Milan derby, you’ll be able to log into LeoVegas and bet on which side you think will take home the spoils. Simply register with LeoVegas, deposit into your account, and search for ‘Milan’ in the football section of our sportsbook.

You’ll also have access to a range of different betting markets if you want to diversify your slip. Leading up to the next match, we will update our odds to reflect form and movements in the markets.

Who has won the last three meetings between Inter Milan and AC Milan?

The last three Milan derbies have been won by Inter Milan. They’ve won the last three matches against AC Milan 2-0, 1-0 and 5-1. This doesn’t look great for AC Milan, but with several months having passed since the sides last met, you never know who might come out the victor!