Complete Guide to Scottish Premier League Betting

If you thought that the Scottish Premier League or Premiership was all about Celtic and Rangers, think again. Scottish Premier League betting at LeoVegas helps you to explore some of the biggest matches and navigate the most surprising upsets in the game.

Before we go any further, it’s worth remembering that the official name for the league is the Scottish Premiership, as it has been since 2013. The reason for the name change was due to new sponsors coming on board, but fans use ‘Premier League’ and ‘Premiership’ interchangeably.

The Premiership is, as its name suggests, the top league of its kind in Scottish football. Therefore, all eyes turn to Scotland’s most talented players throughout the season. And, while it might seem as though Celtic and Rangers take home most of the spoils, it’s a more competitive league than you might think.

In this guide, we take you through the history of the competition and what you need to know ahead of sports betting on the Scottish Premier League.

A Brief History of the Scottish Premier League

The Scottish Premier League is younger than you may think. It launched officially in 1998 out of the old Scottish Football League as a way to celebrate top-flight football nationwide.

Since 2013, the league has been called the Scottish Premiership, but it’s much the same tournament that fans have known and loved for years.

The SPL formed a new top tier of Scottish football, much like the English Premier League did in the early 1990s. The new league formed in Scotland partly because clubs wanted to seek new sponsorship opportunities.

Scottish Premier League: How it Works

Players in the Scottish Premiership take part in a league format consisting of 12 teams, which has fluctuated to 10 over the years. A win gains a team three points, while a draw grants one. The league’s winner is the team with the most points, with goal difference scored determining tiebreaks.

There’s the fight to avoid relegation, where the league’s lowest-placed club risks dropping to the Scottish Championship. Meanwhile, the winner of the Championship gets instant promotion to the Premiership.

There’s also a promotion and relegation play-off format, where the second lowest-ranked team in the Premiership faces off against the winner of the Championship play-offs. If the latter team wins, they swap places with the Premiership side.

The best teams in the Scottish Premiership also get a shot at entering the Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League. However, the number of teams that qualify depends on where Scotland ranks in UEFA’s country coefficient.

For example, the top five teams of the Premiership season ending in 2023 – Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen, Hearts (Heart of Midlothian) and Hibernian – all qualified for European championships. Only Celtic and Rangers got entry to the Champions League – which probably wasn’t a big shock for fans of Scottish Premier League betting.

What’s also worth remembering is that the league splits halfway through the season. This means that the teams in the top half exclusively play each other until the end of the season, and the bottom half of the table fights it out to avoid relegation.

Scottish Premier League Winners

Since the start of the Scottish Premier League, leading into the Scottish Premiership, only Celtic F.C. and Rangers F.C. have ever won the league. It’s little wonder, then, that some people see the league as a two-horse race!

However, you never know which way the league could go. Aberdeen, Motherwell and Hearts have all finished as runners-up – so there could be a different result on the cards before you know it.

Scottish Premier League Betting: Stats Worth Knowing

While Rangers have won the Premier League and Premiership title eight times, Celtic really tipped the balance with a staggering 17 wins since the league started in 1998.

In fact, Rangers have only won the Premiership once since its rebranding in 2013 – in the 2020/21 season. What’s more, Rangers have failed to make the top three teams on three separate occasions.

Therefore, if you’re of the opinion that Scottish Premier League betting odds are always likely to be similar, you’d be very much mistaken.

Don’t count out Aberdeen, either. Arguably the ‘third’ team in top-flight Scottish football, they’ve come runners-up four times since the league’s rebranding.

Betting Outside the Scottish Premier League

It’s not always about the Scottish Premier League fixtures. There are also a few cups and tournaments that take place alongside the league which players can browse sports betting markets

In fact, as well as the league, it’s worth looking out for the Scottish League Cup and the Scottish Cup. If a team manages to win all three, it’s called winning the Scottish Treble.

The Scottish Cup is over 150 years old and typically hosts around 130 teams – and, unsurprisingly, Celtic are the most decorated champions, having lifted the trophy 41 times.

The Scottish League Cup, meanwhile, started back in 1946, and it’s here where Rangers shine. They’re the most decorated team in the tournament, with 28 wins. Forty teams take part in this smaller competition.

Key Scottish Premier League Fixtures

It’s not all about betting on the Scottish Premier League winners. There are a few famous and regular fixtures that take place each season worth looking out for.

The Premiership itself typically runs from early August to the following mid-May. However, many fans will be on the lookout for Old Firm matches, which see Celtic and Rangers face off against each other twice a season.

Celtic and Rangers have been playing Old Firm games since 1888, so it’s safe to say that the two sides have a history. They’ve met more than 430 times over the years, and the biggest Old Firm scoreline arose in 1957, when Celtic beat Rangers 7-1.

Aberdeen and Rangers have their own rivalry, as do the two sides based in Dundee – Dundee FC and Dundee United. The two teams are based only a few yards away from each other, meaning that their derbies are often pretty animated. They’re not always playing in the same league – but when they do, expect sparks to fly!

Derbies and special fixtures frequently have special events and odds attached. Be sure to check them out when you’re browsing different teams’ odds to win the Scottish Premier League at LeoVegas.

Scottish Premier League FAQs

How many games are played in the Scottish Premier League?

Technically, each team plays 38 games in a Scottish Premiership season. This means that each team plays each other three times before the season splits. After the split, each side plays five more games each. These rules can vary from season to season, but this is the typical format.

When does the Scottish Premier League start?

The Scottish Premier League or Premiership season typically starts in August each year. The exact start dates will vary, so it’s worth keeping a close eye on specific draws and dates during the off-season. You can find out the latest details about dates and fixtures through LeoVegas.

When does the Scottish Premier League finish?

The Scottish Premier League or Premiership normally finishes in the middle of May each year. Like the start of the season, the exact date can change depending on various factors. Before the end of the season, other cups and tournaments take place. Be sure to check them out in the LeoVegas sportsbook.

How many teams are in the Scottish Premier League table?

There are 12 teams that take part in the Scottish Premiership or Premier League. This number has fluctuated from 10 to 12 over the years. However, the larger number means that there are now six teams for each end of the table when the infamous split takes place.

What is the Scottish Premier League split?

The split in the Scottish Premier League or Premiership happens mid-season when the league table splits down the middle. At this point, the six best-performing teams play against each other another five times each, while the same happens with the six teams placed toward the bottom of the table.

Who has won the Scottish Premier League on the most occasions?

Despite their having a fairly close rivalry, the team with the most Scottish Premier League or Premiership wins is Celtic, with 17 under their belt since the Premier League split off in 1998. Rangers have won eight titles likewise, meaning that the top spot has currently only been claimed by Celtic and Rangers. Who knows if this year might be different?

Celtic vs Rangers

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