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Guide to Premier League Darts Betting

If you’re any kind of fan of the ultimate pub sport, there’s a chance that you’ve heard of Premier League Darts. Run by the PDC, it makes up a third of the darts’ Triple Crown – meaning that you’ll want to check out the action in the World Matchplay and the World Championship for the full experience of UK darts.

Over the past two decades, Premier League Darts betting has grown popular with a crowd that regularly tunes into Sky Sports to see if their favourite players score a 180 finish. Premier League darts is serious business – it’s here that the best throwers in Europe step up to the oche to show us what they’re made of.

In this guide, we’ll take you through some of the tournament’s history, best moments, and players you'll want to watch this year.

Premier League Darts Betting: A Brief History

Premier League Darts betting has existed since 2005, when it first started as a British tournament aired on Sky Sports. In the years since it has become massively popular. Originally hosted in UK venues, the tournament now takes place across Europe and welcomes eight players (four players and four wildcards) at the top of their throwing games.

Premier League Darts Betting: Who Has Won the Tournament?

If you’re a firm fan of darts betting odds, some of the names in this list will probably be more than familiar to you. Here are the winners of each tournament from the last 10 years:

2023Michael Van Gerwen
2022Michael Van Gerwen
2021Jonny Clayton
2020Glen Durrant
2019Michael Van Gerwen
2018Michael Van Gerwen
2017Michael van Gerwen
2016Michael van Gerwen
2015Gary Anderson
2014Raymond Van Barneveld

Betting Odds for Premier League Darts in 2024: What to Expect

The 2024 Premier League Darts tournament will take place between Thursday, 1st February and Thursday, 23rd May. It’s set to be proving grounds time for Luke Littler, who will enter the tournament aged 17 – making him the youngest player to participate in the league.

Betting Odds for Premier League Darts: Players to Watch

If you’re looking up betting odds for Premier League Darts, here are the eight players you’ll want to keep an eye on:

  • Luke Humphries
  • Michael van Gerwen
  • Luke Littler
  • Gerwyn Price
  • Rob Cross
  • Michael Smith
  • Nathan Aspinall
  • Peter Wright

Premier League Darts Betting: Who is Luke Humphries?

They call him ‘Cool Hand Luke’ – and there’s a good reason or two for that! Luke Humphries is PDC World Number One, and he’s got 13 titles under his belt, five of them televised. Given his rise to prominence in recent years, this year’s league could well be his time to shine. And the odds seem to be on his side. However, he’s up against some seriously tough competition.

Premier League Darts Betting: Who is Luke Littler?

Luke Littler is the youngest player ever to enter Premier League Darts, but he has already wowed the crowds at just 17. At the PDC World Darts Championship, he came runner-up to Cool Hand Luke – it’s little wonder that he’s already earned an explosive nickname, ‘The Nuke’. Luke The Nuke is one of three big favourites to take home the tournament. If Littler pulls this off, it’ll be a major upset – but his odds really aren’t bad!

Premier League Darts Betting: Who is Michael Van Gerwen?

‘Mighty Mike’ has claimed more than 150 titles in his career. Van Gerwen has finished with nine darts in TV tournaments several times – he’s certainly a force to be reckoned with. However, he’s PDC World Number Two to Cool Hand Luke – meaning that he might just have met his match.

Premier League Darts Betting: Who is Gerwyn Price?

Gerwyn Price is known to darts fans as ‘The Iceman’, and he’s picked up some impressive titles over the years – televised and otherwise. He’s ranking at Number Five in the PDC World right now, meaning that he’s going to be an interesting player to watch at this year’s Premier League. But does Price have what it takes to knock out some of the best darts players of all time? We’ll find out soon enough.

Other Players and Betting Odds for Premier League Darts

Other players in the running who you’ll want to look into via betting odds for Premier League Darts include Rob Cross, who ranks World Number Six, Michael ‘Bully Boy’ Smith, the World Number Three, ‘The Asp’ – Nathan Aspinall – who’s ranked Number Four, and ‘Snakebite’ himself, Peter Wright. Wright is, according to some odds, the rank outsider in the competition. As the oldest player in the lineup, he might not be your first pick. However, stranger things have happened, and he’s ranked Number Eight for a reason!

Premier League Darts Betting Odds and Markets for 2024

LeoVegas offers a range of Premier League Darts betting odds and markets for the 2024 contest that might make things interesting. Here’s a quick rundown.

Outright betting

You can start betting on Premier League Darts now by choosing which players you think will win the contest outright. Outright bets are some of the riskiest, especially when the field is this tight. However, take a look at the odds available at LeoVegas and see if there’s a pick that appeals to you.

Weekly betting on each event

Premier League Darts splits into matches and events that take place each week between February and May. Therefore, you’ll have the chance to bet on markets based on each knockout stage and matchup.

Specific 180 bets

Any darts fan will know that the magic score of 180 is definitely something to be proud of. Some of the players in this year’s Premier League manage it several times a match! Therefore, take advantage and check out our 180 scoring odds when the matches start to roll in. It’s an interesting way to diversify your betting slip.

Premier League Darts Betting Schedule for 2024

Here’s a quick rundown of when the matches will take place, with the exact matchups to be confirmed:

| Night | Date | Location |

|:---:|:---:|:---:| | 1 | Thursday, 1st February | Cardiff

[| 2 | Thursday, 8th February | Berlin |

| 3 | Thursday, 15th February | Glasgow |

| 4 | Thursday, 22nd February | Newcastle |

| 5 | Thursday, 29th February | Exeter |

| 6 | Thursday, 7th March | Brighton |

| 7 | Thursday, 14th March | Nottingham |

| 8 | Thursday, 21st March | Dublin |

| 9 | Thursday, 28th March | Belfast |

| 10 | Thursday, 4th April | Manchester |

| 11 | Thursday, 11th April | Birmingham |

| 12 | Thursday, 18th April | Rotterdam Ahoy |

| 13 | Thursday, 25th April | Liverpool |

| 14 | Thursday, 2nd May | Aberdeen |

| 15 | Thursday, 9th May | Leeds |

| 16 | Thursday, 16th May | Sheffield |

| 17 | Thursday, 23rd May | London |

Premier League Darts Betting: FAQs

How do I bet on Premier League Darts?

Simple – create an account with LeoVegas, log in, and make a deposit into your account. Then, look for the ‘Sports’ section on our website and navigate to ‘Darts’ in the sportsbook. You’ll then find ‘Premier League Darts’ in the listings. Look through and place bets on the players you want to win!

Who is involved in the Premier League Darts Tournament?

2024’s Premier League Darts tournament heads up with Luke Humphries, Luke Littler and Michael van Gerwen. These are the biggest names taking part this year, but there are numerous other players to bet on!

Is Premier League Darts on TV?

Yes, you can watch Premier League Darts 2024 on Sky Sports, the home of top darts action!

Who will win the Premier League Darts tournament?

Many people think that Luke Humphries or Luke Littler will take home the trophy this time. Take a look at our sportsbook for the latest breakdowns.

What is the prize money for the Premier League Darts?

The winner of Premier League Darts for 2024 will take home an impressive £275,000, and the runner-up won’t do poorly either! They’ll claim £125,000, and semi-finalists will claim £85,000 each. In fact, the eighth-placed placer will get £60,000 just for taking part! There’s a total of £1m in prize money available.