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Yankee Betting Guide

Here at LeoVegas UK, we have a plethora of opportunities available for players to create Yankee bets across a wide range of sports. As a Yankee bet is a perfect way to increase profit on bets without going for a large accumulator.

What is a Yankee Bet?

In regards to betting terminology, there are a lot of key terms that require explanation, especially if you're a novice to online betting. A Yankee bet is a prime example of a bet that is a little too complex for users to simply blind bet.

So, how is a Yankee bet set up? A Yankee bet consists of 11 bets of equal value that cover across four individual events. These 11 bets are divided up into one four-fold accumulator, four trebles and six doubles. An accumulator, a treble bet and double bets are all relatively basic and simple to understand but multiple bets beyond them can be confusing especially as

A Yankee Bet is made up of 11 bets of equal value that cover four individual events: one four-fold, four trebles and six doubles. This means that if you place a Yankee bet and one of your selections loses, you can still receive a profit on the bet which you're unable to do for accumulator bets. A summary of each bet type can be found below:

Fourfold Accumulator: A bet with four selections, all four selections must-win for this to payout.

Trebles: A bet with three individual selections, all three selections must come in for this bet to win.

Doubles: A bet with two selections, both selections must come in if people wish to win from these doubles.

If only one of your selections wins, you will not receive a payout with a Yankee bet.

Why should I place a Yankee bet?

If you're a bettor who takes time with their betting, plans and prepares for the majority of bets they place, then a Yankee bet could be what you're looking for as it provides you with the opportunity to win a profit with just a single double win, in contrast to other bets that require all selections to payout for profit.

Another reason to place a Yankee bet is the risk factor, the spread of risk is significantly wider with a Yankee bet than with an accumulator. It also means that if you're betting on a festival like Cheltenham, your bet is still valid if your first two horses lose or alternatively if your first two bets win, you're guaranteed to receive a profit of some sort.

Why may I not look to place a Yankee bet?

For every positive that you can find in a bet type, there is always a negative when compared to other multiples. For example, this bet could pay out significantly lower on a per-pound basis. The risk is spread but the potential reward is also decreased. If you're looking for high risk, high reward bets, you may wish to steer clear of Yankee bets.

As mentioned above, Yankee bets tend to suit players who look to work on their bets in a strategic fashion. So, if you're more of an impulsive style bettor, who maybe looks to place in-play wagers on individual games, a Yankee bet won't be what you're looking for.

Yankee bet Explained + Example

If you're looking to place a Yankee bet on the main races of the Cheltenham Festival (Champion Hurdle, Champion Chase, Gold Cup and Stayers Hurdle). Your bet slip would look like this:

Yankee Bet Example

Champion Chase (CC): Horse A to win

Champion Hurdle (CH): Horse B to win

Gold Cup (GC): Horse C to win

Stayers Hurdle (SH): Horse D to win

In these four events, you would have 11 combinations of bets, which would be:

Six Doubles: Combinations include: Wins for horses A&B, A&C, A&D, B&C, B&D, C&D.

Four Trebles: Combinations include: Wins for horses AB&C, AB&D, AC&D, BC&D

One Four-fold: Combination is: Wins for horses ABC&D

It is worth bearing in mind that the money you wager in a Yankee bet with be multiplied for each combination. So, if you placed a £1 bet, this will be multiplied by 11 to create your total stake.

How does a Yankee bet compare to a Lucky 15?

A Lucky 15 bet contains all of the selections that can be found if placing a Yankee bet. However, Lucky 15 bets have one main exception, this is the fact that with Lucky bets you also have single bets in your bet slip. So, if one selection wins and you place a Lucky 15 bet, you win. If one selection wins and you place a Yankee bet, you lose. However, with a Lucky 15 bet, the total by which the stake per bet is multiplied is significantly higher at a value of x15 rather than the x11 found in Yankee bets.

Yankee Bet FAQs

Q. What sports are most popular with Yankee betting?

A. If you're looking to find an example of a Yankee bet, you'll often find these come in the form of Horse Racing bets due to the high odds of each individual race, players will often find that a double bet pays out. This is why horse racing betting is the most common with Yankee bettors.

Q. How many selections are in a Yankee bet?

A. There are 11 selections in a Yankee bet, these are split up into 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 four-fold accumulator.

Q. How do I create a Yankee bet?

Log into your Leo Vegas account, find the four bets that you wish to place on our online sportsbook, then click on the chosen odds and put them into your bet slip. Following this, click the 'system' tab in your bet slip and find the plethora of betting opportunities available to you. Yankee will be at the bottom of your list, click the selection and add your stake per bet into the stake section.

For example, if you wish to place an £11 bet, you would simply add £1 into the stake section. Once this is done, place your bet and you will have successfully placed a Yankee bet.

Q. Is a Yankee bet better than a lucky 15?

This honestly depends on what you're looking for. With small to medium odds, you may tend to push towards a Yankee bet rather than a Lucky 15 as there are fewer opportunities to lose but if you're placing a bet with high odds, then we recommend placing a Lucky 15 bet as it gives you the opportunity to win with singles as well as doubles, trebles and a fourfold accumulator.

Q. Can I place an Each way Yankee bet?

A. Yes, if placing a bet on four horse racing events, you can place an each-way Yankee bet as part of our multiple bet system. Each way Yankee bets tend to have a very high cost and would only payout at a profit if 3-4 selections win.

Q. What is a Super Yankee bet?

A. A Super Yankee (Also known as a Canadian Bet". Is the next level of Yankee bet, so instead of 4 selections, bettors utilise 5 selections and place 26 bets instead of the 11 found on a Yankee bet. This means that there are 10 doubles, 10 trebles, five four-fold accumulators and one five-fold accumulator.