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Canadian Betting Guide

A Canadian Bet requires a player to make five selections, and combine them to make 26 different bets. This includes 10 doubles, 10 trebles, five four-fold accumulators and one five-fold accumulator.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry. If you’re seeking to know what is a Canadian bet and how to use it effectively then you’re in the right place.

Here at Leo Vegas we offer the Canadian bet as an option to all sports betting fans. The bet structure can be used in horse racing and football, but also much wider sporting outcomes and even cross over multiple sports.

In this guide we’ll take you through the ins and outs of this bet type, so you can be sure to have the Canadian bet explained once and for all. What’s more, we’ll show you how to easily place a wager, and how the Canadian bet calculator in the Leo Vegas bet slip works.

What is a Canadian bet

A Canadian bet is a type of bet structure that requires you to back just five individual events, but covers 26 different outcomes. The Canadian bet is broken down into:

  • 10x doubles
  • 10x trebles
  • 5x four-fold accumulators
  • 1x five-fold accumulator

Canadian bet explained (H3)

Now, being told the Canadian bet meaning and actually understanding the intricacies of a Canadian is different. So let’s go through that 26-point bet structure with some examples.

Let’s say you’re betting on football, and decide to back these five teams to win their respective games:

  • Manchester United
  • Wigan
  • Valladolid
  • Tottenham
  • Kaiserslautern

You could bet on them individually, or perhaps put them into an accumulator. But the Canadian is also an option.

By choosing the Canadian bet type, you begin to create mini wagers within the overall bet.

So, your 10x doubles would cover all 10 combinations of Man Utd + Wigan, Man Utd + Valladolid, Man Utd + Tottenham, Man Utd + Kaiserslautern, Wigan + Valladolid, etc.

Your 10x trebles would do the same, combining three teams in each of your individual bets. There are then five different four-folds available, covering every combination. And finally one single, big five-fold accumulator.

In total there are 26 wagers in a Canadian bet and you need at least two selections to win in order to win any money. The more selections that win, the more bet combinations are completed, and the more money you make.

Win Only Canadian

Most Canadian bets are focused on either football or horse racing. And it’s football that is the most popular for Win Only Canadians.

A Win Only Canadian means you’re betting on each selection to win their respective contest. There are no prizes for draws. It’s as simple as a Canadian wager can be.

Each Way Canadian

Meanwhile, the beauty of horse racing Canadian betting is you can choose between Win and Each Way odds. And many punters opt for Each Way because of the added insurance that brings.

Each Way betting is when your wager is split in half between a win and a place (usually positions 1 to 4 in horse races). It means your each way bet can still be a winner even if your pick doesn’t win.

When it comes to Each Way Canadians in horse racing, you effectively back each horse to win while also having the place as a back-up. You have to double your stake to place an Each Way Canadian, but you increase your chances of earning a payout.

How to place a Canadian bet

Placing a Canadian bet is very straightforward – and the beauty of the Leo Vegas bet slip is that it won’t offer you a Canadian unless it’s available!

The first thing to do is log into your Leo Vegas profile or sign up for an account today! After that, make sure your account is charged and head over to the Leo Vegas sportsbook. It’s here where you’ll find thousands of odds available to bet on across a multitude of sports.

For our example we’ll use horse racing (as you can also bet Each Way Canadians here). Select horses you want to back across various races by clicking on their odds. Once you make five selections, scroll down on your bet slip until you find the ‘Canadian’ option. Enter your per-bet stake and you’ll see how much your wager will risk, and the potential payout.

Now, this payout is based on all five options winning – and therefore all 26 individual bets coming good. You’ll win less if only two, three or four options win.

Once you’re happy with the wager, hit Place Bet to complete the process!

How to place Each Way Canadian

Now, the only difference in an Each Way Canadian is you must tick the Each Way box in the Leo Vegas bet slip after making your five choices. Remember, by betting Each Way you double your total stake, as you’re effectively making two bets per each of the 26 different combinations.

So, a £1 E/W Canadian is a £52 total wager. Depending on the odds, your potential returns could run into the thousands.

Why do a Canadian bet

The Canadian bet probably isn’t the automatic choice for most people, who otherwise prefer to stick with accumulators. But Canadian bets have their value across a wide range of sports. Here are some reasons why punters stick with them:

Spread the risk – The structure of a Canadian bet means you can spread the risk over a wide range of outcomes. The fact that just two of your five selections need to win in order to begin recouping money off the wager means there are multiple avenues to move into profit. Back the favourites – Canadian bets allow you to back heavy favourites at small odds, and greatly boost your potential winnings. That’s because additional risk is built into each double and treble, which enhances your odds. Thankfully the risk isn’t too great because you’re wagering on heavy favourites.

Learning the odds – If you’re new to sports betting then the Canadian bet is a crash course in understanding odds, and where your personality lies in relation to risk.

Huge potential jackpot – At the heart of a Canadian bet is the possibility of winning an eye-watering sum if you place the right bets. Canadians involve 26 wagers from just five picks, so if all five win you’re potentially looking at a mega payout from a relatively small bet.


Want to know more about what is a Canadian bet? Check out our answers to popular FAQs below…

How can I place a Canadian bet?

You can make a Canadian bet simply by selecting five outcomes, and ticking the ‘Canadian’ box in your Leo Vegas bet slip. The bet slip will then act as a Canadian bet calculator and figure out your potential profit.

How does a Canadian bet work?

A Canadian bet works by combining five outcomes into 26 different bets: 10x doubles, 10x trebles, 5x four-folds and 1x five-fold. You need two of your five outcomes to win in order to return any winnings.

Is Canadian Bet and Super Yankee the same?

Yes. A Canadian bet and a Super Yankee bet are the same. They consist of five bets covering 26 different outcomes: 10x doubles, 10x trebles, 5x four-folds and 1x five-fold.