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Best roulette strategies for online games

Compared to other games at the casino, roulette has very few rules. You choose the pocket where you think the ball will land, and if you’re right, you win. What makes roulette exciting and adds an element of skill are the various forms of bets and strategies. You can’t rely on consistent wins with any strategy, but they can help you to think about your gameplay, consider the odds and maximise your bankroll. In combination, this can make things a lot more interesting and help you play smarter roulette.

What’s the best strategy for roulette, and how does the betting work?

Roulette is easy to play – it’s just a case of predicting a result and then waiting to see where the ball lands. Of course, that’s only half the story, because the real game is found in the bets.

Inside and outside bets are named after the design of a roulette table. Bets inside the standard grid include single numbers, splits and corners. Bets on columns, colours and groups are outside of this grid. Outside bets are popular because this section of the table allows you to cover more numbers, and therefore you have a better chance of winning.

If you place an outside bet on a colour, for example, you are betting on whether the ball lands in a red or black pocket. Odd/even is a similar bet, but this time you are predicting whether an odd or even number comes in. You could go for a group, such as a specific dozen or an entire column. High/low is also easy to place. You either go for low numbers between one and 18 or highs between 19 and 36.

Inside bets are all made inside the rectangular grid of numbers on the table. You can choose to go straight up and bet on a single number, split your bet between two numbers, or take a whole row or street. Corners are like splits, but you bet on a square of touching numbers instead. Lines are another standard bet. With these, you cover two rows of three, which is why you’ll hear some people call them six-number bets.

What’s the most common roulette betting strategy?

Many people think that the best roulette strategy is Martingale. This involves selecting a bet and then doubling it with every loss and decreasing it with every win. The idea is that losses are regained with every win, as well as a little extra. You can use it with inside or outside bets, and the wager value is up to you – however, starting low is advisable. It’s a simple scheme and popular with players of all levels.

Martingale is not a failsafe way of winning, though, and if things start to go wrong, your losses can mount up. However, if you want a strategy that’s designed to be played out quickly and you’re still learning about the game, Martingale could enhance your experience.

How does the Fibonacci online roulette strategy work?

Fibonacci numbers are a sequence in which the next digit equals the previous two added together. The start of the sequence is 1-1-2-3-5-8, but it can carry on indefinitely. It’s found in various mathematical and scientific equations, as well as in betting. To begin, pick a low Fibonacci number for your bet value and follow the sequence as you go. Only even-money bets are allowed, so go for black/red, odd/even, or any other wager with a 50% chance.

If you win immediately, start again from your original bet. If you win later in the sequence, go back two numbers to find the value of your bet. If you lose, keep going. It’s easy to master, and you can start with very low amounts. The problem is that it’s risky, and any losses will soon mount up.

Using the Parlay roulette betting strategy

In Parlay, you start with a bet of a certain value and a profit you hope to make, and you then keep playing until you reach that amount. Each time you have a win, you bet the total profit with your next wager. If you lose, you go back to your original bet. You don’t have to select certain bets, such as odds or single numbers. Instead, you can bet on any inside or outside section you prefer.

Parlay is a good choice if you want to set a limit and stick with it, whatever the size of your budget. If you’re new to the system, then set a low target as it’s going to be more reachable. This system is pretty cautious, so you’re unlikely to bet too quickly or act extravagantly on the spur of the moment. You’ll have to win frequently for Parlay to be successful though, which can put newcomers off. Parlay does not guarantee a profit, but it’s ideal for confident players who can hang on for potential wins.

How do I find the right roulette betting strategy?

Finding a roulette strategy that works is all about your budget, your level of experience and your understanding of the rules. Not every strategy works for every player – that’s why there are so many!

If you are on a budget, you’ll need to think more carefully about potential losses. To ensure that you can play out your strategy, stick with Parlay, as this makes it easier to set limits.

If you enjoy the challenge of a complex system and are prepared to spend time learning the rules, Fibonacci numbers could be an interesting system for you. Once you are familiar with the sequence and understand the method, you can get the most out of trialling this strategy.

The number of hours you’ve spent at the table can also influence which strategy will work well for you. Some, such as Labouchère, are better for people who know exactly what they can bet on and when to make specific bets. To learn while you play, try a scheme that’s more straightforward, such as Martingale.

What can affect how roulette strategies play out?

The house edge is always present, regardless of the bets you place. Therefore, it will limit the success of your online roulette strategy. Another factor to bear in mind is your style of play. Some roulette strategies are aggressive and demand high-value bets, while others are more modest and allow you to conserve your bankroll. Finally, the type of game, whether it’s fast-paced or slow, and the type of bets it encourages will impact how well you can test out a strategy.

What other roulette betting strategies are worth trying?

Here’s a closer look at some other key roulette strategies:

Labouchère: In this strategy, you choose an amount you would like to win, and then divide that into smaller numbers. Start your betting with one of those – a low one. If you win, move on to the next number. If you lose, go back and start again.

Paroli: With Paroli, you double your bet after a win, until you win three times in a row. Then, you start again from your original stake. You also start from your original stake when you lose.

D’Alembert: This is a gentler version of Martingale. After a win, you add one to the value of your initial bet with every subsequent bet. After a loss, you decrease the value by one.

Finding the right LeoVegas game for your roulette betting strategy

Once you hit on the best roulette betting strategy, head to one of these games to get started:

  • For traditional bets and live chat, get a table at Royal Roulette to try out the Martingale strategy.

  • Practice a range of special bets at Live Roulette Azure, a good place for the Parlay strategy.

  • The relaxed atmosphere of Live VIP Roulette is ideal for experimenting with the Fibonacci strategy.

  • With the game stats on display, Immersive Roulette notes your wins and helps you work on your Paroli strategy.

  • As the focus is on standard bets, Glam Roulette is a good game for the Labouchère strategy.

  • The D’Alembert strategy works using even bets – head to 247 Live Roulette for a classic casino experience and traditional wagers.

Online roulette strategy FAQ

Are betting systems legal in online casinos?

Yes, whatever system you use, you are still playing correctly and there is no cheating involved.

How do I know what numbers have come up previously?

In some games of roulette, the dealer has a display board. They keep this updated with all the previous winning numbers.

Does everyone use one of these roulette strategies?

No, some people believe that there is no roulette strategy that works and they prefer to play by intuition. They would rather guess at the result of each spin than concentrate on following a system. That’s also fine, because as roulette is purely a game of luck, they have just as much chance of winning.