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How to play Dragon Tiger

As online gambling and casino gaming have expanded over the years, players are taking advantage of more and more interesting card and traditional betting games from all over the world. Dragon Tiger, for example, is a traditional Eastern game that has picked up a huge following in the West thanks to its appearance in online casinos and at traditional tables.

If you’re completely new to this card game, it’s always a good idea to learn how to play Dragon Tiger properly before risking any money.

In our guide on how to play Dragon Tiger game, we’ll take you through the basic setup, the aim of the game, and some of the different bets and markets available.

How to play Dragon Tiger: a brief history

Dragon Tiger is a traditional card game that is said to date back many, many years, and was played on the streets in Cambodia. The Eastern influence is already pretty clear – as the game is named after two of the most important symbols in ancient cultures across Asia.

Dragons are seen as immensely powerful and lucky beasts, while Tigers are strong and brave. Like the beasts, the game is fast and fierce, and it has made its way to live casino gaming in the past decade.

If we were to compare Dragon Tiger to any other games, we’d say that it’s similar to baccarat. However, don’t be fooled. Even if you know your way around baccarat, you’re not always guaranteed to be a Dragon Tiger master.

The game also frequently has a low house edge. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s free from risks. As always, bet responsibly – and make sure that you have clear limits on how much you spend in-play.

Dragon Tiger: how to play – the basics

The first and most important thing to know about Dragon Tiger is that you won’t actually be playing.

The actual point of the game is merely to place bets on who, between two imaginary players, will win in a match of random chance. You don’t have to worry about what’s in your hand or any strategy involving calculations.

Dragon Tiger uses a standard 52-card deck, and the cards are dealt out of a standard casino blackjack shoe, which typically holds eight decks.

In each round of Dragon Tiger, only two cards are drawn out – one for each player. This means that one player is the Dragon, and the other is the Tiger.

As the bettor, you place your wager on whether you think that the Dragon or the Tiger will win before the cards are dealt. Once all of the wagers have been placed, the two cards are dealt face up. It’s an instant decision – either the Tiger wins or the Dragon wins – and it’s all down to who has the most valuable card. All you have to do is predict who has the higher-value card.

As you might expect, betting on Dragon Tiger does go a little deeper than simply deciding who has the most valuable hand. There are side bets and markets available in many versions of the game, meaning that it pays to check the fine print and the rules before you start.

Dragon Tiger has become a popular online and live casino game thanks to the social aspect. It’s a game where you and many others are likely to be watching who’s going to come out on top.

Now that you know a little bit about the basics of how to play Dragon Tiger casino game, let’s dive deeper into those card values and other essential tips.

How to play Dragon Tiger casino game

As straightforward as Dragon Tiger might appear, there are still some details about card values that are worth brushing up on before you make any bets.

To start, there are no real players, only the imaginary Dragon and Tiger, each of whom gets a card.

From here, it’s important to know that aces are low in Dragon Tiger, and picture cards are always scored high. For example, if the Dragon scores an ace and the Tiger a queen, the Tiger wins. In fact, drawing an ace is an instant loss, unless the other player draws the same.

The ranking from ace upwards is, as you might expect, on a scale from 2 through to king, with king being the most valuable card in the game.

Payouts in Dragon Tiger are usually balanced at around 1:1, but do check the table or online game you’re playing for the specific returns breakdown.

Of course, as mentioned, there is sometimes a chance that the Dragon and Tiger will tie a match, in which case, you – as the bettor – are still entitled to receive some of your bet back.

Let’s say the Dragon draws the ace of hearts, and the Tiger draws the ace of clubs. There’s no winner here, meaning that the bettor or bettors take away 50% of their initial wagers, and if you place a tie bet, an additional boost (more on that later).

Betting on the Dragon: how to play Dragon Tiger

Betting on the Dragon means that you select the ‘Dragon Bet’. The Dragon carries the exact same odds of winning as the Tiger, so your choice really is down to a matter of taste.

You can expect a 1:1 or even betting return if a Dragon Bet wins. However, you should always avoid following patterns. For example, if the Tiger has won several games in a row, there’s no guarantee that the Dragon will break that cycle at a specific point. It’s all random!

Betting on the Tiger: how to play Dragon Tiger

This is a wager that the Tiger will win the round with the most valuable card, and like the Dragon Bet, it’s usually available at 1:1 or even odds.

Again, there’s nothing really separating the two players other than their names. Avoid following patterns, wins and losses for the sake of it, and set yourself clear limits.

Dragon Tiger side bets: how to play Dragon Tiger game

Let’s briefly look at some extra bets you can place in this quickfire game. To start, you could place a tie bet, which comes with its own specific odds, depending on the betting site. This bet converts when both the Dragon and Tiger have the same card values.

The suited tie bet, meanwhile, is where you predict that the Dragon and Tiger will draw the exact same card (number and suit).

Other side bets to look out for include big/small, where you guess if a card will be worth more or less than seven. In odds/evens bets, you decide whether or not a card will be odd or even, and in red/black bets, you decide what colour the card will be on a specific pile.

How to play Dragon Tiger casino game: FAQs

How many players can play Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is a game designed for two players – ideally, one is the dealer. One player is the Dragon, and the other is the Tiger.

Are there any strategies to Dragon Tiger?

No – Dragon Tiger is a complete game of chance. However, some players try to stick to one side when betting during a session.

How is Dragon Tiger played?

Dragon Tiger uses a shoe of eight decks of 52 cards and deals one card to the Dragon and another to the Tiger. Bettors decide who they think has the highest card. The cards are flipped over, and the most valuable card (using basic suit ranking, with aces low) is the winner.