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F1 Betting Tips 2020

F1 Betting Tips 2020 | LeoVegas | 100% Profit Boost

We adore motor racing here at LeoVegas, and are proud to offer hundreds of markets on Formula 1 throughout the entire season. Make sure to check back here throughout the 2020 campaign for all of the F1 betting tips for each Grand Prix in 2020. Let’s not waste any time in getting right into the UK sports betting action.

2020 F1 Drivers Championship Winner Odds

Throughout the season, we will be updating the latest F1 betting odds for the Drivers Championship. Each race will likely fluctuate things completely, so you can stay on top of the Formula 1 odds in one place, right here. Lewis Hamilton began the season as odds on favourite, but will it be straightforward for him?

DriverConstructorCurrent Odds
Lewis HamiltonMercedes1/50
Max VerstappenRed Bull21/2
Valtteri BottasMercedes20/1
Charles LeclercFerrari300/1
Sebastian VettelFerrari750/1
Lando NorrisMcLaren1500/1
Alex AlbonRed Bull2000/1
Lance StrollRacing Point2000/1
Carlos SainzMcLaren2000/1
Sergio PerezRacing Point2000/1
Pierre GaslyAlpha Tauri3000/1
Daniel RicciardoRenault4000/1
Daniil KvyatAlpha Tauri5000/1
Esteban OconRenault5000/1
Kimi RaikkonenAlfa Romeo6000/1
Antonio GiovinazziAlfa Romeo6000/1
Romain GrosjeanHaas6000/1
Kevin MagnussenHaas6000/1
George RussellWilliams6000/1
Nicolas LatifiWilliams8000/1

Odds updated: 4th September

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LeoVegas’ 2020 F1 Betting Tips

Italian Grand Prix 2020 Tips - Round Eight

The eighth round of the 2020 season takes us to Italy, the home of the legendary Ferrari team. They’ve had a huge amount of success here over the years too, with their latest win coming just last year. However, things are expected to go very differently for the famous red cars this weekend, as 2020 has turned out to be a nightmare season for them.

In a strange turn of events, the entire team are probably happy that they won’t have to face the traditional Tifosi, the passionate Italian Ferrari fans (although they certainly wouldn’t admit that openly). Things just seem to keep getting worse for both Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel, with both men finishing outside the points at Spa last weekend.

In terms of who is expected to claim a victory, if we’re being totally honest, this season has been a dud so far in terms of entertainment for the fans. On the whole, fans like to see competitive action and with Mercedes so far ahead of everyone else it has become a bit too boring. We’re all hoping that an FIA ban on what are described as ‘party modes’ will make things a bit more competitive at least. Some suggest it will make no difference, but we will have to wait and see.

Elsewhere, it was announced this week that the Williams family will officially be leaving the team after it was sold to the US investment group Dorilton Capital. Sir Frank Williams first set up the team back in 1977, winning nine constructors’ championships. Both Frank and his daughter Claire, the Deputy Team Principal, will move on from the sport. It remains to be seen how this will affect Williams Racing on the track.

Round Seven’s Belgian Grand Prix Podium:

Lewis Hamilton1
Valtteri Bottas2
Max Verstappen3

Race Day Tips: Italian Grand Prix

Race Winner

At this stage of the season, it has become abundantly clear that backing anyone other than Lewis Hamilton to win a Grand Prix is a huge risk. The Brit has just been so dominant that it’s hard to see anyone even coming close to beating him. Although our tip is for Hamilton to once again reach the chequered flag first, the value is likely once again elsewhere. Don’t be fooled by the Ferrari history and success in Italy, this is a much different team to years gone by. They’re simply just not good enough.

Hamilton To Win: 1/2


Following on from our previous point regarding Lewis Hamilton’s dominance, the issue for the Podium betting market is that Valtteri Bottas and Max Verstappen are comfortably clear as the 2nd and third best on the grid. As mentioned previously, this has unfortunately been one of the worst seasons for entertainment in the history of F1, and as such the fans are suffering. The likelihood is that for someone different to find themselves on the podium, one of the big three would have to suffer a mechanical failure or make a huge mistake. We believe that if that were to happen, the much improved Renault of Daniel Ricciardo may be best positioned to take advantage. If so, the tattoo for Renault Team Principal Cyril Abiteboul may well come to fruition, courtesy of an earlier bet.

Ricciardo Podium: 13/5

One To Watch

Esteban Ocon

As mentioned, Renault have really turned things around for themselves in the last few races. Ocon claimed a brilliant 5th placed finish in Belgium, passing Alexander Albon very close to the end. If the car still has the pace here and even more improvements are made, both Renault drivers could be fighting towards the front once again.

Race Winner Odds: 30/1

Podium Odds: 22/5

Current F1 2020 Driver Standings


Previous Tips

Belgian Grand Prix 2020 Tips - Round Seven

This weekend we head to Spa-Francorchamps for the Belgian Grand Prix, a race that has an extremely rich history. This will be the 53rd iteration of this particular F1 race, with the first official F1 race going back to 1950, which was won by Argentina’s Juan Manuel Fangio in the Alfa Romeo. It would be a shock of monumental proportions if an Alfa Romeo car was anywhere near the front this time around, which shows how times can change.

It’s all about the Mercedes cars these days, with Lewis Hamilton in particular dominating the Drivers Championship. He now leads his nearest challenger by 37 points after just six rounds of racing. It’s truly remarkable to see a car that is just so far clear of the other nine teams and although it’s not great for spectating fans, it’s certainly great for the winning team.

The lead at the top was extended with Hamilton’s fourth win out of six in Spain two weeks ago, as he absolutely dominated from start to finish. The Brit started on pole and lead in each and every lap, eventually finishing 24.177 seconds ahead of Max Verstappen in 2nd. His Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas was +44.732 seconds behind, a huge gap all things considered.

Spa is a very interesting track, making up the longest lap of the season and is actually one of the fastest laps too. The last two years were dominated by Ferrari, with a Sebastian Vettel win in 2018 followed by victory for Charles Leclerc last year. Lewis Hamilton has won three times here in 2010, 2015 and 2017 and is now only three wins short of Michael Schumacher’s overall record of 91 Grand Prix wins. It would not be a surprise at all to see him move one closer here.

Round Six’s Spanish Grand Prix Podium:

Lewis Hamilton1
Max Verstappen2
Valtteri Bottas3

Qualifying Tips: Belgian Grand Prix (Round Seven)

Charles Leclerc claimed pole at Spa last year but it goes without saying at this point that the 2020 Ferrari car just is not anywhere near quick enough to compete. Therefore, other than Max Verstappen who is an outside shot, we have to look at the two Mercedes to decided on which will take pole. Due to the fact that Lewis Hamilton is at odds of 4/9 to claim pole position, we believe that Valtteri Bottas provides the best value at 9/4, due to how close the two Mercedes cars have been on Saturdays.

Bottas Pole: 9/4

Race Day Tips: Spanish Grand Prix

Race Winner

We’re not going to spend too much time discussing potential race winners, as odd as it sounds. Ask any F1 fan where the interest and intrigue is in the 2020 season and they’re likely to tell you it’s the midfield battle. Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have simply been far too dominant so far and in all honesty, this has made things pretty boring. We fully expect him to win yet again, even if Bottas does get pole. The Brit is simply a better race driver, and the Finn has lost places in multiple Grand Prix’s so far.

Hamilton To Win: 13/25


Racing Point have a fantastic car in 2020, whether it was put together legitimately or not. They’ve had the points deduction for their brake ducts and are looking to move on, even though other sides are fighting for a harsher punishment. In Spain, Lance Stroll crossed the line in 4th place and, although he has his critics, is well capable of finishing on the podium. All it takes is one of the big three to make a mistake or have a mechanical fault and the Canadian could grab his share of the celebratory champagne.

Stroll Podium: 4/1

One To Watch

Charles Leclerc

As mentioned, the Monegasque driver started on pole and went on to win this Grand Prix in 2019 so he will want to have a good performance here. He’s actually been outperforming the poor car he’s in and could pull off a surprise by landing a podium place.

Race Winner Odds: 34/1

Podium Odds: 22/5

At The Time F1 2020 Driver Standings


Spanish Grand Prix 2020 Tips - Round Six

Back to back races means a feast of Formula 1 for the fans, and for Round Six we’re heading to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya for the Spanish Grand Prix. In all honesty, we’d be lying if we said there was a lot of suspense in the Driver’s Championship race, as Lewis Hamilton is 30 points ahead already and is a big favourite in the F1 betting odds.

That being said, his lead was actually cut last week as he and the entire Mercedes team were shocked by Red Bull and Max Verstappen at Silverstone for the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix. The Dutchman climbed from 4th on the grid to win the race and overtake both Mercedes cars due to a much better strategy, starting with the harder tyres. This meant he was slower in qualifying, but was better set for the 52 laps on Sunday.

It was the tyre situation that was absolutely crucial for a second week in a row, as both Hamilton and Bottas seemed to struggle in taking care of their tyres. It has left two main questions surrounding the previously unbeatable Mercedes: is the car simply too quick for the tyres to handle and do they struggle overall in the heat? Hamilton seemed shocked at the end when he realised Red Bull weren’t having the same tyre struggles that they were.

Verstappen winning the race was a big shock, even to the man himself. As mentioned, before this result it really did seem like beating the Mercedes may have been impossible. F1 fans will be delighted to see that there is a challenger that can go after them in the right conditions, in order to provide a bit more entertainment.

As we head to Spain, there are a few talking points to watch out for. Carlos Sainz returns to his home country looking to turn his form around, while Sergio Perez returns to the track after missing two races.

Last week’s 70th Anniversary Grand Prix Podium (Round Five):

Max Verstappen1
Lewis Hamilton2
Valtteri Bottas3

Qualifying Tips: Spanish Grand Prix (Round Six)

There’s always a lot to consider when trying to predict who will come out on top in qualifying. One thing that is very clear though is that over one lap of any track, the Mercedes are way too fast for the nine other teams on the track. Therefore, it only makes sense to predict one of the two Mercedes drivers to take pole position. In this case, we believe that the most value comes in the form of Valtteri Bottas, who not only beat his teammate to pole last week but also sat on pole at last year’s Spanish Grand Prix.

Bottas Pole: 33/20

Race Day Tips: Spanish Grand Prix

Race Winner

The issue that Bottas had on Sunday last week was not only that his tyres were not ideal for the situation in the heat, but he was also far from happy at the strategy that his team had put him on compared to Hamilton. After the race, the Finn could not hide his disappointment as he said “as a team we were sleeping at some points, Red Bull’s strategy was far better and we have to look at this.” They may not admit it, but it seems as if the Mercedes team will always prioritise a top strategy for Hamilton, and in a race situation he’s simply just faster than his teammate.

Hamilton To Win: 3/5


When there are three drivers that are clearly above the rest, it can become quite tough to find value in podium betting. That being said, we do think that the man with the most motivation to succeed will come in the form of Sergio Perez. The Racing Point driver is back in his seat after a negative test and comes back in for temporary replacement Nico Hulkenberg. Since ‘Checo’ last raced, Racing Point have been hit by a 15 point deduction in the Constructors’ Championship, so the Mexican will be looking to claw back as many points as he can as quickly as possible. We know the car is good, and Perez is an excellent driver that’s well capable of finishing in the top three.

Perez Podium: 4/1

One To Watch

Carlos Sainz

Look out for McLaren’s Carlos Sainz, who has not had a great season by his own standards, but you can never underestimate a driver in their home Grand Prix.

Race Winner Odds: 40/1

Podium Odds: 12/1

At The Time F1 2020 Driver Standings


70th Anniversary Grand Prix 2020 Tips - Round Five

Having seen the British Grand Prix come and go last week, Formula 1 bosses needed to find an alternative name for this race, in order to differentiate it from last week’s event at the same track. It’s good timing to celebrate the 70th anniversary of F1 then, meaning the race will be a celebration of the success of the sport.

Where better to have this anniversary race than one of the hubs of F1: Silverstone. After the first four weeks of the extremely unique 2020 season, it is Lewis Hamilton that is dominating the Driver’s Championship, with a 30 point lead over his Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas already.

This comes mostly in part to the incredible end to the British Grand Prix last week, as tyres seemed to go into business for themselves with just a few laps to go. Bottas suffered heavily, as a puncture with four laps to go saw him drop from 2nd to 11th and completely out of the points. Almost unbelievably, Hamilton also saw his own tyre essentially explode with a lap to go. The Brit finished the race with 3 wheels and crawled over the line to win.

The most interesting aspect of this finish was Red Bull Racing’s part in it. The team called Max Verstappen in to pit for new tyres in order to go for the extra point for the fastest lap. However, it was soon after that the Mercedes issues would arise and although there was no way to foresee what was to come, Red Bull and Verstappen must still be kicking themselves. He would have almost certainly passed Hamilton to win had that pit stop not occurred.

Elsewhere, other teams had their issues too. McClaren suffered from the tyre issues too, as Carlos Sainz dropped from 4th to 13th. Racing Point had a surprisingly disappointing week too, as stand-in driver Nico Hulkenberg had an issue with the car that meant he didn’t even get out of the garage for the race. Lance Stroll also dropped a few places to 9th by the time the chequered flag came around. Breaking news on Friday also saw Racing Point hit with a 15 point penalty and a €400,000 fine, which is a huge blow to their season. This was, of course, in relation to the complaint from the Renault team in relation to the RP car.

This week, Pirelli have ensured that their tyre issue won’t happen again but the big question is: can anyone challenge the dominance of Mercedes?

Last week’s British Grand Prix Podium (Round Four):

Lewis Hamilton1
Max Verstappen2
Charles Leclerc3

Qualifying Tips: 70th Anniversary Grand Prix

Qualifying against this unbelievable Mercedes car is always a difficult task, so we wouldn’t want to be in one of the other 18 cars for this one. It’s extremely tough to look past yet another pole position for Lewis Hamilton, and being on the same track as last week in his home country, we’re going for an unsurprising Hamilton pole.

Hamilton Pole: 3/10

As Mercedes are so dominant, the top 3 qualifying market becomes a lot more appealing and can help provide more betting value. Though Max Verstappen is a very good option at 11/50 to qualify in the top 3, we are backing Racing Point to bounce back from their disappointment last week. We know that the car is more than good enough, so a flying lap for Lance Stroll is certainly not out of the question.

Stroll Top 3 Qualifying: 29/20

Race Day Tips: 70th Anniversary Grand Prix

Race Winner

It would not make sense for us to back Lewis Hamilton to qualify on pole and then predict someone else to win the race, so we’re going for the Brit to win yet another race at the Silverstone track. It is extremely rare for the Mercedes man to not win when he’s on pole, so we’re predicting yet another fantastic weekend for perhaps the most dominant team F1 has ever seen.

Hamilton To Win: 2/5


After a successful podium finish last week, can Charles Leclerc and Ferrari claw back some of the credibility they have undoubtedly lost at the beginning of this season? It’ll be a tough ask to finish in the top 3 once again, but it was actually the Ferrari car that was one of the most reliable on the track last week, with teams such as Mercedes, McClaren and Racing Point having problems. Leclerc is head and shoulders above his teammate Sebastian Vettel at the moment, and a podium finish at odds F1 betting odds of 18/5 could offer some good value.

Leclerc Podium: 18/5

One To Watch

Nico Hulkenberg

Race Winner Odds: 45/1

Podium Odds: 12/1

At The Time F1 2020 Driver Standings


Hungarian Grand Prix 2020 Tips - Round Three

The races are coming thick and fast, with Mercedes taking control of the Drivers and Constructors Championships. It’s still very early days, but their domination once again is scary. The Styrian Grand Prix in Round Two was all action with the main talking point once again coming out of the Ferrari garage, as both cars had to retire from the race after an early crash. Charles Leclerc took responsibility, but it is becoming a much too regular occurrence.

While they crashed out, it was Lewis Hamilton who eased to victory from pole position ahead of his teammate Valtteri Bottas. It’s not new information that Mercedes have the best car, so to have a chance against them on race day you really need to qualify ahead of them both. After a DNF last week, it was Red Bull’s Max Verstappen who took the final podium place.

Our One To Watch for last week was Sergio Perez, who had a bit of a nightmare in the soaking wet qualifying, starting the race way down in 17th. The Ferrari crash got in his way on the first lap, essentially putting him to the back of the pack. This makes it even more incredible then that he climbed the field and ended up finishing 6th. He won Driver of the Day and can consider himself unlucky not to have been higher.

There is already some talk after this weekend that Alex Albon isn’t doing enough in the highly sought after secondary Red Bull seat. He was quite lucky not to lose out on his 4th position to Perez in the Racing Point. The Mexican made a move close to the end and accidentally damaged his own front wing, leaving Albon to coast to 4th unchallenged. It’ll be interesting to see how the Thai-British driver responds in Hungary. As we saw with Pierre Gasly last year, Red Bull are not scared to replace their drivers if they are not performing.

As is always the case with F1, many of the big stories come off the track, with Renault putting in an official complaint about the Racing Point car, which has vastly outperformed them. We’re keeping an eye on how this one plays out.

Last week’s Styrian Grand Prix Podium (Round Two):

Lewis Hamilton1
Valtteri Bottas2
Max Verstappen3

Qualifying Tips: Hungarian Grand Prix

Valtteri Bottas (37/20) qualified ahead of Lewis Hamilton last year at the Hungarian Grand Prix and is well capable of doing so yet again. The Finn has a lot of motivation to claim pole this time around, as he leads the Brit by 6 points in the Drivers Championship. He’s well aware that he needs to start on pole if he’s going to win his second race of the 2020 season, as the odds of starting behind Hamilton (17/20) and finishing ahead of him are extremely slim. It would be quite a big surprise if anyone other than Mercedes was pole, even though Max Verstappen (5/1) achieved this last year.

Race Day Tips: Hungarian Grand Prix

Race Winner

Since we have gone for Bottas to claim pole position in Saturday’s qualifying, it makes sense for us to also go for the Finn to take the chequered flag on Sunday. In Friday’s practice sessions, Bottas did well in both and was second fastest on both occasions. These were in very different conditions too, as it was mostly dry in FP1 and then the rain fell in FP2. He’s looking strong and, of course, is in one of the two best cars by quite some distance.

Last year’s Hungarian Grand Prix Podium:

Lewis Hamilton1
Max Verstappen2
Sebastian Vettel3

One To Watch

Lance Stroll

Race Winner Odds: 30/1

Podium Odds: 5/1

At The Time F1 2020 Driver Standings


Styrian Grand Prix 2020 Tips (Austria) - Round Two

It was certainly an eventful return to Formula 1 last week after a large period of time out of the limelight. With their sleek new paint job on the ever reliable car, it was Mercedes that were celebrating yet another Grand Prix victory but it was not officially the 1-2 that they were looking for. After securing pole position in excellent fashion, it was Valtteri Bottas that claimed the victory on race day too. He led from start to finish and crossed the line 0.6 seconds ahead of his teammate Lewis Hamilton.

That far from tells the whole story though, as Hamilton was given a five second penalty late in the race after colliding with Red Bull’s Alex Albon, an incident eerily similar to the one that the two had in Brazil last year. Although there were big question marks over the car after qualifying, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc took second place, while there was a huge result for McLaren, as young British driver Lando Norris took his first ever podium in third. The penalty saw Hamilton take fourth.

Last week’s Austrian Grand Prix Podium (Round One):

Valtteri Bottas1
Charles Leclerc2
Lando Norris3

Qualifying Tips: Styrian Grand Prix

In terms of this week’s action, although it has a slightly different name, we are back on the same track once again. It’s the Red Bull Ring in Speilberg and we can delve into what happened last week to give us an inkling on what to expect this time around. After taking a risk and backing Leclerc last week, it became evident rather quickly that Ferrari were well off the pace in qualifying, with his teammate Vettel not even making it to Q3. This time around we’re going a lot safer, in saying that Lewis Hamilton will get the better of his teammate Valtteri Bottas in our ‘Best Finishing Position’ market. You can back which member of each team you think will qualify higher on the grid, an interesting change from just backing who you think will be on pole.

Best Finishing Position - Hamilton vs Bottas

Tip - Hamilton: 13/25

Race Day Tips: Styrian Grand Prix

Race Winner

We’re going for the favourite this week in our Race Winner tip, and for good reason. Lewis Hamilton (9/10) has an incredible winning mentality, and completely missing out on a podium last week due to an individual mistake will not sit right with him. Plus, we all know how the setup at the Mercedes team works, and with Bottas winning last week it’s very likely to be Hamilton’s turn to get the focus this time around, so that the team can try and monopolise the Drivers Championship race, even at this early stage of the season. Our tip is that Hamilton will up his game and win the race fair and square, but we would not be surprised if the Finn heard “Valtteri, it’s James” through his headset at some point.

Tip - Hamilton: 9/10


After being essentially robbed of what would have been a certain podium by Lewis Hamilton for the second time in his career, Alex Albon is our tip to finish on the podium here at odds of 13/5. The young Thai-British driver certainly has the car for success and will be out to prove a point for a number of reasons. Firstly, of course, is the fact that he should have been standing on the podium at the very same track just last week, but there is also the fact that former world champion Sebastian Vettel stated that he would be interested in a seat at Red Bull Racing for the 2021 season if they were to offer him something. It goes without saying that if that were the case, it would be Albon and not Verstappen’s seat that would be in danger.

Tip - Albon: 13/5

One To Watch

Sergio Perez

Race Winner Odds: 30/1

Podium Odds: 5/1

What in some quarters has been called “the Pink Mercedes”, there were many signs last week that the new Racing Point car might be the real deal. It’s clear that Sergio Perez is stronger than his teammate Lance Stroll, and a 6th place finish (and 6th in qualifying) for the Mexican last week is a good start. On his day, Perez can certainly attack the field and with question marks surrounding other cars (mainly Ferrari), this could be a good time for him to sneak onto the podium once again as an outside option, which would be his first top three finish since 2018.

Austrian Grand Prix 2020 Tips - Round One

Circumstances are obviously very different for the return of Formula 1. We’re starting in Austria rather than its similar namesake of Australia, and we will be going back to back at the same track for Rounds 1 and 2. It makes sense to begin in Austria, at a rural site that is actually owned by Red Bull. This is the first of an initial 10 Grand Prix’s in the space of 10 weeks, which is an unusually intense schedule for an F1 season. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how all of the drivers and teams cope.

Last year’s Austrian Grand Prix Podium:

Max Verstappen1
Charles Leclerc2
Valtteri Bottas3

On Red Bull’s home track, Max Verstappen has won the last two years in a row. It must be good for him to see the schedule then, with the first two races both at this venue. Lewis Hamilton finished in 5th last year, and will need to ensure that he puts in a better performance this time around. Here are the tips for both Qualifying and the Race itself.


We believe that the driver that provides the best value to be fastest in Saturday’s qualifying is Ferrari's Charles Leclerc. He has done well at this track before and not only finished on Pole last year, but was the fastest car in Q2 and Q3. When he has the open track to attack, the Monegasque man is a real threat. Ferrari need to make an early statement too, in order to try and put the frights on the other big two sides.

Tip - Leclerc on Pole: 6/1

Race Day

As mentioned, Max Verstappen is lethal on Red Bull’s home track and thus, it should be no surprise to see that he starts as the F1 betting favourite at 7/4. However, Lewis Hamilton can never truly be ruled out. Second favourite at 2/1, Mercedes will feel as if it’s hugely important to start the shorter season well. We feel as if it’ll be close between the two in the first Grand Prix, but the Dutchman is just so good in Austria that it’s difficult to look past him.

Tip - Verstappen To Win: 7/4

Outright F1 Tips for 2020

We’re going to take a look at some of the big outright markets that are available to bet on in F1. Please note that these tips were provided before the first race of the season got underway.

Drivers Championship Tips

It’s always difficult to look past Lewis Hamilton when considering who to back for the F1 Drivers Championship. The Brit has won five of the last six individual titles, only losing out narrowly in a fiery contest with teammate Nico Rosberg in 2016. It’s obvious to all that Mercedes have had the best car for a number of years, but it goes without saying that this is no ordinary year. Pre-season odds of 3/5 don’t provide immense value, but he and his team are extremely reliable.

The F1 odds suggest that Red Bull’s young hope Max Verstappen will be the closest challenger, and it is easy to see why. There have been noises from the camp that suggest the car may be able to compete with Mercedes this time around. Verstappen is 7/2 before the first flag and he’s actually our tip to go all the way and claim the title.

Tip - Max Verstappen: 7/2

Other drivers that are expected to be towards the top of the points include Lewis Hamilton’s teammate Valtteri Bottas. He’s actually the third favourite in the F1 betting at 23/4, but it will be very difficult for him to go all the way as he’ll always be playing second fiddle to Hamilton. We’d probably avoid backing the Finn in this market.

Then are the two Ferrari’s, Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel. As there seems to be every year, there are questions surrounding the car once again, but a lot of this could just be hearsay. The truth is, we’re not going to know how competitive Ferrari are on the whole until the cars are out on the track in a racing environment.

Alex Albon is 28/1 and does have the car to compete, but he’ll be hamstrung in the same way that Bottas will be: his teammate is simply more important and F1 is all a big political game. Racing Point, Renault and McLaren each have a driver at 40/1 to win the title in the form of Sergio Perez, Daniel Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz respectively. It would be a major shock for any of these to sustain a challenge throughout the whole season, but stranger things have happened.

Constructors Championship Tips

Mercedes have won the last six Constructors Championships and it would be a major shock for any other side to dethrone them this time. The sleak jet-black paint job that the car has had makes it look like something Darth Vader would drive if he was to make the jump to F1, and it seems like the Mercedes team enjoy their role as the big bad empire. They are at current odds of 2/15 to win their 7th Constructors Championship in a row and we're very much backing them to do so again, as the combo of Hamilton and Bottas is simply too strong. Red Bull are likely to be the closest challengers and are odds of 17/2, while Ferrari and the big questions over their car are 12/1. McLaren are backed to be the 'best of the rest' again at 30/1, but could well end up in the top three.

Tip - Mercedes: 2/15

Each Constructor’s F1 Driver Lineups For 2020

We’ve mentioned them in the table of odds above, but let’s take a closer look at the lineups for each team, which have mostly stayed the same since the 2019 season. It’s next season in 2021 where things are already confirmed to be changing massively, such as this being the last season’s for Vettel at Ferrari, Ricciardo at Renault and Sainz at McLaren.

There have only actually been two changes from how things ended in Abu Dhabi at the end of 2019. The most notable change is that of Esteban Ocon returning to F1 after time as a Mercedes reserve driver, stepping into the Renault paddock to replace Nico Hulkenberg, who has lost his seat in Formula 1 entirely.

The other change comes at Williams, who are looking to bounce back from a failed season of epic proportions. They were so far off the pace and the car was simply nowhere near good enough, even with the talented George Russell behind the wheel. The young Brit stays, and will now be partnered by Nicolas Latifi instead.

Alex Albon and Pierre Gasly swapped places midway through last season, and Albon now remains as Red Bull’s number two to partner Max Verstappen while Gasly looks to make a splash again at the newly renamed Alpha Tauri, formerly Toro Rosso.

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2020 F1 Grand Prix Calendar

Round 1: Austria - 3-5 July

Round 2: Austria - 10-12 July

Round 3: Hungary - 17-19 July

Round 4: Great Britain - 31 July-2 August

Round 5: Great Britain - 7-9 August

Round 6: Spain - 14-16 August

Round 7: Belgium - 28-30 August

Round 8: Italy - 4-6 September

Round 9: Italy - 11-13 September

Round 10: Russia - 25-27 September

Round 11: Germany 9-11 October

Round 12: Portugal 23-25 October

Round 13: Italy 31-01 October-November

In between the early races, there is also plenty of football taking place around the UK and Europe, and you can check out our Premier League betting tips and odds too.

F1 Betting FAQs

Can you bet on Formula 1?

Yes, you can bet on F1 here in the UK at LeoVegas. Simply head to our betting pages to see the full list of Formula 1 betting markets.

Bet On F1

How do you bet on a winner in F1?

You can bet on a race winner by choosing that relevant market on the sportsbook. Simply click on the selection you wish to back, which would then add it to your betslip. Then, choose your stake and click Place Bet.

What is an Each Way bet in F1?

An Each Way bet in Formula 1 is essentially two separate bets: one for the driver to win, the other for the driver to place in any of the place positions offered in that race, which at LeoVegas we pay 3 places. This means you can receive a return on your bet if your driver wins, but also if they place on the podium.

Why is F1 betting suspended?

If you are betting in-play on Formula 1, there may be occasions where the betting is suspended. This is likely to be when something major occurs in the race, and the odds are being adjusted accordingly. The betting odds will likely be available again very soon after.

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*all odds correct at the time of writing and are subject to change

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