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Win Both Ways Slots Guide

If you thought that all slot games followed the same left-to-right payline rules, then think again! There are plenty of games out there that play things a little differently – and in this guide, we’re going to look at Win Both Ways slots.

Win Both Ways slot games might look the same as any other video slot titles, but there are a few clever twists with the mechanics. In fact, if you browse the online slots page, you’ll find more than a few games that offer this twist.

These games are popular with players looking for more than just the basic slot machine experience. Forget everything you thought you knew about paylines and read on to learn what makes these slots such game changers – literally – and which games and developers we recommend here at LeoVegas.

What are Win Both Ways slots?

What are Win Both Ways slots? As the name suggests, they are games that let you make winning lines from either end of the slot machine’s grid.

When compared to a traditional slot game, they will have a set number of paylines based on the assumption that you’re playing from left to right. When you play a Win Both Ways game, however, you’re also playing from right to left.

How do you win at Win Both Ways slots?

Most Win Both Ways slot games still have paylines – but they pay out in both directions. For example, in a traditional slot game, if you line up three winning symbols in reels 3, 4 and 5, they won’t pay out.

In a Win Both Ways slot game, however, you can win in this direction just as you would from the left. When you line up five symbols across the whole grid, there’s a chance that you could win double the prize, as some games let you claim prizes from both directions.

In some cases, you can only win both ways on a slot game if it’s part of a feature or a random bonus event. There is also the option of adding wild symbols into the mix, which replace traditional symbols on paylines to create wins, which could increase your chances of winning on a pay-both-ways basis.

When you play a Win Both Ways slot, however, it’s always worth looking carefully at the paytable so that you know what to expect.

What makes Win Both Ways slots different from other games?

Win Both Ways slots throw the traditional idea of left-to-right wins being the norm out of the window. In these games, provided that you have a winning line of symbols that start at either side of the play grid, you can win a prize.

These games, therefore tend to be perceived as more volatile, or at least more likely to generate smaller wins than others. However, this is not always the case. It’s worth looking at the volatility stats for these games before you get started to avoid confusion.

As always, play responsibly! Just because a Win Both Ways slot game suggests that you have two ways to win prizes, it doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to come away a winner.

Many people like playing Win Both Ways games because they go against tradition. They’re simpler to play than cluster pays slots, but they tend to have more features than the average slot game.

In some cases, you might find that Win Both Ways slot games forego a bonus round or special feature because of this twist. In this case, it’s worth comparing different games and developers if you’d still prefer to play for a bonus feature. It’s not a given, however, as there are some titles that balance both!

In any case, you’ll find a mix of the best traditional and Win Both Ways slot games in the popular slots section, where we bring together a broad variety of top slots and titles for you to try. We’re always updating our catalogue with Win Both Ways slot game developers.

What are some of the best Win Both Ways slots?

Many slot players have heard of Starburst, NetEnt’s simple yet elegant Win Both Ways slot. While Starburst might have simplistic gameplay, its both ways payouts are part of what has kept the game enduring for all these years – NetEnt really is a leader in the development of cutting-edge slots.

Keeping in with the star theme, Star Staxx is another intergalactic slot title that shoots into the stratosphere with line wins that pay both ways. Stakelogic’s title offers 20 paylines but double the win opportunities as you can take advantage of them from both ends of the slot grid.

Quickspin isn’t one to be outdone in this department, however, and the developer’s Arcane Gems offers further both ways action in the LeoVegas slots lineup. There are nine paylines in this slot.

What games developers produce Win Both Ways slots?

As mentioned, top slot game developers such as NetEnt, Quickspin and Stakelogic have all developed slots with Win Both Ways mechanics.

However, other popular studios – such as Microgaming – have got into the multidirectional action with a handful of games. Given Microgaming’s experience in the industry and its status as one of the best-trusted brands in iGaming, it’s hardly surprising that some of its titles look beyond the traditional slot machine standards.

Win Both Ways slots FAQs

If you’re new to the idea of Win Both Ways slot games, here are a few more points to consider while searching for slots in the LeoVegas catalogue.

Is there a trick to winning Win Both Ways slots?

No – there are no winning strategies for playing Win Both Ways slots. These games are completely random, meaning that there are no methods you can use to win more. All of the games provided at LeoVegas are proven fair and are completely random. We work with leading developers that build games that could trigger prizes large and small at any time.

What’s the most popular Win Both Ways slots game?

The most popular Win Both Ways slot game is arguably NetEnt’s Starburst, which is such a trailblazer that several studios have followed its lead with gem-themed games and Win Both Ways mechanics! Starburst is popular because there are no complex features, but plenty of chances to win.

Are Win Both Ways slots luck or skill-based?

Ultimately, Win Both Ways slot games are based on luck, as the chances of you winning prizes are completely random. However, some players vary factors such as setting certain bet amounts and changing the number of paylines that are playable. Remember, never chase a win – if you’ve lost a few games, stop playing. It’s completely random – play responsibly!