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What is Slingo and how do you play it?

When American property entrepreneur Sal Falciglia came up with the idea for a game that combined elements of slots and bingo, he probably had no idea of what a roaring success his invention would become.

However, the fruits of his labour – a hybrid game he called ‘Slingo’ – has become a mainstay of online casino gaming around the world. Even some of the most popular slot brands, such as Rainbow Riches, have climbed on board with the Slingo revolution.

So, what is Slingo, how do you play it, and where can you find the best Slingo games? All of these questions, and more, will be answered in this beginner’s guide to Slingo.

How to play Slingo slots

When you fire up a game such as Slingo Big Wheel, you will be met with action that feels somehow unique and familiar at the same time.

Slingo combines elements of both traditional slots gaming and online bingo. You spin your reels to reveal a set of numbers, and if these appear on your bingo card, they are crossed off.

As is the case in bingo halls up and down the land, the object is to create specific patterns on your gamecard to win – it could be a line (vertical, horizontal, diagonal), a unique pattern or, of course, the king of them all: the full house.

Slingo slots feature real-cash prizes when you complete the pattern with spins to spare. Some Slingo games also offer special features and bonus rounds – more on those shortly.

Playing Slingo: slots and bingo combined

Rather than a caller bellowing out ‘legs 11’ and the like, the numbers in Slingo Games UK are delivered by your slot reels instead.

So, you can see why lovers of both slot gaming and online bingo have adopted Slingo as their new favourite game, with dozens of different versions available to play.

Slingo UK has a legion of fans who have embraced the speed and simplicity of the gameplay. You can set it so that your numbers are automatically daubed on your card when they appear, which means that you can sit back, safe in the knowledge that you won’t miss a number that could prove the difference as to whether you win or not.

The smooth gameplay of Slingo Lucky Streak and similar titles helps to explain why Slingo has become the go-to game type for many online casino aficionados.

Bet types and bonuses in Slingo UK

As with traditional slots and online bingo games, you decide how you want to play Slingo.

Once you have decided which game you want to play, you will see your game card appear on the screen with your numbers printed on it. Hit the ‘Spin’ button to send the reels into motion, with the number of spins you have determined by the game type you have selected.

The object when playing Slingo is to match the various patterns and lines on your game card within your allotted spins, with the prizes published within each game’s paytable. You can see this by clicking the ‘i’ button in the game’s controls.

Typically, you climb a payout ladder when you complete a line/pattern, with the ability to connect multiple wins if you can complete a minimum number of lines within your allotted spins. Complete the maximum number of lines, and you will walk away with that Slingo’s top prize!

Many Slingo games also feature special symbols. Icons such as diamonds and stars can add free spins to your tally or add multipliers to your potential prizes, while the joker symbol – in numerous different Slingo games – will act as a wild, enabling you to cross off a number instead.

What is the best Slingo game?

If you asked 100 people to name their favourite slot game, you might get 100 different answers – everybody has different tastes and preferred themes.

The same is true with Slingo, where there are a number of different titles vying for the best Slingo game accolade.

Certainly, one of the most popular titles with players is Slingo Rainbow Riches, which uses the same theme and in-game characteristics as the slot of the same name. This Celtic-themed Slingo title delivers super-smooth gameplay and a stack of bonus rounds – from the Wishing Well bonus game to the Pots of Gold special feature.

The Slingo Originals collection is a library of games made by the founding company behind this unique game type. Many of these are also in the conversation to be crowned the best Slingo game, with Slingo Reel Extreme and Red Hot Slingo very much in the mix.

What are the different themes in Slingo Games UK?

From Celtic charm and treasure hunts to big wheels and sporting action, Slingo games use similar themes to those you might already be familiar with from slot gaming.

Slingo Stampede is set in the African savanna, where various wild animals can appear on screen to add to the drama. Slingo Racing and Slingoooal are sports based, with goals making prizes in the football theme of the latter.

Of course, there’s room for the luck of the Irish in Slingo – be it the leprechauns of Slingo Rainbow Riches or the four-leaf clover hunt of Slingo Lucky Streak.

Where to play Slingo Slots in the UK?

You can explore the sizable collection of Slingo games available right here at LeoVegas.

You can check our Top Games selection to see the 100 hottest titles available to play right now – which Slingo games will feature in our rundown? Our Newest Games tab also brings together the finest releases hot off the press, ensuring that you don’t miss out on new Slingo games when they become available.

From classic Slingo games released by the best slot developers to the Slingo Originals series, if you want to start your Slingo journey, you’ll find no better place to get up and running.