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Rugby Union Betting

If you’re wondering how to bet on rugby games, you’ve come to the right place, as here at LeoVegas we offer some of the best rugby union betting markets. So if you’re looking to place a bet on one of your favourite teams, the most-prolific rugby matches, or the biggest rugby union competitions in the world, we’ve got you covered. We even offer rugby betting tips on some of the major events.

So, what exactly can you place a rugby bet on?

Here at LeoVegas, we offer a wide range of sports betting markets when it comes to rugby. You can bet on the total number of tries to be scored in a match for example, or the margin of victory. You’ll also have access to more traditional rugby bets, such as outright winners of matches or tournaments.

If you’re watching a game of rugby league or rugby union, you can even take advantage of our in-play rugby betting markets. These will update as the game wears on, so if you have an inkling about who will score the next try, you can place a bet while you watch the game.

International Rugby Union Odds

It’s not just all about domestic competitions, as we also offer rugby union betting on the likes of the Six Nations Championship and Rugby World Cup. If you have a feeling that one of the international sides is going to lift the trophy, or if you have an idea of how your national team is going to perform, then our Six Nations betting odds and Rugby World Cup betting markets offer you a chance to select the wager that’s right for you.

Beyond those international tournaments, you can also find the likes of the French leagues in the LeoVegas rugby betting section. As one of the most established sporting nations in the world, and with a national team that has performed valiantly on many occasions, we’re delighted to be able to offer these diverse rugby betting options for you.

Rugby Union In-Play Betting

When searching through our in-play betting for Rugby Union, you will be presented with various betting options. You might also see in-play options displayed as a proposition bet, but they are roughly the same, with both offering the chance to bet on specific events that could happen during the game.

Some of the in-play bets that you could consider include; man of the match, player statistics, who scores next and more.

How to Bet on Rugby Games at LeoVegas

When it comes to placing a bet on rugby at LeoVegas, you can do so in a variety of ways, no matter where you are, as we cater for users of both mobile and desktop devices. Simply load up into your web browser, and navigate to our sports betting section.

Our live in-play rugby odds are designed to be accessible for users who find themselves watching a game from the comfort of their sofa, in the pub with a few like-minded supporters, or even watching from the stands, and are available at the touch of a button. Why not download the LeoVegas Mobile App so you can quickly place a bet while the game unfolds?

Other Rugby Union Competitions to Bet On

Aside from the game's major competitions, LeoVegas also offers betting markets on various other competitions, including the United Rugby Championship.Featuring teams from Ireland, South Africa, Wales, Scotland and Italy, the Rugby Union Championship is an annual competition where each team competes against the other twice before concluding the league with a playoff (top 8 teams).

Winning the competition will allow the teams to enter the Heineken Champions Cup. Qualifying for the Champions Cup is one of the greatest achievements in Rugby Union with the tournament featuring Europe's top clubs.

Which Rugby Union League is the best?

The top league is different for each country in the world; however, Europe has a Champions Cup, which is comprised of the top teams from Europe's top leagues.

France is considered to have one of the best standards for Rugby Union with the "Top 14" competition.

What makes Rugby Union different from League?

Many unique rules make Rugby Union different, with the major change being the teams of 15 players. Teams also have the option to make additional substitutions, which can influence the outcome as key tactical decisions are made.

When searching through the match result odds for Rugby Union betting, it is also important to understand that tries will award five points.

How do Rugby Union points work?

Before considering your bet for Rugby Union, it's important to understand how the points are scored. The first route to scoring is via a "try", awarding five points. Scoring a try requires a player to touch the ball down to the ground over the opposition's goal line.

After a try has been scored, the team scoring team will be offered a kick, where the player must kick the ball through the goal posts. A successful conversion will award an additional two points.

How to bet on the Rugby Union Six Nations?

Taking place each year with Europe's top competing nations, this competition will be available to bet on at LeoVegas with all the latest markets offering Six Nations odds.

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