Funky Time

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It’s time to head to the world of disco as you play Funky Time from Evolution at the LeoVegas live casino. Hosted by a live dealer, this game which is based on a money-wheel type game show, also features four additional bonus rounds with a disco theme, including Stayin Alive, Bar and Disco. Within these bonuses, there is also the chance to win up to 10,000x your stake. So if you’re looking to get your groove on, why not spin the wheel in Funky Time today?

Boogie your Way to Big Wins

Won’t you take me to Funky Time! If you know the tune to those lyrics, this slot and groovy game show genre is for you! Funky Time Live is a FUNK-tastic LeoVegas Live Casino game show that will get you groovin’ to money wheels, disco beats, and bonus round dance-offs that come packaged in features like Stayin’ Alive and BAR. And with big winning payouts of up to x10,000 your bet, you’ll be sure to dig it!

Top Features to Groove To

Freshen up your dancing shoes, suit up in bell bottoms, and shine up your disco ball, it’s time to get funky with a dyno-mite line-up of Funky Time Live bonus features.

BAR Bonus

It’s a scene you may find hard to imagine, but this bonus round features a robot tending bar. You’ll be tasked with choosing a purple, yellow, or blue mocktail, while the robo-bartender pours multipliers that reach x20 and a spinning wheel declares a big multiplier that’s added randomly to one glass. When the glasses are all full, you’ll be served your winning glass and all its multipliers! No tip necessary, he is a robot after all.

Stayin’ Alive

Bee Gee fans unite! In this bonus round, you’ve got to stay alive! It starts by picking a coloured ladder with multipliers that increase as you step higher and climb levels. The way to advance is all in the ball drop that’s run by your game show host. Each ball’s colour corresponds to movement on the ladder. Climb high to chase multipliers as big as x10,000! Now, the ‘life’ part of this bonus ~ each ladder has four lives, and a black ball drawn will end one. When all lives are over, so is the bonus round. Ah ha, ha haaa.

Disco & VIP Disco Bonus

Even if you’re not a child of the 70s or a fan of That 70s Show, you are STILL likely familiar with disco dance. If you’re not, please immediately google it! Back to the bonus round ~ two dance floors; Disco has 37 squares and VIP Disco has 63. Watch and learn Travolta-worthy moves as Mr. Funky lights up the dance floor. Each square he hits lights up multipliers. Don’t worry, your host is here to walk Mr. Funky around the dance floor like a puppet, with each move left, right, up, and down determined by the spinning wheel.

Free Play Funky Time Live

Not so fast, disco king. You can’t jive in demo mode to this LeoVegas Live Casino game show, because it’s live! There’s an engaging host, players from all over groovin’ to the mix, and the only opportunity to jump in and dance with this game is to be an observer. Take it all in while watching logged in to your LeoVegas account and decide if this game is for you. If it is, build up your bankroll with a deposit and shimmy on down to funky town.

What’s the Vibe of Funky Time Live?

Released in May 2023, this 70s disco-themed grooving game is the product of the creative minds at Evolution. Makers of Crazy Time Live, their live casino game shows are leading this new genre to new heights. Mixing engaging hosts with boogie-full studio and disco beat soundtracks, their aptly named bonus rounds like Stayin’ Alive and VIP Disco will have you groovin’ to a whole new online gaming beat. Robots and spinning money wheels refresh the disco era for these current, modern times!

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How to Win Funky Time Live

This live game show is ruled by a highly entertaining host and segmented wheel. When playing, you’re betting on which segment of the wheel it still stops at. Betting choices include letters and numbers, as well as bonus rounds.
Number and Letter bets when hit, feature instant wins that pay 25:1 (there are 24 letter and number segments). If the wheel lands on a bonus segment, like Stayin’ Alive, it launches the side game and you can look forward to much bigger wins that reach x10,000 your bet!

How to Play Funky Time Live

Don’t worry if you’re new to this genre or game, the Funky Time Live controls are very intuitive. For betting, you’ll find chip denominations similar to those of blackjack and roulette at the bottom of your screen. Click them to choose your desired bet. Now, know that you’re betting on wheel segments and the key is to predict where the wheel will stop. The bonus wheel spins, and if you’ve bet on that segment, you’ll instantly win a prize or launch a bonus game to play. If it seems too much, it’s not. Plus, the beauty of the game show live casino genre is that you’ve got a host there to help walk you through it all in (disco) style!
This game is licensed outside of Malta.