Cash Or Crash Live

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Blast off in a Blimp with Cash or Crash Live

Cash or Crash live casino game was designed by Evolution Gaming. Set onboard a soaring blimp, Cash or Crash casino live features only one bet but with the chance to continue climbing up a 20-step ladder pay table. The live experience centres around coloured balls and chasing a maximum win of 18,000x your stake in the base game and a whopping 50,000x your stake in the bonus round. All aboard the blimp! The question is, will you get the cash or will you crash?

What are the Special Features?

As a game with few complexities, there is one particular feature which comes in handy throughout the game - the Gold Ball Bonus Round. When a gold ball is triggered, this starts a bonus round wherein decisions are now void as you’re shielded from crashing. At this point, it’s not important if red balls are released. This is your chance to move up the pay table as there is the likelihood that more green balls could be drawn. Should this be the case, your bet amount could be taken to dazzling heights of 50,000x your stake.

Try Cash or Crash Live

Evolution Gaming makes it possible to watch Cash or Crash live casino game play out. We always find observation is one of the best ways to learn a game’s betting rounds, catch bonus features, and see if it's right for you before making any investment. All that’s required is that you hold a LeoVegas account. Once you feel like you’ve got the hang of it and want to play for real money, just add funds to your account and begin!

How to Play Cash or Crash Live

The objective of the game is to climb as high as possible on the 20-level pay table by placing bets and making decisions about what to do after each successful climb is complete. The rules are simple enough. There stands a cage at the centre of the blimp with 24 balls in three different colours all swirling around waiting to be drawn. Here’s what plays out depending on what colour of ball pops out:

- Green Ball - you choose to continue, take half & continue, or take it all.

- Gold Ball - acts as a shield to protect yourself against crashing in case a red ball is drawn next. There can also be a decent increase in pay outs on the ladder.

- Red Ball - if a red ball is drawn, you crash, lose any stake, and winnings which you haven't yet collected. Oh, and sadly your game round is over!

How to Win in Cash or Crash Live

Green means Go! Each time a green ball is drawn, you have three choices. You can either click TAKE ALL to end your betting round, meaning you will secure your winnings. You can Click TAKE HALF, meaning you split your current winnings and remain in play, securing half your win amount. Or, click CONTINUE to keep playing and put all your potential winnings on the line for the chance of larger handsome wins.
Watch the returns from this game become more and more impressive. There are twenty different levels and the payout limit goes from 1.2x to x18,000x if the shield isn't broken. However, if the shield is broken, the payout goes up to a stunning limit of 50,000x.

Game info on Cash or Crash Live VIP

Thanks to advancements in augmented reality, today you're able to fully embrace the concept of live casino action while putting your feet up at home. Cash or Crash live casino brought to you by Evolution Gaming is set in a cool metropolis where a Blimp randomizes balls which are drawn one by one. Your main decision is always a gamble in an effort to maximize wins.
It's simple but tactical and providing your device is in good shape, your image of the live feed should be crystal clear. The balls are propelled and randomly selected, and depending on the choices you make along the way, you will either cash or crash. This thrilling and immersive journey depends on the colour of balls drawn and your decision to continue or make a dash when the going gets good.

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This game is licensed outside of Malta.