7's On Fire Live

Authentic Gaming
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Lucky 7’s On Fire Live!

7's On Fire Live is an exciting live game show from Authentic Gaming, crafted to deliver a truly unique experience. This innovative release combines the classic appeal of roulette with the thrilling elements of the 7’s On Fire slot game. Players can make predictions that lead to impressive multiplier wins, with the potential to multiply their stake by up to x10,000. This multifaceted live game show doesn’t require a backstage pass or studio audience tickets - play it here in our live casino Ontario!

Special Features of 7’s On Fire Live

7’s On Fire Live is a dynamic game offering evolving opportunities to win. Slot payouts can be enhanced by matching slot symbols to chosen roulette numbers. Playing both the slot and roulette games simultaneously unlocks exciting features and thrills to the classic games of this mash-up!

Bonus Round

If the bonus round is triggered once the roulette wheel has stopped, any wins will be boosted by a Mystery Multiplier, which can hit x7 max.

Symbol Multipliers

When symbols appear in the game, they are allocated to a roulette number. If the roulette ball lands on a number with a symbol, the win is multiplied by 3. The max payout is a multiplied Bell or Star symbol, leading to a x1,500 win!

Number Multipliers

If the number you choose ends up with a symbol connected to it, you’ll get multiplier wins. A Straight Up win will pay the value of the multiplier, and the potential win is x777!

7’s On Fire Live Game in Demo mode

7's On Fire Live game show has a lot going on at once so it’s a good idea to take a look at gameplay before wagering your real money. This live game show isn’t available in demo mode, so it can’t be played for free - but, what you can do, so long as you have a LeoVegas account with us in our online casino Ontario, is observe the game. That’s right, similar to watching a game show play out on TV, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of the game and its bonus rounds through observation! When you’re ready to ‘come on down’ for real, simply ensure your account is loaded with a deposit to play.

How to Play 7’s On Fire Live

7’s On Fire Live offers players multiple avenues to win. With a variety of symbols and multiplier options up to x500, players can wager on fruit symbols and numbers. They have the flexibility to bet on the 7’s On Fire slot, the roulette game, or both simultaneously, maximizing their chances for significant winnings.

Symbols in this live game show include classics like a Star, Bell, Melon, Plum, Orange, Cherry, Lemon, and of course, lucky 777’s. Each symbol has a paytable, which is revealed on the grid when you bet.

The value is going to depend on the number of symbols you choose during the slot round. At least two matching symbols will create a win. However, just one Blue or Gold 777 needs to land for an instant payday!

How to Win at 7’s On Fire Live Game Show

The roulette aspect of 7’s On Fire Live is watered down with multipliers that don’t lead to much. Your only possible roulette bets are Straight Up numbers 0 – 36 with a payout of 12:1 if your number hits, and multipliers aren’t connected to it.

Multipliers are assigned to six numbers in each round, with the selection occurring during the slot round.

The result in 7’s On Fire Live is determined by the pocket where the roulette ball lands, similar to a traditional roulette game. After the regular round finishes up, the Bonus Round triggers randomly with a multiplier that can boost your wins.

Here’s the paytable for slot payouts:

777 Gold: x1-x55, with multipliers of x3 – x155.
777: x1-x4 with multipliers of x3 – x12.
Bell-Star: x6, x27, x500 with multipliers of x3-x18, x81, and x1500.
Watermelon: x2, x6, x24, x380 with multipliers of x3-x6, x18, x72, and x1140.
Lemon/Cherry/Orange/Plum: x1, x3, x12, x140 with multipliers of x3, x9, x36, and x420.

Game Info about 7’s On Fire Live

7’s On Fire Live is an exhilarating casino game that may require some initial adjustment and learning. It features two distinct parts, each centered around core multipliers. The roulette table takes the spotlight, while a life-size slot screen serves as a backdrop. Integrating these elements seamlessly may take some time, so reviewing the help files and data sheets is recommended. The studio atmosphere is dynamic, filled with continuous action, complemented by enthusiastic presenters who add to the excitement.

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This game is licensed outside of Malta.