Treasure Island Live

Pragmatic Play Live
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Treasure Island Live is a Casino Spectacle

Immerse yourself in a treasure hunt for the ages in this thrilling new Live Casino game show from the amazing studio, Pragmatic Play. Traverse the seven seas following a mysterious treasure map and play your way to some exciting wins with the live game’s four different and super fun bonus games. Treasure Island Live game show is a treasure-themed game that will send you off seeking gems in the wild!

What are the Bonus Games in Treasure Island Live?

Treasure Island Live features four really cool bonus games where you can REALLY win big! At a base level, Treasure Island Live is a fairly simple spin the wheel game and you need to bet on where you think the wheel will stop. But don’t let its simplicity fool you, among the stops are four bonus games that offer a whole new world of fun. Let's dive into these a little bit more.

Billy Bones’ Map

In this bonus game you can really play the part of a treasure hunter and decide where to start digging by choosing one of the five different areas. Whilst digging you will unearth gems, but what you are really after are the keys. Once you’ve collected all three, you’ll be able to open up the treasure chest that is filled with a sizable bounty!

John Silver’s Loot

Here’s where a tumbling device filled with balls is spun, and then a number of balls are collected. Some of the ball colours match up with gems, while others are black and marked with a gem symbol. At the end of this round, a slot mechanic determines how many gems are awarded for each collected ball.

Ben’s Lost Marbles

If you’re into pachinko games and arcade-style pinball games, this bonus game is for you! Here, you’ll need to roll three dice with values from 1 to 3. The outcome of your rolls will determine the number of buckets filled with marbles that are to be poured into the pachinko.

Captain Flint’s Treasure

Perhaps we’ve saved the best for last! This bonus game takes you into a mysterious cave. Within it, you’ll find barrels stacked on six different levels. Your mission is to find your way through these barrels, all the while avoiding explosives. On the final row of barrels lies the Golden Barrel which holds the main prize inside. Furthermore, each collected gem is multiplied by your bet and its multiplier.

Treasure Island Live Bonus Features

There’s more than meets the eye with Treasure Island Live! Not only does it offer four nail-biting bonus games, but also two bonus features that will boost your gameplay to new levels.

Wild Collector

Once all bets are placed, a random number of lights will go on around the wheel. If the wheel stops on one of the three Wild Collector segments, all the gems within the lit up segments will be collected and each gem will be multiplied by your bet as well as its multiplier.

Great Scavenger

This bonus feature offers great multipliers and big win possibilities. If the wheel stops on any of the Great Scavenger spots, each collected gem will be multiplied by its multiplier and your bet.

Free to Play Mode

Given that this is a Live Casino game show, there is no free to play version or demo mode available. However, you can log in or create an account to observe as many rounds as you wish. Watching a few rounds helps familiarize you with how it’s played and how the bonus features and side games work. This is a huge benefit if you’re new to Live Casino games and will help you learn how to place your bet when the time comes.

Treasure Island Live’s Theme and Design

Overall, the theme and design of Treasure Island Live can be characterized by elements of adventure, mystery, pirates and hidden treasures, all tucked within a tropical and nautical scene. This game really immerses you into the thrills and risks that come with a dangerous endeavour like treasure hunting.

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How to Win on Treasure Island Live

At the base game level, it’s a wheel prediction game. Your goal is to predict with a bet, which segment or segments of the wheel it will stop on. If the wheel stops on one of your chosen segments, congratulations you win! But the big wins and let’s face it, the real fun, begins with bonus games! The main idea is to collect all three keys needed to unlock the fabled treasure chest of Treasure Island Live. So go on, and see if you’ve got what it takes to be a true pirate!
This game is licensed outside of Malta.