Napoleon Vs Rabbits

Blue Guru Games

Hop to it with Napoleon vs Rabbits

If you are craving some 8-bit nostalgia-based fun, then Blue Guru Games’ Napoleon vs Rabbits has the stash you are looking for. The art and music are intricately detailed homages to the 8-bit gaming era when things were more simple and, most importantly, fun. Sure modern slots are great, but they sometimes lack a certain charm that an 8-bit title such as this Napoleon vs Rabbits slot just naturally exudes whilst you play it.

What Makes Napoleon vs Rabbits so Great?

As with many online slot machines, what sets each one apart from the enormous catalogue of great games to play are the fun and exciting features they offer. Let's have a look at what sets Napoleon vs Rabbits apart from the crowd.

Free Games

Napoleon vs Rabbits offers seven Free Games to players when three Mystery Rabbit Boxes are unlocked, which will be explained in a bit. As in any classic slot gaming experience, free games can be extended into sets of three games by landing more unlocked boxes during the free games feature. The unlocked boxes also increase the multiplier by +1 for every subsequent win during the Free Games feature. If you are itching to get into the Free Games round, you can even buy straight into it by putting down 50x your betted amount.

Mystery Rabbit Box

The Mystery Rabbit Box is the heart and soul of this game which truly sets it apart from other mobile casino slots. While playing, you will notice a locked box that can be unlocked by landing winning clusters adjacent to the box. Once unlocked and all winning cascades come to an end, it will unleash a set of Mystery Rabbit Symbols which launch the Rabbit Run Feature.

Rabbit Run Feature

Any winning clusters that include the Napoleon Wild symbol will spawn a Rabbit next to the reels. Once the cascades come to an end, rabbits will swarm Napoleon to steal his hat. All symbols they run over will become Mystery symbols which will turn into the same randomly selected symbol to create more winning clusters. Furthermore, any locked Mystery Boxes that were in the rampaging bunnies’ way will be unlocked.

Does Napoleon vs Rabbits have Free to Play or Demo Mode?

If you play in our LeoVegas online casino you’ll be privy to a demo mode on this and all our slots. This allows you to play Napoleon vs Rabbits without downloading anything or even creating an account. However, it may be worth your while to take advantage of our amazing welcome package, which will boost your initial deposit and get you played for real money and of course, real money wins! Creating an account, depositing and getting started just takes a few clicks and minutes.

Napoleon vs Rabbits Theme and Design

Despite this 8-bit slot game only being released as recently as December 2022, it has already gained a reputation for its enchanting and nostalgia-drenched artwork and sound design that harkens back to the days of Tank, Megaman, and the original Princess Zelda. Napoleon vs Rabbits features exciting wins and immersive bonuses wrapped up in a humourous yet action-packed veneer that will keep you entertained for ages.

What Other Fun Does Blue Guru Games Have to Offer

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How to Win Big in Napoleon vs Rabbits

Napoleon vs Rabbits does not obey the conventional wisdom of three or more matching symbols landing from left to right consecutively to create winning paylines. Instead, it creates winning clusters that are formed when five or more matching symbols land adjacently in any direction.

Once a winning cluster has been awarded to the player, those symbols explode, and new ones cascade into their place, creating even more possible wins.

- Green Carrot - x100, x25, x10, x5, x2.50, x1, x0.50, x0.40, x0.30, x0.20, x0.10

- Orange Carrot - x200, x50, x20, x10, x5, x2, x1, x0.80, x0.60, x0.40, x0.20

- Red Carrot - x300, x75, x30, x15, x7.50, x3, x1.50, x1.20, x0.90, x0.60, x0.30

- Purple Carrot - x400, x100, x40, x20, x10, x4, x2, x1.60, x1.20, x0.80, x0.40

- Dagger - x500, x150, x50, x25, x12.50, x5, x2.50, x2, x1.50, x1, x0.50

- Medal - x750, x250, x75, x30, x15, x7.50, x3.50, x2.50, x2, x1.5, x0.70

- Hat - x1,000, x750, x125, x50, x25, x10, x5, x4, x3, x2, x1

How to Play Napoleon vs Rabbits

Blue Guru Games may have thrown convention out the window when it comes to the pay table and paylines, but when it comes to how to play, they have stuck to the tried and true method of playing slots.

Starting with the left of the reels, you will see the Buy Feature button, which, as you can imagine, will allow you to buy straight into the Free Games feature. Underneath the reels you will notice the betting controls. Clicking on the up arrow will increase your wagered amount, and touching on the down arrow will decrease it.

To the right of the wager controls, you will see the massive single spin button which will play a single round at a time and right above that, you will see the smaller auto-play button, which will allow you to play 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and infinite rounds with the win, loss and single win limits you have set.
This game is licensed outside of Malta.