Chaos Crew Scratch

Hacksaw Gaming

Join the Chaos and Win up to $10,000 in Chaos Crew Scratch

Are you tired of video slots yet still crave massive payouts? Maybe Chaos Crew Scratch is for you! A simple scratch card from Hacksaw Gaming that can reward you with up to $10,000. Far simpler than any slot online, this match-three game is an ideal play when you are tired of online slot machines and simply need something different. This is your ticket!

The Best Chaos Crew Scratch Features

Chaos Crew Scratch, unlike most slot games, is not exactly rich in features. It is a 100% game of chance relying only on your ability to scratch some virtual glossy paper (or reveal the outcomes automatically). Even so, it is still a fine game when you need a breather from spins and reels.

Stunning Visuals

One of the biggest assets this game has is its visuals. Thanks to them, you’ll be immediately transported to a dangerous part of town where nefarious gangs have everything to win and nothing to lose.

Massive Payout Potential

Scratch cards that pay $10,000 are not so common, so grab this chance to play Chaos Crew. Even if you don’t win the biggest prize, you can trigger substantial wins to tell your friends about.

Try the Chaos Crew Scratch Demo Mode

How hard can it be to scratch a card? Well, although it is not intensely demanding, Chaos Crew Scratch is a game that can be tried for free - a test drive! Afterall, you use the demo mode before jumping in a real money slot game, so why not for a scratch card? By taking advantage of our Chaos Crew Scratch free demo you are giving yourself a chance to see if you like this game in the first place. And if you do, simply sign up and make a deposit. If not, we are sure you’ll find plenty of games to enjoy here at LeoVegas. Perhaps LeoVegas live casino would be right up your alley?

Chaos Crew Scratch Theme and Design

While we’re speaking of alleys, let’s take a look at what this mobile casino game looks like. It is a green neon scratch card set on a dark backstreet where graffiti covers every inch of the walls behind it. Before you make the move, the card will be adorned with rather ominous-looking smiley faces turned upside down. It is a gritty urban atmosphere. The lack of a soundtrack creates a completely unexpected ambiance. Are you being watched? Or is it just your imagination? Did some mie gang roll up to take your winnings away? Could be… could be…

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Chaos Crew has an urban setting and vibes that are ideal for those who don’t mind when it’s not all butterflies and rainbows. And if that’s what you’re looking for, we’ve got more where Chaos Crew came from! Try a seductive play with The Heat is On, go for a cult-classic Terminator 2 or ride Highway to Hell Deluxe. LeoVegas is your playground!

How to Win Chaos Crew Scratch

Chaos Crew is a far cry from megaways slots at least in terms of complexity. It is a game that has one simple rule: you must collect 3 identical symbols to win a prize. The prize will match the amount displayed on the symbols.

There is no special design to the symbols, as they are simply reduced to numbers. There are 16 different rewards starting with $0.10 for scoring 0.10 symbols 3 times. The biggest thrill is the 10,000 symbol, paying $10,000 for making three appearances.

How to Play Chaos Crew Scratch

Chaos Crew Scratch is incredibly easy to play. As soon as you start the game, you will face your card. Click the Buy button to purchase the ticket. Now, you can use the scratcher to reveal the symbols or make things move faster with a little help from the auto button. It is possible to play up to 1,000 cards in auto mode. To make things move faster, use the turbo slider to activate this particular playing mode. Stay safe by setting win and loss limits, by clicking buttons located in the same area of the platform.
This game is licensed outside of Malta.