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Description of MONOPOLY Big Baller Live

Here at the LeoVegas Live Casino, games that are themed around MONOPOLY are some of the most popular we have in our collection. This latest release of MONOPOLY Big Baller Live emphasizes that popularity and takes it to a new level by using bingo. This immersive game show also features MR. MONOPOLY who will appear to players in the bonus round and walk them around a virtual 3D MONOPOLY board. So if you’re looking for a live casino offering that is a little different, why not give this casino game from Evolution a try.

MONOPOLY Big Baller Live Base Game

A game based around bingo, this game is all about finding the numbers that appear on the four cards that appear on the game screen. Place your bets on one of the four chance cards on offer, and when the betting round is over, the 5x5 cards will fill with numbers. There are two different types of cards, the free space card (centre cell is a free space) and chance card (centre cell is a guaranteed multiplier)

Before the game begins, MR. MONOPOLY will pull a lever and place random bingo daubs and multipliers on the cards, which will act as a drawn number. After the lines have been added to the cards, 20 of the 60 balls in the game will be drawn from the ball machine, and they will be automatically marked off your card. To win, simply complete a line on your card, and the winnings will be added to your balance.

MONOPOLY Big Baller Bonus Features

The bonus round in MONOPOLY Big Baller is where we’ll see the famous MONOPOLY game board. Players will need to place a bet on the 3 rolls or 5 rolls bonus cards to participate in the special features. If you trigger the bonus round, you’ll then be transported to a live board where MR. MONOPOLY will walk players across the squares.

When playing MONOPOLY in the bonus round, the number of rolls will depend on the 3 or 5 Roll cards, and when moving around the board, players will see that each square has a multiplier. Like the usual board game, rolling a double will come into play if you land in jail, and the income tax square will increase your winning potential. If you pass Go, your winnings will also be doubled. And it should also be noted that you can potentially unlock wins of over 250x your stake.

How to Play MONOPOLY Big Baller Live

Like many of the live casino games, we have in our collection MONOPOLY Big Baller live asks players to set a stake between €0.10 and €100. Once you’re happy, they’ll have a set amount of time to place a bet on one of four cards on offer. The game will then play out, and if you can trigger the bonus round, you’ll be moved to the MONOPOLY board.

About MONOPOLY Big Baller LIve

Developed by Evolution, MONOPOLY Big Baller is a live casino game that is centred around bingo. Hosted by a live dealer, the game is set on a riverboat voyage that features a ball drawing machine, and the aim is to match the lines across the bingo card. Offering players a welcome twist that moves away from combining online slots with a live casino, this game gives players the chance to win huge potential multipliers.

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