Play Virtual Sports Games at LeoVegas

If you're looking for an alternative to traditional sports betting, betting on virtual sports games may be just what you're looking for. We're not talking about betting on esports like EA Sports FC or NBA 2K, this is a whole different market that has been growing in popularity over the last few years.

To find out more about what virtual sports betting is and how you can start betting on them today, continue reading through the information down below.

What is Virtual Sports Betting?

In a similar way to how slots work at LeoVegas, where a Random Number Generator (RNG) is used to provide randomised results, virtual sports offer a new and dynamic way to bet. In virtual sports betting, you get to place a bet on various different events across a range of sports that use computer algorithms to determine the outcome.

But rather than just placing a bet on an outcome, you actually get to see events unfold right before your eyes. You’ll see animated graphics that display the events as they take place, even simulating the same rules and gameplay that come with betting on traditional real life sporting events, just in a digital format.

Differences from Real Sports Betting

Besides outcomes being completely randomised by an RNG, there are a few other key differences between virtual sports betting and traditional sports betting. For a start, the availability of events to bet on is different. With traditional sports, your bets are dictated by scheduled events throughout the calendar year. With virtual sports betting, games are available to bet on around the clock.

And unlike traditional sports events that can be called off due to poor weather, virtual sports games run regardless of the weather. That's not to say that virtual weather doesn't have an impact, as the algorithms used can simulate different weather conditions for events. Take virtual horse racing for instance: rain can help make ground on the track soft, which may favour some horses over others.

Events also take place over a much shorter period of time, for example, when betting on virtual football. Rather than having to sit there and watch a game for over 90 minutes, these virtual events last no longer than a few minutes, showing key highlights of the game as it plays out.

Types of Virtual Sports Games

Here at LeoVegas, we have a whole range of virtual sports available to bet on so that each sports fan can get satisfied. And each sport, just as in real life, offers different opportunities for betting markets.

Let's take a look at some of the main virtual sports games you can bet on for now, with more to come in the future:

Virtual Football Betting

The most popular of all our virtual sports games to bet on is football. And there are a variety of football matches to play. Some of these virtual games simulate the beautiful game in every single way. So you can watch as the players of two teams take to the pitch, putting in crunching tackles that can injure players, and hear the crowd roar as a goal hits the back of a net. The only thing missing is chants about referees needing glasses.

Other games, however, allow you to place your bets, and then randomise the results to showcase the outcomes of games. For example, in Virtual Football Pro by 1x2 Gaming, you pick your continent and the league you want to bet on. Next, select your teams and see the results come in, as each team changes position in the league table.

These games last barely a few minutes, meaning you can place bets and not have to wait around for ages to see the outcome.

Virtual Horse Racing

Another popular virtual sport to bet on is horse racing. This digital version is a little more realistic than virtual football games, purely because these events last much closer to the times it takes for a real horse race to run.

Place your bets, straight or each way, and even place forecasts and tricasts as you watch the action unfold on the track. You'll see the horses race around the track, with camera angles changing as they reach new sections of the course. The realism is so high that you can even see horses pulling up or failing to jump a fence. There's no surprise horse racing is one of the most common virtual sports.

Virtual Greyhound Racing

Similar to the experience of virtual horse racing, this virtual sport offers the exact same bets and graphical display. The only differences? Races are often much quicker, and of course, the horses are swapped for dogs.

Virtual Basketball

Basketball is already a fast-paced game, but it'll be even quicker should you decide to place bets on a virtual basketball game. Place your bets on who will win, how many points there will be, and more, then watch as the players run up and down the court, the crowd cheering on their every move.

Virtual Tennis

It's not quite like being at Wimbledon, but you can catch all the action in our virtual tennis games, watching players rally the ball, acing their serves, and diving to return what seems like impossible shots. You can cover a wide range of bets on this virtual sport, from outright winners to betting on how many sets a player will win.

Types of Bets Available in Virtual Sports

When it comes to betting on virtual sports, you'll find many of the same bet types available that you see with traditional sports. We've mentioned a few of them already, but let's take a look at some of the more popular bet types you can expect to see on these virtual sports:

Overall Result

As with traditional sports, one of the most popular bets you can place on any virtual sport is an outright result. In football, this means backing a team to win, lose or draw, whereas, in horse racing, you're looking at predicting an outright winner or for a horse to place.


Just as in traditional sports betting, you are also able to put together your virtual bets to try and get better odds by predicting multiple outcomes. For example, in Virtual Football Pro, you could back Liverpool, Manchester City, and Aston Villa, all to win. In horse racing, this would be known as a forecast or tricast and lets you pick which horses you think will finish where, and in what order.

Correct Score

Just like in traditional sports betting, every result in a virtual sport has an outcome. And so, on virtual sports like football, basketball, and tennis, you can bet on what the correct score will be.

Virtual Sports Games Tips

Results in virtual sports events are completely random, but that doesn't mean that statistics and other factors can't come into play. For example, in Virtual Football Pro, you can see how a season has panned out so far, and the form of current teams. And while events are entirely random, just like in real life, even the best teams in the world can lose on a bad day.

Another tip is to manage your bankroll. Virtual sports are less predictable than real-life sports, and so there is a chance that you could lose multiple bets, especially because you can place so many bets in a much shorter period of time. So, never bet more than you can afford, and ensure you always play within your means to keep the games fun.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Sports Betting

As with anything in life, there are pros and cons to virtual sports betting. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


  • Available 24/7: Virtual sports events happen all day, every day. So no matter what time it is, you can always find an event to bet on.
  • Instant Outcomes: Unlike traditional sports where you're waiting around for results to happen, many virtual sports can offer you almost instant results.
  • No Expert Knowledge Needed: While traditional sports betting can be helped by plenty of research and specialist knowledge on events and participants, virtual sports betting is entirely random, so you don't have to read up on current events to get an edge.


  • Limited Betting Markets: While many bets from traditional sports are available, not all of them are. So options are limited.
  • Random Outcomes: As mentioned, even in traditional sports every underdog has its day. But in virtual sports results are completely random, making them less predictable.


Q. Are Virtual Sports Games Fair?

A. Yes, virtual sports games are fair. All our virtual sports games use an RNG to decide results.

Q. Can I Bet on Virtual Sports Games at Any Time?

A. Yes, you can bet on virtual sports events at any time. They're available 24/7.

Q. What is the Minimum Bet Amount for Virtual Sports Games?

A. The minimum bet varies on each game and the provider who made them. The minimum stake in Virtual Football Pro for example is €0.50.

Q. Can I Use My Knowledge of Real Sports to Gain an Edge in Virtual Sports Betting?A. No, real-life sports knowledge doesn't impact the results of virtual sports.

Q. Is betting on virtual sports legal?A. Yes, there are many operators that offer virtual sports betting. While the gambling offering can vary from market to market, you can be sure you are always betting 100% legal and safe at LeoVegas.