Visa Payment Method

Visa payment method

Despite there being several payment method avenues here at LeoVegas, Visa payments (online betting with a Visa credit card) is still the most popular deposit method. In the same way you can use your credit card to make purchases online, you can make a deposit at LeoVegas. With over 180 billion individual Visa transactions occurring daily, it remains a popular way to deposit, standing out among new and innovative competition. There’s broad appeal and international recognition when it comes to using Visa, so it’s unsurprising at LeoVegas, that this continues to be a standout choice.

How to use Visa for casino betting

One of the key reasons people prefer depositing using their Visa credit card is because of the guarantee involved. For instance, any issues you experience (such as payment not going through), can be instantly resolved through your bank. Other, newer payment methods may not offer this service, which is why online betting with a Visa credit card is extremely popular with players, with millions of people still opting for it worldwide.

To place a deposit, all you need is to do is enter your card information, and to follow the deposit instructions. Then, you'll be able to play your chosen casino game on LeoVegas within a matter of minutes.

How to make a deposit with Visa at LeoVegas

Depending on who your provider is, it may be possible to quickly copy and paste your card details from your banking app. Alternatively, if you own a physical card, you can simply tap your 16-digit number, CVV and expiry date into LeoVegas as instructed on the cashier screen. Just access this from the main menu once you have selected the profile. Sometimes, this payment will go through instantly, but occasionally, you may face additional security from your bank, asking you to confirm the transaction. However, a notification will usually prompt you to switch between apps and takes less than 60 seconds. There may be a slight delay if the payment is declined, but you can re-enter your information and verify it correctly through your app.

How to make a withdrawal with Visa at LeoVegas

As long as you have verified your identification and payment method, you can expect to receive your withdrawal within three working days. It is usually much sooner than this, but given the many Visa payments processed, it can sometimes take slightly longer. If you have signed up with a bonus, it is a good idea to check the terms and conditions to make sure you have met all the requirements enabling you to withdraw. Another thing to note is that Visa credit card betting usually has a minimum withdrawal of $20 too. To process your payment, you only need to go to the cashier option and select withdraw. If you have your card details saved, it is as simple as selecting your card, entering the CVV and the amount. You can then receive your payment within three to four hours. . Please note that larger payments can take slightly longer. This is standard practice not only at LeoVegas but at online casinos. But, as mentioned, using a Visa Card means you can query, trace and follow up any payment issues directly with your card issuer.

Maximum and minimum deposit / withdrawal with Visa

Minimum deposit amount is 10EUR, and maximum is 3000EUR. For withdrawal amounts, minimum is 20EUR, and maximum is 10000EUR.


Q. How fast can I receive my Visa withdrawal? Usually, your payment will be processed straight away and should be in your account within an hour. Occasionally, it can take a bit longer – around three or four hours. In rare cases, it can take from three to five working days, due to the volumes that LeoVegas process every 24 hours. However, with it being the most common way to deposit and withdraw, the team is constantly working to ensure you can receive any Visa payment you withdraw as quickly as possible. Q. Can I use other cards at LeoVegas? Yes, you can use dozens of credit card providers. In addition, you can use e-vouchers such as paysafecard and Apple or Google Pay. That’s not all, though – if you prefer to use Neteller or PayPal, there are many options available at LeoVegas for you to deposit and withdraw your funds. In fact, LeoVegas Casino provides so many convenient ways to deposit your cash that waves of loyal customers continually and happily use our online casino. Q. Can I use someone else’s card to deposit? No, you must use a card in your name that matches up with your verified identity details. Otherwise, your account will likely be flagged as breaking the terms and conditions. This action could result in account termination and loss of funds. Not only will it be flagged with LeoVegas but also with your bank, who may suspect fraud and freeze your account.