Paysafecard Payment Method

Paysafecard offers a unique way to play casino games. At first glance, a paysafecard might sound like a credit card. However, it’s similar to a voucher. A paysafecard is a unique 16-digit code you can use to deposit cash. As soon as you get a paysafecard, you’ll also receive the code and can use it at hundreds of online merchants – including LeoVegas. It is one of many innovations that are helping to pioneer increasing payment options cash within the casino industry.

What is paysafecard?

The main attraction of paysafecard is security. The 16-digit code you enter will have some value attached to it, but once you have used it all up, you can either top up the same card or get a new one. Paysafecard is another payment option that can be used to deposit or withdraw at LeoVegas once you have entered your 16-digit credit card number. Although this information is (safely) stored on a server, you can rest assured that your financial information is well protected. Besides, the chances of a casino like LeoVegas becoming susceptible to foul play are incredibly rare This is due to the high levels of encryption and security used on the site and the app. Plus using a Paysafecard, offers an additional layer of security, since you won’t need to directly enter your personal details. Also, some people feel more comfortable using paysafecard as a means to provide distance from their bank details. While security is an obvious selling point of the technology, convenience is another. The code for your Paysafecard is all you need, saving you from scrambling around looking for a bank card or connecting an Apple or Google e-wallet! So, within just a few clicks, you can play your chosen casino game.

How to make a casino deposit with paysafecard at LeoVegas

Once you are on the LeoVegas home page, all you need to do is select “cashier”, which takes you to a separate page with a number of drop-down options. From this list, select paysafecard and you will be prompted to enter the 16-digit code. (You will have received the code upon purchase through the paysafecard app or website). As soon as you enter the code, your money will hit your LeoVegas account and you’ll see it as “available funds”. Don’t be alarmed if your transaction takes a few minutes. This can be normal practice, especially if it is a new payment method. However, once your code is authorised, your money should be with you almost instantly. LeoVegas doesn’t charge any fees for using paysafecard to deposit at LeoVegas –another plus and no doubt the reason why paysafecard is another popular payment option for placing casino deposits.

How to withdraw money from paysafecard at LeoVegas

Although you can use Paysafecard to deposit when used for online betting, withdrawals cannot however be placed. And works very much the same way as any other electronic voucher. Paysafecard is essentially an electronic voucher. So, in the same way you cannot withdraw to store card voucher, is the same for a paysafecard

However, once you’re verified and have set up your paysafecard, you should have no issues setting up another withdrawal method to receive any winnings. So, while paysafecard deposits might be quite popular, it’s also a good idea to have another payment method verified on LeoVegas in case you strike it lucky on a casino game. Of course, any gambling you do should be within your limits. Ensure you set time limits and maximum amounts you play with, and you’ll be able to enjoy the range of games available on one of the internet’s most popular casino sites. If you begin to view gambling as a source of income or you begin to spend too much money or time playing casino games, reach out and speak to somebody before the problem escalates.

Maximum and minimum deposit / withdrawal with paysafecard

Minimum deposit amount is 10EUR, and maximum is 1000EUR.


Q. Are there any fees for paysafecard payments? As hinted at earlier, one major advantage of using paysafecard for online betting here at LeoVegas is that you can deposit without paying any charge. Alongside the enhanced security, it is this convenience that is resulting in a spike of online casino players using paysafecard. Q. How can I check my paysafecard balance? Once you have deposited your money on LeoVegas, you can see it on the cashier tab under “balance” – which will show your available funds. You can also check your paysafecard balance separately if you use their app, once you have made your purchase. Q. What other payment methods can I use at LeoVegas? There are several ways to deposit your cash at LeoVegas. In addition to using paysafecard, you can also deposit your money via a credit card, bank transfer, Apple or Google Pay, or your PayPal account. You can also set up multiple payment methods to have a broader range of options available to you when deposit and withdrawals.