Neteller Payment Method

Neteller payment method

Neteller payment systems are a highly creative bridge to send your money digitally. Given the multitude of options people use to accept payment or make a purchase, Neteller is an effective way to get funds from various lesser-known payment methods into your bank account. Once you are able to send money from less well-established avenues, you can then use your Neteller account or e-card to make a deposit. For example, if you trade or receive payments via social media, a Neteller debit card will allow you to bridge transactions from these services to your account. Once you set up your Neteller, you can then transfer this money to other merchants such as LeoVegas, easily and securely.

What is Neteller?

Using digital wallets and cards is fast becoming the only way people use debit cards. Although you can use a physical card, the vast majority of customers use the e-card in their e-wallet on their mobile devices. Neteller betting has become a popular digital payment method for this reason. Their flexibility to facilitate payments from less traditional methods and transfer that money into an account you can use has drawn praise from the financial sector. Neteller betting was one of the first payment methods that started to gain traction online when the industry was still finding its feet. Neteller casino payments also paved the way for dozens of other e-wallet companies to use their success as a foundation to launch their own companies. It has since grown to a company that offers 26 different currencies and has millions of customers. It’s the simple steps and straightforward way to use Neteller that has helped elevate it to being among some of the top payment methods – not just in casino gaming but for online payments in general. The rise of mobile and digital casino gaming has allowed companies such as Neteller to identify a gap in the market. A casino e-wallet facilitates some of the smoothest deposits from any payment method, so it’s no surprise it has become such a hit among casino gamers.

How to make a Neteller casino deposit at LeoVegas

LeoVegas has a user-friendly site that is simple to navigate. Once you open your profile and select the cashier option, you will then see a list of different payment methods that you can use– including Neteller. Neteller deposits follow the same steps as any payment method on LeoVegas – once your details are registered and verified, you can make a deposit within a few clicks. Initially, if you’re still waiting to verify documents or it’s a brand new Neteller account, this can result in a short delay. That being said, Neteller is known for its efficient service, so is a good match for LeoVegas for providing players with an efficient deposit method and transaction speed. E-wallets and mobile casino gaming are continuing to grow in popularity and this is resulting in more innovation and convenience in the sector. Even though Neteller gambling has been providing a creative and highly respected way to play for two decades, they’re continuing to advance and innovate, with more customers choosing this payment method every year.

How to withdraw money from Neteller at LeoVegas

If you’re wondering how to withdraw money from Neteller, all you need to do is follow the same steps as the deposit methods. Once you have chosen the cashier option, you will be presented with a drop-down where you can choose to withdraw instead of deposit. As long as you have registered your payment method and details, you should receive your money instantly, and the Neteller account details will already be saved on your LeoVegas account. Sometimes, depending on the time of day you withdraw, it may take a few hours.

Maximum and minimum deposit / withdrawal with Neteller

Minimum deposit amount is 10EUR, and maximum is 10000EUR. For withdrawal amounts, minimum is 20EUR, and maximum is 10000EUR.


Q. Can I use a debit card for Neteller deposits? Yes, Neteller uses either a physical card or an e-card. Once you have added the card details to your account, your Neteller gambling experience will be instantly under way. It acts similarly to an Apple Pay or Google Pay card. Q. Are there any fees for Neteller payments? Yes, you will usually have to pay a 2.5% fee when you deposit. However, you are not charged for withdrawals. In addition, like many processes at LeoVegas, the rates are consistently amended and revised in accordance with market and demand. Q. What other payment methods can I use at LeoVegas? You can use PayPal, bank transfer, Apple or Google Pay, or paysafecard. You can also use older services like cheque if you’d prefer to gamble via that method, although it takes longer to credit your account.