LeoVegas Jackpot Slots

Here at LeoVegas, we have the best array of online slots with huge pot prizes for you to choose from.

Mobile gaming is at the forefront of LeoVegas, and all games on-site, including all of our Jackpot games, are as adaptable and accessible as possible. You can access any of our games from your desktop, tablet, or mobile. You can play anywhere you are, using a browser or the dedicated app. All features are designed with players in mind, and we have a massive roster of games available on mobile and all other platforms.

Jackpot games have the potential to pay out insanely large sums – but there are a few things you need to know before you get involved. Keep reading to find out how progressive jackpot slots work and why they are so popular!

Play Jackpot Slots at LeoVegas

Every slot game has a jackpot, a maximum prize you can win. So you may be wondering what makes jackpot slots so special. These are slightly different to your standard slots, as they come with a progressive jackpot that pays out in a lottery-style format.Jackpot slots are connected to one another over a network. People from all over the world play them and contribute to the ever-expanding jackpot prize pool. A RNG software sets the winning spin that pays out to one lucky winner. The prizes available can be astronomical, and some progressive jackpot winners have even made it into the news. It's no wonder why players consider these their favourite casino games.

Here at LeoVegas, we have a great variety of jackpot slots for you to choose from. You can look around and select a theme that suits your preference, or you can have a look at which jackpot seems most impressive. The jackpots are listed on the thumbnails and are constantly updated.

How Jackpot Slots Work

When playing online jackpot slots, a small percentage of all the bets you place on your particular game will be added to a big prize. This is then won randomly by a lucky player. It’s essential to know how the games work before you get started.

Fixed vs Progressive Jackpots

Standard slot machines have a fixed jackpot listed in the game’s paytable, so you know what you can potentially win before you start spinning the reels. With progressive jackpots, the major winnings change all the time. They increase progressively and can often dwarf the fixed pots on regular slot machines.

The progressive jackpots are always clearly listed on the games, so you know what you might be able to get your hands on. Checking the different progressive slots to see which one has the highest jackpot can be a great way to choose which game to play.

Progressive Jackpot Slot Requirements

Before you start spinning, have a read of the rules to ensure you know your progressive jackpot game requirements. They pay out randomly to one lucky player, but certain things need to happen first. For instance, you will usually need to activate the maximum bet. Some progressive jackpot slot games even have a side bet option to play for the big pot. You will find all the information in the paytable of the game.

In terms of actually winning, some titles are 100% random and could pay out the progressive jackpot on a single spin. Others will require players to enter the bonus game and complete that to be in for the win. Of course, if you don’t win the progressive jackpot, you will still win standard in-game payouts for matching symbols and besting the mini-games – don’t worry!

Good to Know About Progressive Jackpots

Although the games look the same as standard slots on the surface, there are some key differences. These jackpot games can be riskier ventures, but some casino players feel that they are worth it for the potential reward.

Progressive Jackpots Have High Volatility

Volatility in slots refers to how often they pay out and how much they pay out at any time. A slot with low volatility will dish out small to medium prizes on a regular basis, while a high volatility slot game will reward huge prizes at much more random intervals.Progressive jackpot games are known for their high volatility, and it can often take some time for the big prizes to be won. These online casino games are riskier. It could mean they require putting in a lot more money paying out. The return to player percentage on these games is generally lower as well, because a chunk of the stake is put towards the major jackpot.

Read the Paytable Before Playing

Always read the paytable of the slot game you are playing. You'll know which symbols payout winnings and which ones activate the side games. Checking this will also allow you to understand the requirements needed to qualify for the jackpot. After reading the information, you can decide whether the game is appealing to you or not. You can apply this to all online casino games.

Bankroll is Crucial when Playing Progressive Slots

Managing your bankroll is essential if you want to play progressive slots, as you can often end up paying a lot of money without winning anything back. Before you start playing, decide how much you are willing to spend during your online casino session and then walk away if you exceed that. If you fail to do this, you could end up losing a lot more than you are happy to part with.

Here at LeoVegas, we want your online casino experience to be fun. That is the main aim of the game. If you start worrying that you are losing too much, make use of our safe gambling tools. Always play within your limits and stick to some clear ground rules. If you ever feel like you need help or you may have a problem, a member of our helpful and experienced support team is always on hand to assist you.

Play the Best Progressive Slots

Do you feel like you’re ready to spin the reels on some of the best progressive slots in the world? We’ve got you covered, and you’ll find all the top quality games on the market here. Check out some of our recommendations of progressive jackpot slots below:

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is often seen as the forefather of the progressive genre, and the game from Microgaming has been around since the early days of digital slots. Despite its age, it’s still one of the most played titles around due to its notoriety.

The simple, wildlife-themed game has made it into the news and the Guinness Book of Records in the past for dishing out some of the biggest jackpots ever seen in the gambling industry. It has made numerous people millionaires and continues to do so every year.

Mega Fortune

NetEnt is another major player in the online slot development scene. It has produced a few progressive jackpot slots that reached global fame. Mega Fortune is our pick of them here at LeoVegas, as it’s accessible to everyone.

This game is known for its high-quality graphics and wealthy iconography. It will make you feel rich before you even claim the progressive jackpot. The in-game fixed jackpot is worth playing for too, as you can win up to 2162 times your stake. This progressive jackpot slot has made a few millionaires in the past, with the highest payout exceeding 3 million.

Eye of Horus Megaways Jackpot King

Eye of Horus Megaways Jackpot King is one of the best-known Egyptian slots on the market, and it always attracts a huge number of players. Here at LeoVegas, you can play both the Megaways and the Jackpot King version. The progressive jackpot usually makes it past 1 million. Ancient Egyptians were associated with gold and lavishness, and it’s quite appropriate that their themes are so dominant in the slot market.

Play Live Dealer Games with Jackpots

Apart from progressive jackpot slots, at LeoVegas you will also find live dealer games with jackpots. If you want to add some poker hands to the mix, head over to Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, Live Caribbean Stud Poker, or Live Casino Hold'em Jumbo 7.

Start Your Progressive Jackpot Session

We wish you the best of luck when you play our progressive jackpots. Remember, luck is the key word here, and there is nothing you can do to affect the outcome. Explore the various themes on desktop and mobile devices, find your favourite games, and see if fortune is on your side.

How do progressive jackpot slots work?

Progressive slots are linked via a network that gathers a small percentage of all bets placed into a jackpot. A random player can then win the total amount of the accumulated jackpot.

Has anyone won a slot machine jackpot?

Yes, there are many jackpot winners, both online and offline. LeoVegas has had quite a few big winners over the years. You will find winner stories on the LeoVegas blog.

What triggers a progressive jackpot?

A progressive jackpot can trigger in various ways. Sometimes it triggers randomly as you spin, while other times you will need to land certain symbols or bet a specific amount to qualify for the jackpot.