Stack ‘em Scratch

Hacksaw Gaming

Stack'em Scratch Game Description

This Stack'em Scratch game is based on Hacksaw Gaming's Stack'em. That game is already a bit unusual for having a five-by-six layout and classic 30s cartoon theme. This version cuts out all the extras to condense the game into a scratch card format. It uses the same design and imagery as the original game, although the main character Canny the Can is himself missing from the screen, as well as his mouse friend. Instead, you're treated to familiar items like his bowler hat.

Stack'em Scratch Bonus Features

As this is a scratch card game, there's nothing like free spins or extra modes. Everything happens in the base game. It's a much more streamlined experience than a slot. You scratch for winning symbols, that simple.

How to win on Stack'em Scratch

Just like with a slot game, the goal is to scratch matching symbols in hope for some big wins. If you get three of the same symbol, you'll win a prize. But unlike in slots, they don't need to all line up. The top prize is worth 10.000, so the Stack'em Scratch slot is quite generous.

How to play Stack'em Scratch

To play the game, you simply buy a card, exactly the same as you would with a real scratch card, and then use your finger or mouse to scratch it off. The aim is to find an instant win, whether you play this on mobile or desktop. The game is optimised for both. Scratching works amazingly on mobile, so we recommend playing Stack'em Scratch on a touchscreen if you'd like something as similar as possible to a physical scratchcard.

Stack'em Scratch Slot Game Info

The story behind this game is interesting, as developers Hacksaw Gaming originally started out making only scratch cards, before moving to slots with their previous game Stick 'em. As the name suggests, this was the original game featuring Canny the Can complete with all the jazz music, free spins symbol, and animations, making Stack'em actually a sequel. The fact that Stack'em now has a scratch card version means that the entire thing has come full circle; although they never stopped making scratch card games.

More games from Hacksaw Gaming

Hacksaw Gaming has gained something of a reputation as a developer of games that look simple but hide a ton of unusual and fun features, not to mention some of the most unique designs in any slot library. Their scratch cards are generally more of the same as the above, but if you want to follow the full adventures of Canny the Can from the start-up to the present, the full trilogy is available. In the LeoVegas library, you can start out with Stick'em, move onto the original Stack'em, and then for a complete jump, head over to Book of Time for a subtle nod and some fairly familiar gameplay.

Similar games

As for other developers, the retro animation theme isn't the easiest to find, although games like Charlie Chance and the sequel to that Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay have very much the same vibe. If it's other scratch card games that you're looking for, there's a completely different game in the series known as Scratch 'em, which works roughly the same way except with different payout potential.
This game is licensed outside of Malta.