Slingo Riches

Slingo Originals

Slingo Riches, spin the slingo cage to reveal your fate on this instant win game.

Look out for: the numbers in the grid corresponding to the reel below, landing a joker to choose which number you want to mark off and buying more spins to continue drawing numbers.

Game facts: Whether you land a Lucky Seven or a Five Dozen in this 5x5 grid, Slingo Riches gets the party started. 12 lines pay in this instant win game by Slingo.

Slingo Riches Game Details

Slingo Riches is a vibrant and exciting game by the creative team of the Slingo Originals studio. It combines the excitement of slots with the classic appeal of bingo. But what does this game offer that other Slingo titles don’t? Well, playing this can bring some very generous payouts, with plenty of cash prizes and a very enticing jackpot. This is a Slingo game with some very serious winning potential!

Slingo Riches includes all the most popular elements of a classic Slingo game. So if you have played a Slingo game before, then you can enjoy everything you know and love about this type of game format, with an added twist or two.

Slingo Riches Theme

Really, we wouldn’t go so far as to say that the Slingo Riches game has a particular stand-out theme. However, it looks great, with a blue and green colour scheme, and a crisp and clear design. The 5x5 gaming Slingo grid is right in the centre of the screen, with a prize ladder at the left, with the single Slingo reel underneath the main grid. At the right of the game grid is a cool little Bingo ball hopper, which makes it look fun.

How to play Slingo Riches

It’s pretty easy to get started playing Slingo Riches. You simply open up the game and enter your stake amount. Once you have set your bet amount, you click on ‘Start game’, and you’re ready to go.

As soon as you start, you will see a 5x5 gaming grid that will fill up with different numbers. Beneath this is a single 5x1 reel. Each game of Slingo Riches consists of 11 spins, and 5 numbers will be generated during each spin on the 5x1 reel.

If a number that matches a number on your grid shows up, it is automatically marked off. As soon as you mark off an entire line of 5 in any direction (vertical, horizontal, or diagonally), you will hit a ‘Slingo’ and move one space up the prize ladder. If you complete the entire grid, you will have a full-house and win the maximum prize.

If you do find yourself tantalisingly close to completing a couple more Slingos when the 11 spins finish, then the Slingo Riches game might reward you with an additional 4 free spins. However, even if you don’t get awarded the extra spins, you can pay extra for them and get 15 spins.

How to win on the Slingo Riches game

The goal of the game is to form Slingos by matching the numbers on the grid with the numbers coming up at each of the 11 spins.

As with most Slingo games, you will find all the standard Slingo symbols on the Slingo Riches slot game, including:

-The Joker Symbol: This is the Slingo version of a wild symbol. The Joker wears a blue shirt and a red hat. If you land the joker symbol, you can mark off any number you choose on the reel above its position.
-The Super Joker Symbol: This character is dressed entirely in green and is a super wild symbol. If you see this on the reel, you can mark off any number you like, no matter where it is on your game grid.
-Free Spin Symbol: The free spins symbol is a cluster of yellow balls and can only appear in the central column. You will get a free spin of the reel when it makes an appearance.
-Coin Symbol: The coin symbol can only land on the centre reel position and will award the player an instant cash prize.
-The Devil Symbol: This is an unlucky symbol that blocks you from creating possible matches.

Slingo Riches Bonus Features

Slingo games usually have plenty of bonus features, and this one is no exception. The features increase both the interactivity and the payout, growing the game’s popularity. Read more details about the features below.

Joker Bonus

The Joker Bonus is standard with most Slingo games. If you land three or more joker symbols or super joker symbols in one single spin, you will get the Joker Bonus of an instant cash prize.

Extra Spins

There are two ways to get extra spins. You might either be awarded four additional spins, or pay for extra four to make more Slingos. The price per spin is clearly labelled and will reflect where you are in the game. Any free spins you are given will be deducted from the number you can buy. So, if you get one extra spin, you can only buy an additional 3 spins.

The Slingo Riches Prize Ladder

Every time you manage to complete a Slingo you will move one space up the prize ladder. Each step awards payouts as follows:
-1 Slingo: 0.1 x your stake
-2 Slingos: 0.2 x your stake
-3 Slingos: 0.5 x your stake
-4 Slingos: 1 x your stake
-5 Slingos: 2 x your stake
-6 Slingos: 4 x your stake
-7 Slingos: 7 x your stake
-8 Slingos: 10 x your stake
-9 Slingos: 25 x your stake
-10 Slingos: 50 x your stake
-Full House: 200 x your stake

Slingo Riches Conclusion

This game is simple and fun. It looks great, and pays even better. If you like bingo and enjoy slot games, this is exactly what you might be looking for!

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This game is licensed outside of Malta.