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Rainbow Gold

Rainbow, gold and magical elements are popular elements of slot gaming. Superstitions and bright, colourful ideas weave their way through this particular corner of the gambling world, and the results have been astonishing for those slot game providers who have cordoned off their own area and attracted a significant audience.

The Rainbow Gold slot game fits right into this category. The phenomenal success of the original Rainbow Riches game nearly 20 years ago has created an entire subcategory of inventive ideas, and this particular Pragmatic Play slot has pounced on this opportunity, creating a game that wraps up the basics of a 5x3 grid interface with the marvel of sophisticated, elite, cutting-edge graphics.

A Pragmatic Play slot often gets people sitting up in the industry; they're arguably the most successful and prolific name in the business, with many of their top slots Ireland features appearing on LeoVegas. As you'd expect from the Rainbow Gold slot game, horseshoes, wilds, beers and leprechauns make up the game's core, and it's an Irish slot that rivals any of the popular titles within this theme.

Rainbow Gold Bonus Features

There's a maximum potential award of 5,000 coins for those slot gamers who can land the top end of the bonus features on the Rainbow Gold slot game. While 20 paylines and a 5x3 grid reel might seem like a standard offer, the bonus features truly help to sell it as a commendable, rounded title.

Super Free Spins

Once you activate three or more leprechauns in the main game, you'll be presented with an expansive multi-grid that consists of four individual games. This is where the fun truly begins. If you can match the leprechaun symbols across multiple grids, this shortens the odds of unlocking the potential max jackpot.

Random Prizes

The tracker that decorates the top of the primary grid will continue to grow and pick up momentum as your game progresses. If you're unlocking an array of symbols, the main prize is Direct Money, which can award up to 100 coins. Although you can activate the Super Free Spins bonus feature in this particular segment of the Rainbow Gold slot game, the tracker is an intriguing way to spark your interest consistently. It is one of the reasons why many still prefer this video slot to the dozens of similar offers that exist.

How to Win on Rainbow Gold

Rainbow and Irish slots all follow a similar theme, and it's crucial that they don't deviate away from this to avoid losing the essence of what makes them so popular in the first place. The wild symbols can return up to 25 coins, and the other top symbols that will also result in anywhere between two coins and up to 10 coins include pints of beer, horseshoes and leprechaun hats.

The 5x3 grid might not be too creative, but the expansive nature of the bonus features and the unique prizewinning tracker add enough winning elements to allow the game to stick out, even for a Pragmatic Play slot.

How to Play Rainbow Gold

Mobile gaming is the dominant driving force behind the success of global casino gaming. Some believe that it is the slots industry that is spearheading this entire movement as an increasing number of gamers aim to play the likes of Rainbow Gold slot game exclusively on their iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. As with any other online slot game at LeoVegas, you can begin playing once you have chosen your stake and the number of paylines. No additional requirements or knowledge is necessary.

Game Info: About Rainbow Gold

Rainbow Gold slot game isn't a gripping, action-packed affair. On the contrary, a rather loose, jangly and carefree soundtrack accompanies the typical reel layout. It has become a big success story in the online casino industry, and although it only hit our screens in March 2022, the graphics, music and max jackpot of 5,000 coins collectively come together to offer a unique package.

While it might not be the most groundbreaking game and mirrors a lot of what has made Irish slots such a success, there's no shortage of games looking to steal the thunder and wealth that is the success of rainbow-based Irish slots. This video slot would disappear into the background of a cutthroat industry if there weren't vital elements to the gameplay and overall aesthetic.

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This game is licensed outside of Malta.