Pirots 2


Pirots 2

Pirots first fused pirates with parrots in March 2023. Now, ELK Studios has expanded its avian adventure with Pirots 2, a game that comes with teeth as well as beaks. Pirots 2 is about dinosaurs, specifically the Jurassic-themed area of a park called Dino World.

This 6x6 video slot retains many of the original’s features, such as ELK Studios’ trademark CollectR mechanic, which unites the bird symbols with their respective coloured amber.
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Pirots 2 Bonus Features

Pirots 2's bonus features might seem complicated at first glance, but we’ve broken them down below for your convenience.

Symbol Collection

There are four coloured bird symbols in Pirots 2 - red, pink, blue and green. These will always be on the reels, although each cascade will change their positions.

As in the first Pirots, each feathered friend will collect pieces of amber that bear their particular colour. Put another way, this is how winning combinations are made in Pirots 2. Instead of pay lines, the parrots track their colours around the board.

Feature Symbols

Each win adds to the CollectR metre at the top of the screen. This bar also guides the appearance of Pirots 2's feature symbols. These are wilds, scatters, and modifiers.
Coin - pays out instantly.
W - substitutes for amber tokens in winning combinations.
Button - launches a meteor swarm at the game board. This removes symbols and adds up to two new rows and columns.
Egg - hatches a vicious dinosaur that chases our protagonists away, beginning a new cascade.
Popcorn - allows birds to leap gaps to new amber clusters.
Mushroom - transforms nearby amber pieces to the colour of the bird that consumed it.

Bonus Game

Collect three bonus symbols, represented by the dinosaur skull, to launch Pirots 2's version of a free spins mode. You get five free turns in this feature, with more awarded for finding more ancient crania on the board (3+).

How to Win on Pirots 2

Technically, there are 28 standard symbols in Pirots 2 but, as they're all just different versions of each other, there are only four you need to know about; namely, red, pink, green, and blue. These are the four birds' amber sets.

Each amber set can be upgraded up to seven times. The flint arrowhead symbol will increase the payout potential of all colours by up to three steps. Red is worth between 0.10 and 50.00, while pink will net you 0.10-20.00 coins. Green and blue both have the same minimum value - 0.05 - but, at the other end of the scale, green can be traded in for 15.00 compared to blue's 10.00.
As mentioned earlier, there are no pay lines in Pirots 2.

How to Play Pirots 2

Pirots 2 always opens with a cinematic updating the player on the birds' escapades. You can close this with a click (or tap). Then, all you need to do to play the game is hit the enormous spin button in the bottom right of the screen. This online slot's 'hamburger' menu contains Pirots 2's paytable, settings and rules in the top left corner. You can set your bet size on the left, too.

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Game Info: About Pirots 2

Released just a few months after its predecessor, in November 2023, Pirots 2 adds to the ever-popular pirate niche in casino gaming, albeit in its own comedic fashion. The dinosaur theme is novel, too, even if it’s sadly underused.

The game borrows liberally from a particular Hollywood blockbuster, especially with its soundtrack, while the sound effects lean more on the retro side of things, accompanying the birds’ trek around the reels with bleeps and boops.

Ironically, despite the characters’ bombastic nature and the ever-present threat of being eaten, an occasional piano score ensures that Pirots 2 is more of a relaxing experience than the silly one the opening video suggests.

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This game is licensed outside of Malta.