Money Train 3


Money Train 3

Bursting onto your screens complete with a Hollywood movie-esque title sequence, Money Train 3 is the third instalment in Relax Gaming's futuristic slot franchise. Play starts once the video sequence ends and a skull-clad train pulls into view. There’s an ominous vibe in the air as few simple guitar chords drown out the sound of metal workers doing their thing somewhere in the distance.

If you haven’t put the pieces together yet, this online slot game is set in the steampunk era. That means you’ll be playing for jackpots topping 100,000 in an industrial setting filled with outlaw types brandishing all manner of light and laser powered weapons. However, fear not because, if you line up the right characters, you could find yourself riding the money train to payout central.

Money Train 3 Bonus Features

The Money Train 3 slot is filled with bonus features that are as innovative as the machines that surround the game board. For starters, you could receive a respin if a betting round ends without a winning combination. The respin is given something extra thanks to addition of a sticky symbol and prize multipliers worth between 1X and 3X. You won’t always get a free respin, but it’s good to know there’s a chance of reprieve if three or more matching symbols don’t line up.
Beyond the Money Train 3 respin feature, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock these brilliant bonuses.

Money Cart feature

The main Money Train 3 video slot bonus feature is called Money Cart. Three “bonus” symbols trigger this aptly named feature where the gameboard turns into a shopping cart of sorts. Put simply, it becomes a place to collect and store special symbols and prize multipliers.
You initially receive a random number of free spins determined by numbers hidden within the scatter symbols used to trigger the bonus round.

From there, you spin the reels in an attempt to fill empty slots on the gameboard. Symbols aren’t guaranteed to land in an open slot. If you don’t fill any slots the spin counter decreases by one and, once it reaches zero, the Money Train 3 bonus round is over. However, each time you fill a slot, the spin counter resets to its starting number.

You’ll mainly see prize multipliers fall into place during this part of the game, but there’s a supporting cast of characters that can also fall into view and boost your payout potential:

The Collector = collects visible symbols and adds them to its own value
The Sniper = doubles the value of up to eight other symbols
The Collector-Payer = targets three to five symbols and adds their values to its own before updating the targeted symbol’s payouts
The Necromancer = brings between two and seven previously extinguished symbols back to life
The Absorber = absorbs standard bonus symbols which gives you more space to collect better ones
The Tommy Gun Sniper = doubles the value of one symbol between two and six times
The Tommy Gun Payer = shots a random multiplier worth between 5X and 100X onto a symbol between three and 10 times
The Persistent Collector = collects all visible symbols and adds their value to its own after every spin
The Persistent Sniper = doubles the value of between three and eight bonus symbols after every spin
The Persistent Collector-Payer = targets three to five symbols and adds their values to its own before updating the targeted symbol after every spin
The Persistent Necromancer = brings up to seven special bonus symbols back to life
The Persistent Shapeshifter = transforms into a different bonus symbol after each spin

How to Win on Money Train 3

The Money Train 3 slot is powered by a variety of pumps, valves and levers. It’s a steampunk creation after all. However, its mechanics are fairly standard when you pop the hood. You’ll have five reels, four rows and 40 paylines across which to match three or more symbols that include cards and futuristic outlaws. A gas mask acts as the wild and, depending on the symbols you match, payouts range from 0.20 coins to 20 coins.

How to Play Money Train 3

There’s a lot going on inside the Money Train 3 video slot, we can’t deny that. Of course, more features mean more action which, in turn, generates more payout potential and entertainment. However, we also know it can be a little daunting when you first load up the game. The good news is that it’s actually really easy to play. All you have to do is set your bet between 0.10 and 5 coins. Once you’ve done that, spin the reels and let this mechanistic marvel do its thing.

Game Info: About Money Train 3

Relax Gaming released Money Train 3 in 2022 as the third instalment of its popular series. Taking everything that was popular about the first two slots and adding more bonus features to the mix, Money Train 3 stands out from the crowd. Indeed, with one of the most feature-laden bonuses we’ve ever seen and payouts topping 100,000 coins, this video slot is big, brash and bold in every way.

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This game is licensed outside of Malta.