Money Cart 2


Money Cart 2 Slot Game Description

Developed by Relax Gaming, Money Cart 2 is a post-apocalyptic-inspired online slot game that promises players a unique gaming experience. Set in a deserted town in the Wild West, this game only features bonus symbols and no pay lines at all.

You will get to meet some radical and iconic characters, such as the Sniper, the Payer, and the Collector. As you join this fierce squad, you will get to search for big wins and a maximum payout of up to 5,000x your stake. But that's not all: you can also trigger a Re-spins feature that can help you win up to 500 coins. Start the reels and jump aboard the money cart!

How to play Money Cart 2

The Money Cart 2 slot game features a 5x4 grid with the potential to open two new reels during the Re-spin feature. There are plenty of bonus symbols to help you reach the maximum payout of up to 5,000x your wager. Unlike most slot games, Money Cart 2 only features special symbols. You're always up for a Money Cart bonus game.

The game is based on five character-inspired symbols: the Payer, which increases the value of all symbols on the reels; the Collector, which can collect the value of all symbols on the reels to increase its own value; the Collector & Payer, which adds its value to the remaining values on the reels and then adds the resulting value to all symbols; the Sniper which can multiply the value of up to eight symbols on the reels; and lastly, the Necromancer which can resurrect up to seven special symbols which have already landed on the reels.

There are also four bonus symbols: the regular and golden bonus symbol, which carries a value of up to 10 coins and up to 200 coins, respectively; and the reset plus, which triggers an extra Re-spin. The slot is available for both PC and mobile.

Money Cart 2 Bonus Features

As mentioned above, Money Cart 2 is full of special symbols that trigger various interesting features. In terms of a stand-alone bonus feature, there’s one that mixes respins with extra reels. The slot is really unique on all levels, from layout to gameplay.

Money Cart Respins Feature

You will trigger the Re-Spin feature whenever you land at least three bonus symbols on the reels (bonus symbols can appear anywhere on the reels). Once the re-spins are activated, the triggering symbols will change to reveal a multiplier. The round will start with three re-spins, but the count is reset every time a bonus symbol lands. If you unlock all additional bonus reels and land bonus symbols on all possible positions, the feature will automatically end and award you 500 coins.

Money Cart 2 Slot Review

While at first glance, slot enthusiasts might think that Money Cart 2 is just another conventional sequel, they might want to look again. Money Cart 2 takes on the original formula of Money Cart and Money Train and delivers a fully upgraded game featuring entirely new game mechanics. The base game skips regular symbols and winning combinations and focuses on bonus symbols, which trigger direct wins. In addition, players will also find Re-spins that can last until no spaces are left to fill on the reels!

Overall, Money Cart 2 is an unmissable slot game as it combines an extraordinary game mechanic with an immersive game theme!

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This game is licensed outside of Malta.