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Half-Time Full-Time Betting Explained - Guide & Tips

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Half-time full-time (HT/FT) wagering has gained huge popularity among punters in the past few years. It is considered a special bet variant under the "double bets" category. Here, you combine two different betting markets, half-time and full-time, into one wager. You'll find every nuance of half-time/full-time wagering explained in the guide below.

How Does a Half-Time Full-Time Bet Work?

It is crucial to know the ins and outs of half-time and full-time bets in order to get the most out of them. A half-time full-time bet is a wager on the outcome of a football match at both the first half and the end. For example, you may place a bet on a team to win at half-time and full-time, or for the match to end in a draw at half-time and for a specific team to win at full-time.

A half-time full-time bet generally offers higher odds than a traditional full-time bet because it is more difficult to predict more than one outcome.

Half-time and full-time bets have morphed, diversifying into different types, and providing players with more possible choices. Some examples include "winner," "correct score," "goals," "corners," and "cards." There are parallels to be seen with HT/FT betting, wincast betting, and scorecast betting.

The HT/FT system is designed to work in the following ways: you must wager on both sides in order to win, and there must be more than one possible result. The wager will not be valid, therefore voided, if the game is abandoned.

Half-Time Full-Time Bet Rules - How To Place

To place a half-time full-time bet, you’ll need to select the outcome you expect from a match’s half-time and full-time. You might bet on the home team to win at half-time and the away team to win at full-time, or any other combination.

If both of your predictions are correct, you will win the bet. The payout is calculated based on the odds for each selection. There are different full-time and half-time bets available to players interested in this kind of betting. Here are some of the most popular betting markets:


With this bet, you are predicting the team to win at the end of the game and the team to win the first half. You’ll need to analyse form, news, and historical performances in detail, as there is more to predict than which team wins at the end.

Correct Score

Predicting the final score of a game at either half-time or full-time is known as a "correct score" bet. It's imperative that the predicted score matches the actual score for each half of the match to win. It is possible to wager on the final score of a game by using the odds and statistics available. It's easier to make accurate and precise score predictions when you have more data to work with.


Half-time and full-time betting provide an additional opportunity to stake with the goal-betting wager. It consists primarily of guessing the total number of goals to be scored by both teams. If the predicted goals-for and goals-against totals are accurate, you will win.

Choosing a team based on their potential and past results might help to make the correct prediction. In the event that your team fails to score the specified amount of goals, your wager will be nullified. The wager is also at risk if the game is interrupted before its conclusion.

Corner Kicks

Another type of wager bettors can place in the HT/FT options is the corner kicks wager. Betting on this primarily entails making guesses about the total number of corners taken in both halves. Top bookies typically offer a variety of ranges for the total number of corners. Bettors may select from among the available fields and wager accordingly. You win the bet if the actual number of corners kicked in the game is within the specified range.


Betting on the total number of cards shown during a match is a popular option for half-time and full-time wagers. You can wager on the total number of cards dealt, on a specific team's card total, or on which team will get the first card dealt. Half-time and full-time card bets may vary in value depending on the match.

Tips for Half Time Full Time Betting

A wager on the score at either half-time or full-time requires consideration of two factors. While the odds on this betting market are better than the match betting market, the difficulty of correctly predicting both outcomes of a single match will be doubled. Second, roughly 55-60% of goals in football games occur in the second half. Half-time draws are more likely to pay off than wagers on either team to be ahead at the break.

Despite the fact that half-time and full-time betting can be challenging, it can also be rewarding if you make the right guess.

Here are some tips to help you increase your chances of success:

Analyse the leagues: The margins for winning and losing can be different between leagues, so it's important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each league in order to make accurate predictions.

Follow the teams and players: Keep up to date with the latest team and player news, such as injuries, suspensions, and form, to gain insight into how they may perform in a match.

Look at the head-to-head record: Consider the historical results between the teams, as this can give an indication of the likely outcome of a match.

Bet wisely: Don't bet on too many matches at once, and don't bet more than you can afford to lose. Always have a plan and stick to it.

Be patient: Don't rush into betting, and wait for the right opportunity to place your bets.

Overall, what makes for good half-time and full-time betting is a bettor’s ability to study the teams and make predictions based on recent events. Every match will likely play out differently, so you must pay attention to the smallest details.

Why Use This Bet?

There are quite a few advantages to placing a half-time full-time bet. We’ve grouped them into two unique categories based on how they benefit the bettor.


Half-time and full-game wagers offer better odds than betting on a single half's outcome or the match's overall victor.

You need to predict the outcome of both halves and full-time, which automatically increases the payouts in the event of a correct prediction.


While the odds are higher, so is the risk. This type of bet might also require more research/analysis.


Considering the benefits and obvious risks of this wagering method, it's clear that going with it can be a good choice when betting on sports like football. This is because, given how challenging it is to correctly predict the outcome of both halves of a game, bettors have access to high odds.

Also, if you spend a lot of time reviewing and analysing statistics in a critical way, you will probably enjoy the game more. Not to mention that it's an opportunity for both first-time and returning sports bettors to improve their game knowledge and betting abilities.