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Correct score betting explained - guide & tips

Correct score betting is a market that has flourished because of digital casinos as mobile markets, so in-play betting has added a new layer to the market. Correct score betting is among dozens of markets seeing more activity because of new, emerging gambling methods. When it comes to the correct score meaning, bettors are attempting to guess the final score of a game for either half or for the entire game.

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How does correct score betting work

It can be difficult enough to predict a win, loss or draw correctly, but predicting a correct score is a different ball game. There are many components to assess, and you can still be way off. It only takes an early goal to change the momentum of a game completely.

Scorelines that occur more frequently are 1-0, 1-1 and 2-1, 1-0 is usually the most common correct score example throughout a season. However, it all depends on the teams playing and the quality of each team's strikers, defenders and goalkeepers. You can break down specific data, such as head-to-head records and which strikers perform better against particular teams. While they might give some indication, they're not guaranteed.

You can also find correct scoring in other marks such as the NBA, NFL and cricket. However, guessing a correct score becomes incredibly difficult when games are more frantic and involve more scoring points. Football is one of the few games where a team will rarely score more than four or five goals in a game, so there’s less range and more realistic correct score markets you can gamble on.

Correct score half time

While it might be a run-of-the-mill and overdone saying, football is a game of two halves. Half-time and full-time can act as two different games, which is something to consider when breaking down your correct score bets. A correct score half-time bet is a bet on the score only after the first 45 minutes.

For instance, one team might dominate one half, and the same happens in reverse for the next 45 minutes. A correct score at half-time can be a good way to hedge against a full-time correct score bet. Hedging the odds is something proficient gamblers will do to manage risk, but again, this doesn’t mean you will insulate yourself from losing more money than you started with.

Correct score second half

Depending on how the first 45 minutes develop, a correct score second-half bet can be placed completely separately. If the match is over at half-time, and one team has a commanding 3-0 lead, then the likelihood of the second half being less eventful increases slightly. Again, it's not this simple. We're just giving you a real-case correct score example to consider alongside your bet.

Correct score full time

As the most prominent market within this niche sector of football gambling, a correct score full-time bet is the most straightforward. After assessing dozens of factors ranging from league position, squad strength and the quality of the attacking players, you should be able to develop a better idea of how you want your correct score full-time bet to shape up. Exploring a host of other variables such as home advantage and which team has the most suspensions and injuries should also assist you in making a more knowledgeable decision.

However, we must stress that there's no guaranteed way to make your bet successful. Some people will spend hours researching their bet, looking for value, and while this data can help, there's an element of luck with each bet you can't factor in. As long as you're aware of this, you can add some light entertainment without taking your bet too seriously.

Scorecast bet

Another popular market that has emerged thanks to mobile and digital gambling tools is a scorecast bet. You may also hear this bet referred to as a first goalscorer and correct score bet. For instance, Erling Haaland to score first and Man City to win 3-0 is just one example. We imagine this would have been a popular market last season.

It's difficult enough to predict any of these outcomes on their own, so a scorecast bet will usually be a reasonable price. This doesn't mean you'll find market value; it just indicates how difficult it is to get right. Approach any bet cautiously, especially when you combine two markets.

Wincast bet

Following on from a scorecast bet, a wincast bet has a lot of similar distinctions. The critical difference is that a wincast bet is where you pick a player to score any time, not just the first goalscorer. Due to this crucial difference, the market odds are not as wide, but it's still difficult to predict. However, combining different markets is something many bettors do to try and get more value for their bet. It acts as a kind of "two for one" offer.

How to place a correct score bet on LeoVegas

If you want to place a correct score bet on LeoVegas, go to the home page and select the sports betting section. You'll see a drop-down of several sports, pick football, then choose your game. Once you have selected your game, you'll be provided with dozens of match-specific markets, including the correct score market, where you'll find markets for everything we have discussed today.

Good to know

There are many performance factors that need to be evaluated when it comes to correct score betting. Understanding the sport might seem like a basic prerequisite, but a surprising number of people will place bets on teams, leagues and outcomes they don't understand. For example, a correct score on an accumulator might provide fantastic odds because of the outcome's unlikelihood. So, the high odds work as a pro and a con.

While it is true that it is a more specific area with many parts to consider, you should always bet within your means, and knowledge will help you enjoy yourself without getting too carried away.


Like any market, correct score betting is specific and aimed at people who understand the market. If you're just getting into gambling or have a passing, casual knowledge of football, this isn't a market aimed at you.

Even if you have a vast, deep knowledge of the sport and know how to manage your risk effectively, this doesn't mean you're more likely to win; it just means you'll be better equipped to handle any loss and not allow your venture to spiral out of control. Although this market is specialist, it's not hard to understand. You're essentially betting on the scoreline, whether in the first half, second half or full-time.