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Irish EBF Midsummer Sprint Stakes 2023 Tips

Summer 2023, once again, greets the highly anticipated flat race event, the Irish EBF Midsummer Sprint Stakes. Placing stakes is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the race, so we’ve dropped a few hints on what to look out for when reviewing racecards and horse lineups.

Read on to find fixture details, review racecards, revise betting odds and Irish EBF Midsummer Sprint Stakes 2023 tips.

Irish Midsummer Sprint Stakes 2023 Fixtures

The Irish Midsummer Sprint Stakes 2023 commences on Friday, 16th June, in Cork, with live coverage starting from 18:00. Tune in on most major streaming sites, or round your Friday off nicely with a trip to the races. Weather predictions show primarily cloudy weather, suggesting a clear run.



Nine declared riders on horses of 3 years or older will race a 5-furlong flat turf track. Check out the riders’ racecards:

1. Go Athletico (FR)

  • Jockey: R P Whelan
  • Trainer: A McGuinness
  • Form: 6356-51
  • Age: 5 (Gelding)
  • Weight: 9st 12lbs
  • Official rating: 108

2. Anthem National (IRE)

  • Jockey: D P McDonogh
  • Trainer: J P O’Brien
  • Form: 33-3455
  • Age: 4 (Colt)
  • Weight: 9st 9lbs
  • Official rating: 96

3. Private Jenny (IRE)

  • Jockey: C T Keane
  • Trainer: G M Lyons
  • Form: 271609-
  • Age: 4 (Fily)
  • Weight: 9st 7lbs
  • Official rating: 97

4. Ano Syra (IRE)

  • Jockey: BM Coen
  • Trainer: J Feane
  • Form: 14244-3
  • Age: 4 (Fily)
  • Weight: 9st 4lbs
  • Official rating:102

5. Harmony Rose

  • Jockey: W J Lee
  • Trainer: K J Condon
  • Form: 432-412
  • Age: 4 (Fily)
  • Weight: 9st 4lbs
  • Official rating: 84

6. Lokada (FR)

  • Jockey: R P Cleary
  • Trainer: M O’Callaghan
  • Form: 115-243
  • Age: 4 (Fily)
  • Weight: 9st 4lbs
  • Official rating: 70

7. Catherine of Siena (IRE)

  • Jockey: Kevin Coleman
  • Trainer: J A Heffernan
  • Form: 211-322
  • Age: 3 (Fily)
  • Weight: 8st 12lbs
  • Official rating: 97

8. Coralillo (IRE)

  • Jockey: C D Hayes
  • Trainer: E & P Harty
  • Form: 10348-
  • Age: 3 (Fily)
  • Weight: 8st 12lbs
  • Official rating: 98

9. Lady Tilbury

  • Jockey: A J Slattery
  • Trainer: D Marnane
  • Form: 4754-83
  • Age: 3 (Fily)
  • Weight: 8st 12lbs
  • Official rating: 95


Irish EBF Midsummer Sprint Stakes Odds and Favourites

Go Athletico is a solid favourite to win with their familiarity with 5f tracks and recent success putting them in a promising position. Ano Syra is another close contender with a progressive track record, rarely dipping below 5th place.

For us, Private Jenny could be a wild card, for they’re known to outrace their opponents in the final furlong. Their sporadic form could present an unexpected win for our daring players.

5 Irish EBF Midsummer Sprint Stakes Betting Tips

Check out our top Irish EBF Midsummer Sprint Stakes Betting Strategy:

1. Analyse Horse Form

Form gives you a clear insight into the horse’s past performance, allowing you to predict upcoming results. Ideally, you’ll want to look for trends like linear progression, where winning is a clear next step. For our beginners, you’ll interpret places in previous races by the numbers going right to left. Dashes represent no place, as the horse didn’t complete the rate or they came within the final numbers.

2. Consider Track Condition

Flat turf racing is completely level, so it poses a competition of speed, stamina, and agility. Irish horse racing favours these variables, so the odds inevitably favour horses with momentum on their side. Weight, age, and breed are variables to consider.

3. Watch for Trends

Look for “D” on racecards to evaluate whether the horse has previously won over a 5f distance. Combining recent wins on form with this letter highlights promising prospects. You can also factor the last day they raced into this equation. Regular racers might build excellent stamina, giving you a great chance to win in Irish horse racing.

4. Look at Trainer and Jockey Expertise

Trainer and jockey stats are equally as important as horses’. Support written facts with what you hear–listen to the experts’ evaluations of trainers’ and jockeys’ previous performances. Consider where they train. You may identify a competitive advantage if your trainer is acclimated to similar weather and track conditions.

5. Understand Horse Breeds

The natural aggressive characteristics of gelding horses reflect their dominant speed on the race track, making these an excellent breed to look out for in flat, low furlough events. Although colts and fillies don’t project their temperament into speed, they’re typically more agile. Gender distinguishes fillies and colts, with the latter being male and the former female.


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