Quarter Finals 2024

The Round of 16 provided some thrilling matches, setting the stage for what promises to be a gripping set of fixtures in the next round.

This tournament is wide open. There haven't been any earth-shattering shocks until now, but there isn't a team playing so well; they feel their name is written on the trophy. Spain have been the team of the tournament so far and if they are able to beat the Germans on Friday, we might crown them as our new favourites to lift the trophy on the 14th of July.

Spain vs Germany (Stuttgart, 18:00)

Spain and Germany have been the most consistent teams in the competition thus far, and many believe the winner of this match could win it all!

England vs Switzerland (Düsseldorf, 18:00)

England fans, you can't wait for this quarter-final clash, right? Those who are in the know will understand that there is a sarcastic tone to my question. The players might take great offence to this, but we can't help but feel disappointed by their underwhelming performances.

Portugal Vs France (Hamburg, 21:00)

At this point of the tournament, the fear of early elimination no longer exists. Teams with the stature of these two always face the threat of an early exit because the pressure not to be eliminated during these stages is immense. Both teams are expected to easily reach this stage, which often hampers the quality of football we see in the early stages of a tournament.

Netherlands vs Turkey (Berlin, 21:00)

The Dutch might have been disappointed by some of their performances in the group stages, but their performance against Romania has changed many people's perceptions. With a blend of tactical flexibility, a solid defence, and potent attacking options, they’re a force to be reckoned with. Even with injuries to key players, the Dutch have shown that their squad has depth, as substitutes have effectively stepped up when needed.