Euro Predictions 2024 | Turkey vs Portugal

Match Prediction: Turkey vs Portugal UEFA European Championship 2024

Portugal are considered the favourite to top this group, but their task will be far from easy. Every team in their group has picked up a reputation for being tough to play against, no more so than Turkey, who have really impressed in recent times. It has been a considerable amount of time since a Turkish side was able to impact a major football tournament significantly, but this side will be hoping that all of this is about to change very soon.

Portugal has a side capable of winning the Euros and has a much better squad now than when they won the European Championships in 2016. An interesting subplot to this game and tournament is that it's almost guaranteed to be Cristiano Ronaldo's last European Championship. Lionel Messi had his fairytale in the World Cup; can Ronaldo also go out in a blaze of glory?




Team Analysis

Turkey, known for their aggressive playstyle, will need to balance their approach when facing Portugal. While they have players who can challenge the Portuguese defence, their main task will be to contain the threat posed by players like Bruno Fernandes, Bernardo Silva, and the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese midfield is a hub of creativity. For Turkey to stand a chance in this game, they must maintain a solid defensive line and be prepared to counterattack effectively. If they can do this, they have players who can produce something special. On paper, it is clear who the stronger side is, but this is unlikely to phase the resilient Turkish side.

Players to watch

We could have selected a few players from this Portugal side, such is their depth of talent. For today, though, we have decided to highlight the presence of their main centre-back, who will be critical to his team's chances.

- Ruben Dias: The Manchester City man has been one of Pep Guardiola's best signings and when you consider the list, this is some compliment. He has every trait you could ask for from a modern defender and is crucial to their chances for the tournament.

When selecting a star player for Turkey, we could have chosen quite a few names but couldn't resist highlighting a young player who has recently burst onto the scene.

- Arda G├╝ler: Managerial great Carlo Ancelotti described this teenager as very special. Consider all the greats this man has managed, and you might start to get excited about this kid. Already making a mark at Real Madrid, it might be too early for him, but if he's good enough, he might shine in this tournament.


Portugal are the favourites to win this tie, but it should be challenging for them. Turkey have some talented young players and had an impressive qualifying campaign. Even with this in mind, we are still backing Portugal for the win. They simply have too many star players, and it's hard to believe they won't be able to find a goal from somewhere.