Euro Predictions 2024 | Netherlands vs France

Match Prediction: Netherlands vs France UEFA European Championship 2024

What a clash this promises to be. When these two teams were drawn to play each other, the football world rightly anticipated an attractive clash of two iconic footballing nations. France has been dominating the international stage for some time now, while the Dutch, for their very high standards, have spent some time in the wilderness.

One of the reasons this game is so intriguing is due to the players involved. For example, Van Dijk is considered by many to be the best defender in the world, while Mbappe is deemed to be the best forward in the world. Of course, only one of these men can emerge victorious.




How did they qualify?

While glancing at the table might suggest the Dutch qualified with ease, their journey was marked by a last-minute goal against Greece that turned the tables in their favour. Winning six out of their eight games, they finished second to their opponents in this match, who won seven and drew one.

During qualifying, it looked like this French team were on autopilot, such is their dominance. The Dutch, on the other hand, were less convincing but ultimately won the games they needed to. It does appear that this French side merely ticks over and only really comes alive when they are on the grandest stage. Make no mistake, only winning these Euros would be considered a success for this French team.

Team Analysis

Despite their obvious talent, this French team adopts a pragmatic approach under manager Didier Deschamps. Sometimes, it feels like they could be easier on the eye, but history suggests a more conservative approach is often the best way to go at major tournaments. Little can go wrong when you have their attacking talent fused with some solid defenders.

The Dutch, on the other hand, are lopsided. They have a range of fantastic defenders but would love to replace a few of these options with better-attacking talent. However, they still possess enough quality to beat any team on their day.

Players to watch

A solid defence is required in major football tournaments. The Dutch are spoilt for choice in this position. However, one man is considered the cream of the crop.

- Virgil Van Dijk: The 32-year-old might be advancing in his years, but he is still as graceful as ever, and the Dutch will rely on his experience to martial his team to several clean sheets

We could pick a dozen players from this French team, but we have decided to highlight their main player. There is no substitute for quality, and this man is capable of winning any football match by himself.

- Kylian Mbappe: This forward is the one man every nation would want on their side. He constantly shines for France when it matters the most, including a hat trick in a World Cup final


The Dutch might have some stellar names in defence, but their attacking threat is not so potent. The French, however, are strong in all facets, which should give them an edge in this game. This is why we are backing a French win.