Euro Predictions 2024 | Croatia vs Italy

Match Prediction: Croatia vs Italy UEFA European Championship 2024

This is one of the most attractive qualifying group games in the entire tournament. There are plenty of narratives surrounding this game. Will Italy be able to defend their title bravely, and will Croatia again defy the odds by putting in another stellar performance on the grandest stage of them all?




How did they qualify?

Italy might be the holder of this tournament, but they have failed to qualify for the past two World Cups and were fortunate to qualify to defend their title. They ended up finishing second in their group, above Ukraine only on goal difference. There was also a last-minute penalty decision that game, which, quite frankly, they got away with.

Croatia finished second behind Turkey in their qualifying group. There is always the fear that age will catch up with the side, but the truth is qualifying was never under that much jeopardy. However, their punishment for not winning the group was felt when they were drawn to play the historic footballing nations of Italy and Spain. With respect to Albania, it does feel like these three teams will be looking to fight it out themselves for those two qualifying spaces.

Team Analysis

Both teams would probably prefer the other team to take the initiative, which, for the purists, might make this game intriguing to watch. Both teams have ageing midfielders who like to control the game's tempo. One manager may take a risk and change their formation to negate the issue of things becoming a bit too stagnant in the middle of the park.

It is unlikely to be a game full of goals, and an individual mistake or piece of brilliance might likely make all the difference in this clash.

Players to watch

Croatia have some of the world's best talent; however, these past two decades have seen the rise of one man who can easily be considered among the best European midfielders ever to grace the game.

- Luka Modric: A living legend at 38, this Croatian playmaker continues to dazzle with his silky skills. Surrounded by younger, energetic teammates, his influence on this tournament could be monumental. If he shines, this Croatian side could pose a significant threat

Despite being the holders, the Italians do not possess a team of great talent. However, they still have players from the top divisions and should be a match for anyone on their day.

- Jorginho: Some football fans are perplexed about why this man is so highly rated. He doesn't appear to impose himself on games like others however, his style of play suits the often slower nature of


This is one of the most challenging games to predict in the group stage. Italy has done very little to inspire us, but we must also concede that this Croatian side is ageing and can't keep punching above its weight forever. We might have to slightly back the Italians with their younger squad, but we can't confidently predict the way this game might go.