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Greek slots have become one of the top-rated subcategories of slot machine gaming. While we don't know whether there's much of a connection between Apollo, Zeus, Hades, and slot machines, there's no disputing that Ancient Greece slots are up there with fruit and Irish slots in popularity. Today, we will look at some of the top Greek-themed slots you can play at LeoVegas.

A vast increase in the quality, sophistication, and design of many casino games has inevitably resulted in more people enjoying what these games offer. The best casino game designers try their hand at designing top-tier slots, and the results are impressive.

As a customer at the end of this supply chain, you may have noticed the sharp increase in graphics quality, the number of games you can play, and the number of different, unique themes on display. Although niche areas of slot machine gaming have seen a spike in popularity, the Greek Gods slots have always had a core audience. Check out a selection of the best Greek slots below!

Rise of Olympus

Greek mythology slots inevitably draw copious amounts of inspiration from the myths that have enshrined and embodied the aura and mystique of Greek culture. Rise of Olympus leans heavily into the home of the gods and Greece's tallest mountain – Mount Olympus.

The 5x5 grid reel is a fascinating backdrop to a grid display that covers a range of characters and symbols heavily associated with Greek slots. It has a free spins feature too, where you get to choose the god whose powers will help you boost your wins. Rise of Olympus remains one of the most popular Greek slots you can find anywhere online.

Gates of Olympus

Olympus features heavily in various Greek mythology slots. As the location and home of all the most notable gods, dozens of games have Olympus in their titles and plenty of symbols relating to the legendary site. Unlike Rise of Olympus, Gates of Olympus has a larger grid reel with an additional column at 5x6, and it doesn't have as much of a weighted emphasis on Greek symbols. Of course, there's plenty to choose from, with some of the highest-paying symbols being heavily connected to Greek mythology. Still, many symbols also interconnect with other popular themes, such as gemstones.

If you enjoy Greek slots, there's still a lot to like about Gates of Olympus, but the fact it has elements of other themes gives it a much more rounded feel than some of the other Greek slots on LeoVegas. Either way, you're in for multipliers, free spins, and tumble wins.


What Greek-themed slot game list would be complete without Zeus from Williams? As king of the gods, Zeus commands the highest respect and stature in Greek mythology, and his story has been immortalized in mythology for thousands of years.

Some of the Zeus slot's symbols and features stray from the Greek theme. As the god of thunder, you'd expect a little more sound and graphic effect on that front, but the game has a lot going for it, including an excellent selection of scatter symbols and free spins. It has proven to be a popular choice for slot machine aficionados on LeoVegas.

Amazing Link Fates is straightforward, and its typical 5x3 grid design offers a 5,000x potential max prize.

While it still has the mystical charm of other Greek slots, there's more of a magic and witchcraft element to Amazing Link Fates, which is embodied by gemstones and moon symbols. However, you'll still find Acropolis symbols and high-paying Greek mythology symbols, which help balance out the game and file it firmly under the Ancient Greece slots category.

Divine Riches Diana

As one of the newer slot games available on LeoVegas, Divine Riches Diana might not seem like a Greek slot game if you judge it purely on the title alone. Diana is closely associated with Roman mythology, but once you play Divine Riches Diana, you will see why it is categorized under Greek-themed slots.

Some of the highest paying symbols in this game implement symbols such as cupid arrows and Greek pottery and design, which are easily identifiable and unique. Again, it is a game with a potential max payout of up to 5,000x, so it has proven to be a hit.

Why play Greek slots

Given that so many Greek slots are available online, it is clearly one of the preferred themes you'll find. Players often note that Greek mythology slots use symbols, mystical graphics, spectacular noises, and minigames that continue to bring players back for more.

Explore mythological stories

As far as ancient tales and myths are concerned, Greek mythology includes some of the most well-read, widely understood, and internationally enjoyed. The mythology and culture of ancient empires will continuously stir up human interest as we are highly intrigued by the civilizations and worlds that are ancestors built and lived in. Playing Greek slots can give you a broader knowledge of the immortal gods in these stories and what they each represent.

Special features and generous payouts

Although all slot machine gaming themes have unique bonus games that have attracted players from all over the globe for over a decade, Greek slots have long included groundbreaking features such as expanding wilds, enhanced free spins, and large maximum payouts. Many of these slots even have progressive jackpots, so the winning potential gets to the next level.

When you unlock a standard wilds feature, you are often in line for an excellent return. However, expanding wilds, which are heavily associated with Greek slots, have risen to popularity because of these types of games and have continued to remain popular and grow throughout other themes, plenty of which you can find on LeoVegas.

An expanding wild feature unlocks more rows of potential opportunities and can further enhance your payout from that specific feature. Increasing multipliers again act like a game within a game and can accelerate rapidly if you continue to hit the correct symbols. Greek slots mastered this theme before a lot of their competition caught up. For years, Greek Gods slots have been closely associated with bumper payouts, far more significant than many competitors. While some other themes might be underrated, Greek slots thrive because of these characteristics.

Immerse in HD graphics

Due to the incredible, vivid imagery synonymous with Greek mythology, the blistering, advanced graphic displays that have increased rapidly over the last few years have benefitted fans of Greek slots. The HD graphics rival some of the games you'll see on consoles and PCs, such as the sophistication of the design and the amount of money entering the industry due to the expansion of the digital gambling sector on a global scale.

How to play Greek slot machines at LeoVegas

LeoVegas has a friendly user interface; you can simply select your favourite online slot machines from the slots page, homepage, or hit the search function. You can search via slot machine titles or specific game providers, whichever you prefer.